10 tips on how to care for the girl

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You probably know about the importance of the impression you make on a person when they first met. But if this person is a woman and not a business meeting, first date, or you just saw a girl in a cafe or somewhere else and decided to meet her, literacy is essential. Just in case you do not know, we have to enlighten you a little.

1. Do not discuss the former

Well, first off, the girl would be much nicer if you’d be interested in her person, and not to think about how the fiend, or, conversely, an angel in the flesh as your ex girlfriend or wife. Moreover, such a dangerous topic that could take you on an unpredictable turn, so no talking about exes.

2. Tell us about your Pets

Girls love to listen to animal stories, especially funny and amusing. If you have a house with no Pets, then surely someone of your friends has a cute cat or naughty dog — tell me about them, but in these stories the magical characters should be you and the animals, not their master.

3. Do the right compliments

On a first date I wouldn’t do components related to her body parts, that is, it is wrong to drown the look in her cleavage and talking about her beautiful forms. It is better to say a compliment about her ring or emerald earrings or other jewelry. It recognizes that you have a good taste, and not just the male reaction to cleavage.

4. Don’t talk about salary

The talk about salary usually lead to two things: either you’re bragging (if you have a high income) or, conversely, complain (if you get enough), neither will not add you points.

5. Look her in the eye

If you talk to a girl, don’t look at the floor or ceiling, or somewhere else to the side. Avoiding her gaze, you look like you were doing something wrong.

6. Don’t check it

If a girl gave you her phone number, should not five minutes after parting to call her to check, not if she slipped you a random set of numbers. If the number is correct, you’ll look too Intrusive, because you can’t tell me that was checking her out, you’ll have to come up with a story that you were missing; perhaps some unclaimed the girl this obsession will be nice, but any others not so much.

7. The trick with the tie

The trick is very simple in execution. Even if you don’t know how to tie a tie, then slightly loosen it and unbutton the top button of the shirt you are definitely a force. Why do girls like that kind of easy carelessness.

8. Be patient

If a girl invited you to his house to drink coffee, it is quite possible that you should understand it literally, and not to seek the secret meaning. So no need to slam her on the bed immediately, as soon will be in her room. Drink coffee, have patience and wait for signals (or not expect).

9. Tell me a little about yourself and a lot about her

Of course, you have to order a few words about himself, but only a little. You do not need to devote an entire evening of your childhood, adolescence and stormy student life. Better take an interest in her life, does she have a cat, what books read, what music to listen to, etc. etc.

10. Take her home

Escort her home if the path is not close and you’re driving — take her home or call a taxi cab company with decent (not the first catch that got «seven»). If you send her in a taxi one, be sure to pay a taxi driver.