10 uplifting quotes from the powerful and the famous

Good motivation never hurt anyone, especially if you hear it from the mouths of people who are something in this life reached. Happens in life many unexpected, like cancer, nasty things that we are not ready. So when it is very difficult to look here.



The father of «Faust» only one elegant quote won just two groups of people: those who boasts of his higher education; and those who wonders why he’s still not rich and not famous. After all, what good is your applied mathematics if you don’t use knowledge on purpose — with her help, eggs will fry and you can’t bargain for. So to grasp the academic knowledge, being unemployed, at least funny. About desires and actions were told so much that it is probably better not to irritate.


The best way out is always through.

– Robert frost, Robert frost — one of the greatest poets in the history of the United States, four times winner of the Pulitzer prize and the man, according to the Americans, deserves the Nobel prize more than Robert Zimmerman. People have raised entire generations, influenced the culture and have achieved recognition for their work and creativity while still alive so that he can be trusted.

Frost seems to be telling us that in all cases it is best not to abandon its goal to acquire the shell of the ship and go forward. But no need to shove like a German tank in the Polish cavalry, no one says you have to be stupid to go ahead. The trick in such cases is to be welcomed. Most importantly, don’t give back their plans, because in many cases it is better to go through the other door, not through the one you came in.


Work spares us from three evils: boredom, Vice and need.

– Voltaire –Apparently, the meticulous German Catherine II was in correspondence with the great thinker that he once again reminded her: «Katya, if you work for the State Rossiyskogo, there will be no time for Vice, fornication, affair with a young count. If you do not stop to spend the state Treasury for himself and his men, you will not have to go into debt, and then, after all that fornication, excuses for confession». And you remember that.



Thank you, Nelson, we know. You are the very person who showed humanity how to use the kettle, and that apartheid is not so bad. In fact Nelson had the following in mind: when you see that the situation reached its critical climax, and it only gets worse, get rid of the source of what fuels the situation. For example, from the man in his environment, through which all had peresralis, and you personally get into trouble. Or from work, which leaves no room for life to take out trucks dead nerve cells.


The distance between insanity and genius is measured only by success.

Bruce Feierstein Is not known for Certain who said this phrase first, but most of them heard it for the first time in the eighteenth James Bond film «Tomorrow never dies». Therefore, we assign it to the writer Bruce Feierstein.

It really: take the same Einstein or Lev Landau, that if not reached astronomical heights and not have made a huge contribution to science, they would have remained in history as mentally ill people. But thanks to the world fame to their eccentricities belonged exclusively how to be fussy.

It’s always. If you have achieved something — call you a freakin ‘ genius and will be around to emulate, but if you don’t end up under the haloperidol. Because geniuses can do anything, even schizophrenics such as Salvador Dali, and talking to himself the pensioner immediately deported to the loony bin.


When the Dukes of Borgia in Italy 30 years was dominated by war, terror and murder, but Italy gave us Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci and the Renaissance. And that gave us a Switzerland over 500 years of democracy and brotherly love and peace? Cuckoo clock?

– Orson Welles it’s okay not to love or even know the work of this Director, although we strongly recommend you to watch the movie «Citizen Kane,» which, despite its remoteness, has not lost relevance and charm. But not normal to put his words of doubt. Indeed, if you look at the history, where the key was life, climbed up fountains of blood, and the situation changes more than the seasons, there is something new. Only countries in which conflicts are external changed internal conflicts, were entitled to world domination — the same Soviet Union, the United States, colonial States, waving cutlasses in the world. Of course, stability is good, but if you want to create something radically new, it will have to go through a lot of things unpleasant and uncomfortable, and tragic. Many achievements are based on blood, even the vehicle security system would not be reliable without many disasters.



Under size not necessarily take into account physical data and abilities, the start-up capital. Yes there is, the same physical illness should be taken into account. Stephen Hawking created his theory after the disease, and chained to the chair has not diminished his enthusiasm, quite the contrary. It doesn’t matter how much money you have, where you live, and how strong your intellectual ability — the main thing that was a big wish. And you can educate a person as Bunin spoke: «as bad as I did not start one».


Funny in life is this: if you refuse to accept any thing but the best, you very often and healthy.

– William Somerset Maugham –Sometimes in life you need to be selective and too demanding of others you things. There is nothing arrogant, snobbish, and rude, just be perfectionism allows you to filter the slag. If you’re trying to rid yourself of negativity, betrayal, and worry, avoiding dubious personalities and the same exact adventures, it is likely that you will not face at all. So the author of «of human bondage» was absolutely right: live with the right attitude, be selective, and the hardships will pass you by.


I hated every minute of training, but I said to myself: «don’t quit, suffer now and live the rest of your life a champion.

– Muhammad Ali there are a lot of whiners who throw the begun business, coming up with a bunch of excuses ranging from «I failed» and ending with «It’s not what I wanted to do.» In fact exactly one reason all he thought one desires and ideas enough to succeed. But no, in life we have to work with whatever you did. Sometimes by force — no one said it would be easy and pleasant. So if you have something zadolbali — don’t rush it something to quit, be patient, and be rewarded for suffering. Remember school cramming how difficult it was multiplication tables and other arithmetic and how easy you use it now. Any work at the initial stage. Don’t cry, all garbage, break through.



On the one hand, to follow the advice of the famous writer is quite dangerous, because you can get stuck in the swamp from which you were warned about. But on the other hand, every person is unique, and to live two identical lives is simply impossible. In addition, most advisers are not the most successful people who are just trying to add to his credibility. In this case, of course, it is better to act just the opposite. You say, «So what the hell am I reading your advice, if you are the same losers?». Well, do what you want, but do not write to our office asking for help when you yourself in the ass.

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