10 types of people that you want to travel

Work.com.ua_15.01.2015_BQrCAxHkS2U4ZDude, why wait until the holiday season to relax? It is better to go to a mini-journey, yet such a stir in the streets and ticket prices have grown ten times seasonal. Do not have to break for the border. You can find many interesting and within our vast country. Foreigners find in it something attractive. In any case, we won’t help you find a place to stay, and we will try to help with the selection of fellow travelers.

Need to know who better to go on a trip. Companions play an important role in your vacation. So you need to know, who is better to take with you. There are a few successful types of travel companions, which we now will talk about.

1. Explorer

This type remembers and planning all of your moves. With it you can never get lost and will never be without a hot slice of pizza. Local market? No problem! Toilet? Around the corner! Bar with great local beer? We just go to him!

This dude is a fast and safe way to bring your entire company to the hotel, if you ever get lost. He was well versed in any type of terrain which is why it is indispensable for travel.

2. Cheerleader

With this man you will never be bored. Morning-diving, night – ethnic bar where a snack is served cockroaches. The next day you will get to a fascinating trip, and this guy will not forget to bring a couple of bottles of Bourbon.

With him you’ll never sit still. And every day of the journey will be unforgettable. I agree, lie in the comfortable bed you can at home, but here we need to break away.

3. Gourmet

Not the type who is willing to roll the head to find the expensive delicacy. We’re talking about that guy who likes to experiment. You can throw a stock of noodles that you take.

This dude loves to try something new. You won’t be able to resist and soon he will try unusual dishes from the local menu.

4. Planner

Many travelers love to be spontaneous. They go crazy from the feeling of freedom. But in fact, it is better to take a person who will completely plan your vacation.

He will make reservations at the hotel, check out where and how you can take a boat rental, tickets to museums and other interesting places. He might even arrange you a meeting with the sharks in their own pool, of course, if the item is in the task list.

5. Photographer

No, not a professional photographer. Better! Dude who loves to save the best moments of your life and the lives of friends. In his suitcase will always be a place for a decent camera.

He will take my camera with me always, even when you just go to the supermarket. And rightly so. Perhaps the photographer will annoy you with constant requests to smile or to stand next to some monument, but when you get home, you will be very happy that they took this guy with my photo camera with me.

6. Freak

Guy obsessed culture. He came to this city to learn more about local monuments, temples and other interesting places. He wants to unravel the mysteries of this area.

He’ll Wake you up at 4 am and pull in another part of the city to view the ancient Church. First you’ll hate him, but then 100 percent along with its craziness.

7. The dude from «lost»

You were seven kilometers away from the hostel with no money, documents, knowledge of local language and food? Don’t worry – within an hour you’ll be right there. For this guy to get lost even in the desert no problem. He used to get out of any, even very complex situations.

8. Linguist

He’s not just languages. He knows about the culture of native speakers. With this guy you will be fine. He always learns from a local right path and help you choose a tasty dish in the restaurant. Now you don’t have to settle for the larvae.

9. Experienced

The guy who repeatedly went on a journey. He’s not going to row with me 2 suitcases of things. He knows that 3 pairs of shorts will not save his life. He grabs a large backpack, which he put everything you need.

10. A Jew

This guy will find the cheapest bar and shop. He will be traded in the market with the natives until you bring down the price 10 times. This dude just need to be among your friends that you are going to travel. When you get home, you will be surprised that your card is far from bankruptcy.

Better, of course, that all these qualities could fit into a couple of your friends, but you can’t carry all the time! Try and be a good companion to have with you pleasant and easy to travel.