10 types of customers that are sincerely hate all bartenders

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The bartender’s job for me is not the only good work in the service sector. We had an article on this topic, and I totally agree with her. Studentship is the best period to earn the experience and brains working in different jobs. I myself worked in the «Subway», «Auchan» and a few snack bars during training in high school and early College students. But the best profession for me — still a bartender. I, by the way, work they couldn’t, but I interviewed a few bartenders at the pub near my house to draw up a list of clients that truly hate the members of this worthy profession.

1. The guy and begs to be kicked

Well, you know these people. First, they are sitting in company, to get drunk pig squeal and start to behave, what friends becomes very embarrassing for them. They turn into some crazy animals, you want to bars here and there, harassing people, harassing the girls. But when someone from the staff asked them to leave, know that they are vital to take and get out of the bar. As soon as possible! Know that you do, when exposed to the desire to porosity. The bar may be the security guards who pulled out a rough jerk on the street and it can be good to make. The bartender could call the police. Sometimes there are very genuine cases. When I was sitting in a crowded bar, one moron started to shout and harass people. Then from one table separated the figure of a strong man who stood silently and carefully drove in the face dude. And there was peace and quiet.

Not only that, these individuals do not love themselves bartenders, so they also make visitors feel uncomfortable, as well as their friends. One of my friend for such behavior was forever closed the entrance to a very cool pub in St. Petersburg.

2. The Savior

It is difficult to say why bartenders hate these people. Is this the type of customer who comes into the bar, orders a drink and starts to cause the slightest inconvenience. That is, when they’ll order an appetizer, they will wipe the table surface, if it suddenly dropped crumbs. Wipe the counter if it was Pete, the bartender will smile, leave a good tip and will try as little as possible to bother the bartender. Even a simple drinks order.

If everything was so simple and all the customers were like that, all people of the world would work in bars. It’s decent would undermine the prestige of the profession of bartender. And so it is impossible!

By the way, these hypocrites look very strange, isn’t it? Somewhere deep down, they live bad men!

3. Businessmen or wealthy guys

They are trying to show that rule the world and are well versed in the business. Of course, because some of them pay for corporate cards. They can order a lot, communicate, sometimes talking about work, they are constantly trying to show the world that they are wealthy, businessmen and life in General blue bloods. Sometimes they behave rude, though dressed in expensive suits. In fact, they hate their jobs, may have average income and just want to seem more expensive.

But most worryingly, they never leave the normal amount in tips. Or will it be less than as is necessary, or a little more. Apparently, these guys don’t know how to use the calculator on their iPhones.

4. Dudes who vitally need a dog

All the bartenders are like regular customers. As in any institution. Always nice to see a familiar face, to exchange a couple of phrases and repeat a standard order. But all of the bartenders hate regular customers. These guys or girls better just to find a normal real friend. Or get a dog. If the bartender gives you a drink, that means you’re friends, it only means that he gives you to drink. May he sensitive soul, but he is not a psychologist to hear about all your problems. The bartender doesn’t want to hear about your divorce, he doesn’t want to hear that you died a Guinea pig, he does not want to know that you have herpes, just get a normal friend. Also, this does not mean that it should add to the Facebook friends or invite on Saturday at a dinner party.

5. Those who linger too long

No, Moscow when asleep. And Peter is asleep. And Krasnoyarsk, too. The bartender is also important to go home. But always sits in a crowded bar some guy who sits there forever and that just will not drive. The bartender washed glasses, counted the day’s earnings, wiped the counter, but the man re-throw update. If you’re one of those people, look around you. No one! YOU’re alone in this fucking bar and not have to swing right to the spirit of «the Customer is always right!». Client rights only when bar is open, not when it closes. Know it!

6. The person who asks the question

Perhaps this person is boring. He sits closer to the bartender to open the menu and starts asking. And what is this ingredient? What is a frappe, he’s not contagious? And I’m allergic to the whites and brandy, there are none? And what are the degrees? And how did you do that? Can I hold you for a tie? Do you have the menu error! Separately bartenders annoy various pundits who begin to rant about the height of the foam in the beer, aging whiskey and the type of fermentation. Don’t distract the bartender from his work!

7. First time in the city

This applies both to tourists, foreigners, and those who first arrived in the big city. These people begin to stick to the bartender, he just some kind of guide, interrogating him about the places worth a visit, cheap cafes and other things. A bartender guide, he not pay for it, and this week he has such twentieth!

8. Hipsters or snobby

You have Dr. pepper? He normal? And the beer of incomplete fermentation? A mixture of beer? A little spoon for mixing? And there is a «Hobgoblin»? And the beer from local Breweries? And home-brewed beer? I don’t drink ordinary beer: it’s disgusting, give me an elite beer! Cards are accepted?

9. Loud girls

In each company there are one or two such. The girl who laughs and laughs and yells so loud you can hear it through the music. Everyone in the bar look at it, and most dreams that she came directly from the rack upside down. This person loves to be the center of attention, laughs, cries and jokes around unfunny jokes. Sometimes she can get drunk to such an extent that the screw directly with the bar or chair, and someone will have to take her home. The girl should ensure that she is cool, and that everyone around knew about it. When the bartender says that she needs to shut up, he speaks for every person in this bar. Not better be rowdy and screaming and just go out, throw up, taxi, take it, go home where a girl is waiting for her cat.

10. Stars

The real nightmare begins when the bar comes some newfangled star with crappy modern TV series or group. She begins to misbehave, to throw accusations and to do the same, what do all the people in this list. And that’s bad.

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