10 tips that will help you become a better

The secret of success, secret of success, secret big money and a recipe for millionaire – all you have heard and will hear again, but manygoodtips.com as before, to stand on his own. Our view is that successful people every day over a working, evolving and trying to be better. There is a list of what you need to do each day? It is unlikely, everyone has their own, and it is difficult to dispute. On the other hand, it is possible to isolate the Foundation from small acts that can help, organize your efforts, guide your energy flow in a constructive, right direction. No easy task, but we carefully figured out, and probably we’ve got to create a plan of action in case you suddenly desire to evolve further.

1. Know your priorities

If you grasp at everything, hardly anything will come out of this properly. Some things are worth pigeonhole, others, on the contrary, to get out of there. So what is important and what is not? It depends on many things: time, the willingness, the opportunity, the achievability of the goal. It is reasonable to choose three things that you can do daily and which will occupy all your time, but is a product of his «great Dream». Difficult? And you sit in a chair and think long and hard about what is really important, try to get rid of the rest of the stuff.

2. Set a schedule for tomorrow

It cannot be stressed enough that the time in modern life is moving much faster than ever before. This means that it is not always enough and therefore, are able to distribute their cases on the shelves. It is easy to do. Get in the habit every night to paint what you going to do tomorrow. Do not have the train to follow the plan, but at least you will be reference points, which is not bad. Besides, you will reveal the abyss of time, which clogged various crap, like excessive viewing of television shows.

3. The order of the day

Here you just have to know yourself and be honest with yourself. Of course, you can schedule important business at 5am, but if you’ve never been a person who gets up at 4, then maybe you should not start? There are things that should be carried out through force, training their will and endurance. However, it happens that our body tells us when we are most productive. Not everyone can reinvent ourselves, some will observe the peak of their brain activity only at night, some at noon and others in the morning. This must be used. So set the execution time of tasks for that period of the day that you think is most appropriate.

4. Time – do not neglect them

If time is limited, then grow your efforts that you spend to achieve the goal. Here everything is simple. Many people mistakenly believe that flexible working hours is the grace that opens a lot of opportunities for their implementation. To some extent this is true, but only for those people with iron, no army discipline. For the simple hard workers, the flexible schedule does not end good.

Imagine that this iron discipline you have. Then install the deadlines of a case, don’t forget about the breaks and think over how to increase its productivity, for example, an hour of work.

5. All distracting – in the furnace

Social network, games, TV, some wine – let it all wait in the wings, because now you want to do business. Keep away from the eyes of all this stuff, try not to think about it. Even working in the office, you can find a lot of things that will distract. For example, empty talk or, again, the social network, which one to use is not banned. It seems it takes a little time, but it at first glance. If you add up all the dead for like a year, it will probably not one, not two weeks, sunk into oblivion.

6. Write that down!

Most write about what they think about what you intend to do. Anyway, get a couple of journals, one for thoughts and one for business. It did, and it helped to understand life, not only in a professional sense. Diaries define the vector, or give a real understanding of their mistakes, with their help you can easily perform what you’ve lost. In General, a useful thing, which is strangely in the information era receded into the background.

7. Find a mentor

And it is better ten mentors from the areas that you’re interested in. Live the experience of the individual can hardly be compared with the information that you briefly read on the Internet. You always have to look for «teachers», whatever it is you’re doing. They can give you advice, to learn something, to neglect such things is silly. For example, if I joined a gym, find a guy who will tell you how to work with all gym apparatus. It’s much better than trying to understand himself. The Council viable in all areas, ranging from financial literacy and ending with the search for meaning in life.

8. Allocate responsibilities

Not all things worth doing one. If you do some small silly things, then do it himself. If you have a significant and important goal, then learn to delegate its components other representatives of their species. After all, the ability to negotiate among themselves made mankind what it is now, in essence, is. This is the essence and basis of constructive and rational thinking. Find common ground between themselves and partners, work colleagues, girlfriends and friends. The favor, as they say.

9. Choose the party that will benefit

Have any «childhood friends» with whom you have a relationship, there are «casual friends» who appeared in your life due to some strange coincidence. And there are «business friends» who will always be able to support your aspirations and dreams. And that’s with the latest best deal for themselves and the joy of those who surround you. On the way of life you will meet many strange characters who will definitely be there to pull you down, and that is to get rid of them in the first place. Be a little selfish and think about yourself.

10. Information

What lurks in your mind, capable of much more than you think. Read, saturate, useful information, meet with the materials that can ignite in you a fire, plunge into the ocean of self-development and learning. If you were not very smart guy all these years, it does not mean that you have to put on a stamp. What books to read? On this account everyone has their own opinion.

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