10 tricks to make your life crazy

These tips will help to make your life a little more crazy in the best sense of the word. By doing these things, you’ll laugh more, and your friends, too, though it depends on your friends.

1. Once a week allow yourself to publicly loud fart. To note the reaction of their friends and acquaintances

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2. Don’t say «penis» or «vagina». Say «Member of the husband» and «woman’s Vagina»

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3. Tell people that you learned to play the piano for twelve years. If there is a piano in close proximity, sit for him with a straight face, and start vigorously playing

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4. Put your clothes on backwards for an important meeting, at least once a week

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5. Popolzai when it’s least expected of you

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6. When ordering in the restaurant, lasagna, tell me what your character Garfield

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7. If your body has a stupid tattoo, tell people that it is dedicated to the memory of an important person in your life

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8. Never say that you go to the gym.» Always say what you’re going to crush the gym»

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9. If you fell in a public place, shout loudly something like «come on!»

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10. Whatever you are absorbed spaghetti, do not forget constantly to inform everyone that eat their «Italian»

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