10 types of intimate, or why you’re still not married

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In ancient times such words as «entomophobia» nobody knew, and to think about it once. As soon as the man was intense and from the snotty kid became a man, his parents were looking for a healthy bride that she bore him a bunch of children celebrating the wedding is held and, in fact, waiting for grandchildren. Man plowed like an ox, and to understand his spiritual aspirations, fears and other feelings he had no time. In our days it’s a little different, the sexual revolution has brought not only the condoms with spikes and flavor of strawberries, but various discoveries in terms of psychology, the intimate life. As it turned out, many guys are afraid of love, sex, family, and called the whole thing not only as «entomophobia». There are several types of intimate, and maybe some type of applies to you, and if not, then most likely, you have a happy family life, not a lonely old age.

1. Afraid of sex

Oddly enough, but there are some dudes who are afraid to have sex. The reason for this fear is rooted in childhood when my mother and grandmother squatted on the guy’s ears about how vile and disgusting sex that is a sin, debauchery and all from Satan. They did not forget to mention about the terrible venereal disease, if the guy is still thinking about sex. The second reason may be associated with a complex of sexual inferiority when a man is very concerned about modest penis size, weak erection and all, above what a friend is sure to be a laugh (thinks that any man with low self-esteem).

2. Hates the morning

Even if the stories of mothers and grandmothers haven’t scared the kid and he is still mired in the sin of debauchery, then it can happen other unpleasant garbage, so-called syndrome of morning disgust. By the way, this probably happened with each at least once in your life, especially when you’re pretty drunk and all the women you think are beautiful. But disappointed one time after sex with the wrong partner — it’s nothing, another thing, when the person experiences an aversion to the partners regularly, no matter how nice they may be. Moreover, this aversion, though called morning, but forces himself to wait until morning, usually this feeling occurs right after sex.

3. The limiter

This type enjoys sex, not repulsed, and like all his girls are fine, except for some parts. For example, there are people who do not accept oral sex, or don’t like it when a girl touches her hands to their penis, there are those who will never have sex in a pose «doggy style». And then there are those who never have sex with blondes or blondes and no redheads and brunettes, and brown hair and other blond friends.

4. Cowardly

If the guy in the childhood parents divorced or his girlfriend left, her psyche has been configured in the future to protect themselves from such situations. The fear to fall and someone to open and then to be abandoned to pursue the guy all my life. Well, or he’ll choose ugly and silly that it no hankering, and that she was true and faithful to until death do them part.

5. Loving

This type of dudes are afraid that if married, you won’t be able to love other girls, and there are so many beauties, how can you not give them a moment of happiness to enjoy? Even if he was lucky to meet the most beautiful girl in the world, there will still be many more wonderful, need it friends.

6. Careful

This man is afraid that his wife might threaten his hard-earned, and he believes that all women are just waiting, as if to lure him into marriage and Rob off. He is afraid of being used and thrown away. But if his girlfriend gets pregnant, because it is precisely in order to 18 years to live on a quarter of the salary.

7. Demanding

Not only girls wait for the Prince of tales, some guys also think that they are worthy of the goddess you are willing to wait a lifetime, waiting for diluting the frivolous relations for one night. So they are very dreamy and demanding of relationships, they are waiting for something, and unreal, not noticing that she asks of a second entrance very personal.

8. Afraid of the wedding

This guy could be a loving husband and caring father, but only informally. The stamp in the passport and all of these wedding ceremony is not for him. Too seriously it’s all — white dress, tears of parents, and «are you ready to marry…». No, not ready.

9. Defender of personal space

With sex everything is fine with him, no restrictions and disgust, but with regard to his personal space, which includes a second toothbrush, settled near him, «honey, why are you late? Dinner’s getting cold», here is a little problem. He will not allow anyone to encroach on her freedom and space. Alpha male, tangled up, even females believes competitors have encroached on its territory.

10. Self-fulfilling

This type may marry and be a good husband, but one day he packs his things and leaves. And it’s not even a bad wife, she’s sweet and caring, he just suddenly realized that I had become so routine, while the meaning of his life in the other — well, for example, to know the mystery of black holes or do something else important and meaningful. Although sometimes representatives of this type still return to the family, apparently realizing that no matter what else they are not capable.

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