10 thoughts that should not bother you


1. «If she wants to be with me?»

In a relationship, there is the infamous «shades of grey», the middle between «Yes» and «no». If a woman wants to be with you, she will be with you. If they don’t, they never will. To explain it easier impossible. They are always making my mind a network of all sorts of «but» and «because», but the truth always remains the truth. There’s nothing to think about, it just needs to be accepted.

2. «Why was I rejected?»

When your candidate is not good, it hurts in any case: when fired, and when you betray, when you get dumped for someone else. Wrong behavior in this situation — to seek his guilt and to assume full responsibility for the fact that nothing happened. Of course, you can take in the reflection, analyze their behavior and to change, but there is important moderation. In the end, you’ll have to be distracted and switch to something new. When you’re not needed, you’re faced with an unpleasant truth: not everyone you love, everyone you approach — but isn’t that logical?

3. «What if something goes wrong?»

Even when all is quiet and you enjoy life, sometimes you are catching up fears: suddenly really bad, but this is not yet obvious? Suddenly things will happen that will wreck our lives? To overcome this feeling, you think through all possible consequences and their behavior in all circumstances. In the end the struggle with an imaginary obstacles grips you so that you will not notice its irrationality. Remember, all concerns of this kind are hypothetical, they only prevent you to live here and now.

4. Thoughts about the problems of your friends (especially discussion)

When you look at the situation from the outside, everything is clear as day. Of course, nobody likes to listen to others ‘ advice, but because you are watching the suffering of his friend and he did not say. Why? I’m afraid that he’ll get angry, hearing the cold and undeniable truth. Instead of having to open his eyes, you watch as he continues to make mistakes. Or speak with a friend about his problems, expressing their opinions, or shut up and stop counting your relationship.

5. «What if I hurt him?»

In the minds of all by default setting is enabled to consider themselves the source of other discomforts. It’s not always a bad thing. This habit causes us to consciously relate to his words and actions, however, can go too far. You know the feeling when unanswered SMS or short answer you seem to be a Testament to the contempt and hatred of you?

6. «I do what I must?»

Even if you don’t know the purpose of the life you already live. Destiny and destination we need to have a reason to adhere to certain ideas and to be calm for yourself. If you feel you will realize your destiny, life becomes easier, right? You will feel all this when you leave thoughts of the fate. You might not overshadow and mind you don’t understand, and just keep doing what you are doing, look back on your life and understand everything.

7. Opinions about your body

Everyone worries about their body based on what is said about him by others. Even the closest. Do you know about your body all the little things, invisible to a foreign eye, dramatic, and even those faults that others overlook. And then, you are not your body. Health is important, but there is a difference — to feel healthy or feel confident, because it fit into someone else’s idea of the norm. Why are you doing this?

8. «Accidents are not accidental»

May you believe in signs, but not every coincidence is a sign. The question about the nature of coincidences — a very big question, but to find connections between unrelated events is just too much.

9. «What awaits me?»

Future plans — a sure way to be disappointed. We love to plan and imagine what would happen, because the unknown scares us. We rather want to identify and sort through, even in our fantasy world — it gives us the illusion of self-training. Who can know what really happens? We know what will happen until it’s already happening. Accept the unknown as one of the parameters of life and focus on are already known.

10. «I have to change it»

How many times do you have to discuss the forthcoming change with different people before you finally make a decision, to act, to make choices and to change your life? Logic will not always be your best adviser. When in doubt, the answer is already in your head, but you don’t want to admit it because it scares you. You always know what’s right. The main thing — to find the courage to make it happen.

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