10 things you won’t understand until you become a true adult

manygoodtips.com_5.06.2014_kC3N0sUwmEcSAWe all grow up, but, unfortunately, not all adults. In his youth, we are worried that with age it seems nonsense. It seems that growing up. Everyone says that you understand something when you grow up. You strongly expect, but then I still don’t understand. Then pretend that you heard or think that you are terribly deceived. Growing up is not completely eliminated from the child in the heart, and the realization of their desires, identity formation, understanding the need for responsibility and the whole stupidity of the phrase «nobody owes anybody anything». When you become truly adult, you’ll understand this, and not the importance of the traditional values type of family or marriage.

1. People don’t always grow up

No, not in the sense that they are still a part of my childhood in the sense that they never become adults in the very right value. They can be dudes with overly serious face that doesn’t guarantee reasonable behavior. They can remain infantile people who don’t want to change anything, and sit on the necks of mothers and wives. They can earn a good income and something to learn, but do not know how to spend money and move on. They have a lot to drink and consider themselves a new Bukowski. Latest live dubious glory of those who very much praised in childhood. «Great writers» consider themselves to be creative individuals, lead an immoral way of life, absolutely irresponsible, but we are confident in its exclusivity, which is based on a couple of rave reviews of people who know nothing about literature.

Unites these people is not that they are adults, and the fact that they have overcome the age limit when you can live, work and buy chips whenever you want.

2. Win at all impossible

Someday you’ll get a medal for first place, but then can only get a certificate for participation, because someone will be better than you. There is always someone better than you, and everywhere to be the best will not work. We were born unequal. Forget all this nonsense that we all have strengths and weaknesses! Someone has a VERY strong hand, and someone’s strengths are so weak that they brag about is ridiculous. There are guys who are gifted a bulk of benefits from birth — at the behest of genetics or chance. But there are those who are all below average. The latter can only work.

A real childhood is confidence that you can be good at everything at once. This is not so. Specialization and diligence, coupled with the natural talent will give someone an opportunity to be head and shoulders above you all. You can’t be better in running, lifting weights, and playing poker, both in work and in love Affairs. You can be good in several subjects, good in many things, it sucks in almost all sectors of the economy and the real winner on the strength in some cases.

3. The complexity and simplicity of death

Loss is impossible to fill. But if you remember the philosophy of the Stoics, it becomes much easier. To understand what really understand that death is natural and inevitable, can only be a Mature person.

4. Time really heals wounds

You once had an amazing girlfriend, but she left you. It seems that the light faded, and life was over. Suffering something unpleasant time, it is the same for each: adult or young boy. If you at that moment you appeared from the future and announced that exactly nine months later you really stop to think about it, you would say only: «what are You, man, wtf?! I’ll never forget!»

If you’re still alive after unpleasant news, you will survive and forget about the pain if you don’t obsess over it and cut the veins in three places, like a schoolboy. We can always remember some things: the smells, the songs, the food, or something that connects us with other people. But life goes on, and the capacity of our brain is not that big to store bad memories. Time starts to go faster, we capture the commitments we admire and are gradually emitted from the head and the heart, all pain and suffering. At some point you stop and ask yourself: «Do I feel something about this? I was killed once!»

5. Life is gray

When you’re young, good and evil are obvious. You think you know what is right and what is not. But with age you understand the relativity of morality and traditional values. And you know that I know nothing. White and black are no more, because it never was, the boundaries are erased, but you’re not afraid to get lost.

6. It is better to be respected, but not loved

When you’re young, you want to be loved. But love is a fragile substance and incomprehensible, respect is another matter. Respect always for something specific. To get love is difficult, but respect is much easier, because it is comprehensible. Sometimes you can’t stand a person, but understands that he is irreplaceable specialist and has a number of exceptional abilities. You respect it, and it’s much more expensive.

7. Friends are more valuable than money

«No hundred roubles, and have hundred friends!» — the true meaning comes to you when it comes to maturity. And people who can do something for a small fee (or free), are the most expensive.

8. Very difficult for someone to change

Most often unrealistic. Most human habits formed in his youth, an older person can only change himself. Any impact from the outside, especially when requested to do so, may be perceived as a threat. Why did you even got someone to change? By the way, a Mature person understands that you can’t do it.

9. Most of the monsters — people

Good intentions pave the road to hell. Someone is trying to do something good, to do strange and terrible things. Sometimes questionable things are respectable people that you would never think anything like that. A short walk in the Museum of the history of torture with the observation of all these horrors makes absolutely firm belief in the strange human nature.

10. Forget about yourself bad

Probably the most important in this list. An adult is not engaged in unnecessary altruism, by trying to do so someone needs. He is well aware that about yourself, too, need care, and their ambitions — are the most important.

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