10 things you must continue to do to stay happy

manygoodtips.com_23.07.2014_s2Z8MCK7SAkdQYou often do that only going to harm you. Trying to find a new path at the end of which you will have to wait for unknown happiness. But, dude, you always forget that luck pursues you constantly. And the actions that you perform daily, perhaps, lies your success. Just keep doing a few things that will soon help you to take a new look at the world.

1.Don’t stop doing things that frighten you

The unknown scares us, but it is something that we must overcome to grow. Your development involved with making something new. We cannot live only for you in a comfortable environment. Doing something new you are expanding the boundaries of what is permitted.

2.Don’t stop being good

We get real pleasure when develop and contribute to the common cause. You’re a pleasure to watch the fruits of their virtue. Helped a friend to repair the computer, and feel himself master of the world. And you, and good for her. You might even get sex out of a sense of gratitude, and this is a significant reason to continue to do good.

3.Cease not to sleep under the stars

It’s kind of not much — to sleep under the open sky. We know you’re tired after work/study, and you do not care for outings. Surprise your friend, grab some sleeping bags and head to the rooftop of your home. You’ll have a great night. That’s for sure.

4.Don’t stop telling the truth

The love of truth will play in your favor, no doubt. It’s such a nasty feeling to carry a heavy burden of lies. Before you lie always think about the consequences. You’ll build a whole maze of absurdity, and eventually lose a loved one. Always it ends.

5.Cease not to forgive

Forgiveness is key to healing. Don’t torture yourself, not the person who made you feel bad. Forgive him. Even if you don’t talk, just let go of this situation. Think about what your life is all fairly well. Perhaps if it had not been disposed of or the variance, everything would be different.

6.Don’t stop asking for help

Sometimes the appeal may be the only true solution to the problem. You know that from the outside everything looks different. You should be the person to whom you can always turn to for advice or support. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

7.Cease not to talk to strangers

All of your best friends were strangers to you people. Be open, don’t be afraid of new acquaintances. In most cases, they lead to friendship or new useful links.

8.Don’t stop hoping

Hope for what? Actually it doesn’t matter. If you want to be happy, never lose hope that things can change. You can always learn from their mistakes and improve their lives.

9.Don’t stop investing in yourself

If you don’t invest in yourself, in what you invest? As before you invest your time, energy and money to waste yourself. Make sure you correctly chose what to invest. Otherwise, your time, energy and money will be wasted and you won’t be happy with the result.

10.Keep your smile

If you want to be happy — smile. Smile of the neighbor at the grocery store, smile at the asshole who cut in front of you. See what happens, that will change.

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