10 unusual ideas for Dating


Lately the young guys have lost orientation in space. Is that the excuse «there is no place to bring a girl» is more often heard from the lips of our friends and readers who send us emails with questions of this nature. Traditional cinema, parks, exhibitions, of course, good, but sometimes it is necessary to come up with something extraordinary. Moreover, in the modern town, even a 500-thousand — a lot of possibilities for original and hanging out with loved ones, and even without spending extra money.

1 to volunteer a lot of projects that need the «gratuitous labor». Children’s homes and homeless shelters are always glad of extra hands, and for the two of you this will be an excellent occasion to get to know each other. Even if there are no vacancies, you can always find a friend who one day are willing to share the work with two birds. In extreme cases, ask to walk a pack of other dogs or look after small your aunt, naturally, in company with a girl.

2 to Cook dinner

On a first date is not much yet unfamiliar brunette private Bolognese. But joint preparation is incredibly common. culinary magic will make you constantly to be inches from each other and a relaxed chat about food preferences and other interesting things. By the way, it is unlikely that the girlfriend will agree to come to your house or invite to yourself is the most neutral option would be a cooking class where she will be more comfortable and not have to carry pepper spray.

3 to Go to a lecture Restrain your skepticism — you have no idea what is a perfect chance to impress the girl. Especially if the lecture concerns the area in which you know something. In the Mature version (i.e. you have already finished University) this date is not problematic, even if it’s not a master class. It will be very romantic, if you manage under the guise of students to get to school and shy, will come «too late» for the first lecture after the last class.

4 to pretend to be foreign tourists


Even if you both know your city until the last square, it is possible to diversify a banal walk through the streets. Of course, we need the rudiments of a foreign language, but it’s worth it. Just grab the camera, dress like you arrived yesterday from Ohio or Westchester, and into a role. Ask passersby the way to the nearest monument, take funny shots at the monuments, explore local places. By the way, even more «zagraniczne» you will add the rental bikes or gyrometer a sample of typical flying saucer — ride them not only practical, but also is not our way. In Gyromarket you will pick up a modern model of gyrometer and even teach a couple of foreign trick for more impressions!

5 tennis If you have not watched the film «Wimbledon», you do not understand the passions that arises between the two players. This is a great chance to arouse each other’s emotions, driven by a passion for sport, be sure, on the court liberating any demure. Even if its the first time out with the racket, you gently show her the basics of standing back and gently guiding hand. And the short breaks between bouts will allow for a very practical conversation (no time for extra words) and learn about the source all you need.

6 Blind vase


Okay, you can accuse us of lack of personal ideas, but I admit that the scene from «Ghost» — just the ideal romantic date. We are talking about the one where Patrick Swayze helps gently his sweetheart demi Moore to whip up a vase for the song «Holy brothers». Can take an example of genius played a parody in the series Community. Anyway, even if you don’t live in a big city, there are chances to find better half for training, where you both will be able to create not just a vase or a bowl, but a real exotic masterpiece, which is still home you can take — such a thing would be a nice memento of our first date.

7 to Spy on other

A good option if the girl is as crazy and turned on modern technology, just like you. The essence of the game is simple: you choose in search of the social network of the first residents of your town, and try to find him personally (of course, not communicating via phone) with a variety of tips like his check-ins, interests on the page and traces in the network. The result should be a selfie of the three of us — no matter under what pretext. If taken seriously and not to give up, it will be a very exciting event. To take erudition, unlimited Internet and the hat of Sherlock. 8 Find a book from the library is Another, this time simple, check your personal qualities. It’s the same game, but more calm. You just give each other the key tasks like «find an old book» or «show me the book that you liked as a child», or «what book would you like to write.» In General, invent themselves. The point here is that in between we can talk and get to know about the man anything. The book is an integral part of our life, and always associated with them some memories.

9 to Deal with her extreme

Another adrenaline jolt, which will not leave indifferent neither one of you. But here is not suitable for every one of them, skydiving is too much, and the rollers Xtreme not name. Especially because it’s winter, so we decided to go with the kite — riding on skis or Board on snow with the help of a kite (a piece of type of a parachute). To drive a race with each other and with the wind on a snowy field or frozen crust of the lake is an incredible feeling that brings not less than a tennis court. However, for the first time will have to pass a training course at school, because coping with equipment will not be easy. But imagine how after the race you sit down at a table with hot tea and crackers and share with each other their experiences — first the ice will crack like a shell.

10 an Evening of improvisations

The option is also not for everyone, but rather for those who have a love for art, and even better — knowledge. Just bring your guitar/violin/piano/ and tell your girlfriend to do the same. Adjust the strings and play what you heart says. If you have no skills, you can sing along. It well relaxes and gives the opportunity to show their creative side. The same applies to the DAY: take the albums and give each other tasks like «draw your favourite food» or «describe me in the style of expressionism.» There is already the ability does not matter, only your will and imagination.

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