10 ways of dealing with rude people

manygoodtips.com_15.08.2014_SHn74WbPiZDxsIf you imagine that you’re stuck on an island with wildly-hysterical dude who yells at you is not the case all the time and demands something, then you probably would have already punched him in the face, so he calmed down. The method is certainly not bad, but this guy just will not calm down after your pills. Push the violence, let’s think correctly. You need to deprive this man from the desire to be rude to you. It’s not hard if you know a few rules:

1. Remember, sometimes you can be rude

Maybe not this time, but Andrew, that was definitely the case when you were wrong and rude to his companion. And that doesn’t mean you’re a bad person. So the next time someone is rude treats you, remember that it is the same as you. He’s just angry and it does not mean that it is worthless.

2. Don’t take it personally (even if it’s personal)

When someone is rude and especially if it goes to the person, it wouldn’t hurt. But you have a choice, you yourself can decide how to respond to such comments. Just understand that those personal insults that he throws at you, in fact, that’s his problem. He is bad and he’s trying to make up for your failures.

3. Find out why

People have their own reasons for rudeness. Maybe he was having a bad day. He probably doesn’t even realize how rude he was acting. Why guess. You’ll never know the exact cause, not until you ask him. Just calmly ask: «I think it’s pretty rude. Why are you talking to me? «The answer might surprise you.

4. Any objective and analyze

Think about why this person behaved that way? Was there a point to this? What was the reason? Yes, you strained your brain that a good reason for these tantrums is not. Now I can happily ignore it. In those rare cases when there is logic easy to destroy the root of the problem.

5. Do not become participants in a theatrical production

You can no longer control myself and feel that here-here will fail on this vampire. It is not necessary. If you join this drama, it will only escalate the situation. If you’re dealing with the king/Queen of the drama, which started this argument on purpose, then, behave yourself. Don’t let rude behavior provoke you.

6. Just go

Rudeness is boundless, but if you find the strength and just fell away from the epicenter of hysterical screams, that we will shake hands with you. This is the fastest and most reliable way to avoid more abuse and rassusolivanie scandal. Go, even if it still tells you something. Especially if it’s a stranger who you’ll never deal with him again. If it is a friend or colleague, then he’ll understand soon enough that you shouldn’t talk rudely. In any case, people will understand that didn’t behave correctly.

7. Offer assistance

Well, Yes, often rudeness is the result of bad manners. It’s just that sometimes the person who is rude does it because he is somehow disappointed. If you can help the person to solve his problem, then offer your help. And soon, instead of meaningless sracha with his mouth will start to flow music appreciation.

8. Sometimes rudeness is a habit

Some people act like assholes, just because for them it’s natural behavior. Once the roughness becomes a habit that is hard to break. Such a person does not teach. This kind of rudeness is not to take to heart. It’s just a pattern that is hard to break.

9. Don’t try to change the person

You can’t force him to be polite, if he wants to be rude. In fact, it will be worse after such conversations. Sometimes the best option is to prove that the reasons for his rudeness — not your fault. Now let him how to solve the problem. It does not concern you.

10. Rude vs kindness

Don’t let rudeness to conquer your territory. The best way to get rid of abuse, to remain friendly, thus giving the other person a chance to calm down. Soon his behavior will be the same as yours.

It’s yourself you didn’t freak out until you calm this type. He has all the chances to give you hysterics. But try to keep yourself in hand, remember that you’re better than this pathetic behavior. Real men remain calm under almost any circumstances.

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