10 useful fitness tips

useful fitness tipsEveryone has their secrets, how to stay in shape. Yes, we told you about intermittent fasting, refuting the various myths about nutrition. But what’s good for the office worker, to the sports guy is not always good. What’s good for the lifters, it is not a panacea for a fighter. We all have our ways, and that’s fine. What distinguishes the guy in the form of lazy Asses, so it’s eating habits and lifestyle. Here are 10 rules.

1. Eat normal food

Many jocks drink protein shakes, various food additives, and the like. Yes, additives can be included in your diet if you eat a normal meal. Sounds simple, but what does «normal eating»? Everything that grows on earth (fruits, vegetables), and meat and fish. To determine the degree of pererabotannoy your food, don’t look at the amount of protein, fat and calories — just skip to the ingredients. If the child cannot read the name of an ingredient or say that it is better not to eat.

2. Eat every 2-4 hours

Sections of big meals into several small. We need oxygen and so we need to constantly breathe in throughout the day. Nutrients operate on the same principle. Eat regular intervals of time: so your body will have enough fuel to repair and rebuild muscle, you’ll be quite energetic, acceleration of metabolism is a good thing. Sumo wrestlers gain weight, starving, and then obzhirov once a week. Eat light and healthy food and be in shape.

3. Learn to eat to satiety, not to fill stomach

Men do not think of calories, but so long, and bloated to the loss of pulse. A good rule, to avoid this — after a meal you should be ready for physical work. If you have eaten and feel that you need to sit down and digest food, that means you perezhral. Here we need to develop the habit of eating slowly so you learn not to overeat.

4. Train your brain

Want to be sporty and disciplined? Learn to say no. Nobody is alien to the temptation but any temptation can be overcome. For example, if you love chocolate, you can buy it, put on the table, and then go in the shower, you really want to eat it. And when I get out of the shower, ask yourself: will you eat it now or wait until tomorrow? If the chocolate is lying on a prominent place, your eyes often bump into him — a great way to train yourself. Every time you tell yourself «no», you become stronger.

5. Sleep regularly

Sleep often pay little attention to, however, it is very important. When we sleep, our bodies produce growth hormone, which builds and repairs muscles. If you sleep less, your muscles are destroyed. In addition, sleep deprivation can change your sense of time, and therefore your dietary habits. Recent sleep studies have shown that people who sleep less eat more than those who are well rested.

Optimal sleep — 6-9 hours per day. To bed have to stay on time and come to work.

6. Less milk

Greek yogurt and a little cheese is okay, and so cow’s milk will not be good for you. Lactose is difficult to digest, as the milk contains many hormones that you close not need.

7. Executed movements and not muscles nakajimi

Instead of doing so many approaches, these exercises for so many reps better pay attention to so-called functional fitness. Movements involving the entire body entirely, will be much more useful for you.

For example, the same exercise some burpees. It develops legs, arms and abs. Try to do at least 10 then we’ll talk.

8. The rule of one percent

You have to challenge yourself, but be realistic. Instead of trying to do everything perfectly, try for one day to get just one percent better. If you don’t finish before the end of the scheduled number of repetitions, do not worry. Just try to save your progress. Every day try at least one exercise to perform better.

9. Drink water

Athletes have water always at hand. During the fight in a mixed style in an hour you can lose two pounds — they will leave you with water. Drink water regular glasses eight a day — and if you think this is boring, can add lemon, mint or any other fruit. In neobisnuita the body a lot of energy.

10. Try periodic training

The human body adapts for three weeks. To see progress you need to constantly try something new — and indeed, always repeating the same boring.

Three-week cycles of training is very good. For example, three weeks to train for flexibility, then three weeks pushing the cardiovascular load, and then on the power. More variety, man!

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