10 types of people that you can’t celebrate the New Year

manygoodtips.com_18.12.2014_WOoNLLZHLpwLDAfter all, you do know who will meet New Year is coming, so you will spend it. By the way, Yes, New Year is getting closer! We were too lazy to count how many days left before its occurrence, but the feelings about two weeks. Let’s get back to discussion of your environment.

Today we will tell you about the kind of people you should invite for the New Year, because their presence can go very wrong for you. In General, once again we urge to abandon society unworthy assholes. Here is who exactly we’re talking:

1. People who strain

The new Year is a time when you don’t have to feel the stress. You’re not going to dnyuhu to invite a hated colleague, who often set you up with the boss? So when are you going to the Christmas party, select the company that you will not feel the stress.

You have to fully concentrate on the cosy atmosphere of the holiday and not allow external factors to ruin a magical moment. The guy’s life is full of stress, so that even in this day give yourself a quiet environment.

2. People who use

You need to be a naive simpleton, which left not much on this mortal earth to not understand that you are using. Maybe your «friend» is constantly asking you to check the quality of completed work, using my knowledge in this area? Or calling you at a bar, only when he needs your joystick to the console?

Yes, friendship is a sacrifice, but to sacrifice both if necessary. If someone is with you one goal in the game, then it is better to abandon the company of this asshole.

3. People who do not respect

Every person is worthy of respect in return. If you behave decently and you were not accused of debauchery and corruption, then surely you must respect. The point to celebrate the main holiday of the year with a man who sarcastically smiles back at you and thinks about you personal stories?

Especially if you’re entertaining in your house, can in a matter of seconds to throw the party ungrateful guy.

4. People who are hurting

These people include former and impossible future, that is, those which you would not mind to fuck or love them, but the opportunity to do it simply does not exist.

The last hours of the old and the first hours of the New year is not the best time for you to return to the role of victim. What you remember the past suffering, if now you have a new life and you’re not ready to go back to the already passed stage?

5. People who lie

All lies. Even if you know a guy only about an hour, then he still has already lied to you several times, but the point is that the majority of lies are harmless. You won’t even notice the impact of this lie, and this is most important.

Another thing, when the lie is touched directly to you. If you have suffered from its consequences and understand that the person who lied, coarsely framed you, then it is better not to have Affairs with him, and certainly not worth mentioning to him, the chief holiday of the year.

6. Crafty people

Yes, those unscrupulous who smile in your face, but behind vilify. The most difficult type of people when you can’t even believe that he is desperate to ridicule you on the sidelines, because he is so gentle with you, like a real man.

If you have at least an element of doubt regarding the insincerity of this man, it is best to cancel sending Christmas invitations for this type.

7. Pseudo-friends

These are the people with whom you enjoy spending time with these guys to drink and cool off in a strip club. When they encounter difficulties, are you ready to support them. But that’s if you needed help with you, then they are the first to refuse to communicate with you.

Inviting them to joint a new year party, do not hope that they have changed. After all, if the chimes you will receive a shock, they will continue to clink glasses with everyone and with pleasure will drink your unattended glass of champagne.

8. Those who are holding you back

So when you smoked weed and drank cheap brandy, but now everything has changed: you have not moved on cigars and choicest whiskey, but still do not smoke and prefer to observe measure, drinking with friends.

You’re not a nineteen-year-old Bobby and, it seems, was quite successful man, but there are still people from the past that are still in your teenage loss and want you to join them. Worst of all is to go back to where once so long trying to get out.

9. Those with whom you along the way

It can even be people from the past item. These guys don’t know what you’re seeking. Moreover, they are themselves sitting on your ass, so they also want to plant next to you. Dude, don’t fall for their provocations. Sometimes you just live how you feel, if you’re not going to become part of the Ku Klux Klan.

So be ready to abandon new year’s meeting with those who want to drag you back into the lazy procrastination.

10. They just take up space

Everything in life is limited. Resources are limited. The time is limited. The number of places is limited. Not only seats at the festive table, but also places in your life, so start to finally drop the junk. There is no need to waste time on useless and unnecessary to you people, so your conscience should be clean.

Don’t worry about possible problems in the coming year. If you get rid of unnecessary ballast – listed for the above people, your life in the new year will be exactly happy.

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