10 things you don’t have to be afraid


We understand that for many readers the word «should» is like a red rag to a bull in a bullfight, but at your own risk once again, we use it. And not only so, but in order to help you to break their innermost fears, which are expressed in specific situations, when from you fate itself requires concentration of thought, sobriety and intelligence.

«Fears of the modern man» is the theme of endless, because the information age is replacing the role model which was a benchmark of some twenty, thirty years ago. Today, we are all lost and depressed. I’m afraid to say too much, make stupid and present unthinkable. But when you live in fear all the time, you’re not the boss of your life — you are her slave. And we don’t want to see among the readers of slaves, and therefore allow ourselves it «needs» (albeit with a particle «not»), which is so hateful to the generation of uncertainty. So, you don’t have to be afraid of:

1 to Show their emotions comes from irrational fear of the future? Where do come from the fears that plagued our kind hard hearts? The truth is that they don’t find a way to freedom from your eternal desire to hide them. Are you trying to control your emotions even when you think it’s supposed feelings. Abnormal if the man was crying due to the fact that he didn’t get sex for dinner, pizza for Breakfast or improving on a lunch break.

But there are moments in life when the avaricious man’s tears of joy, sadness or great the amount is the best you can give to your interviewee or the interviewee. The crying began to destroy the man as recently as the early twentieth century, but before there was nothing shameful in that, to overturn a tear when you this requires time. You will not become a woman as does not become them men of the nineteenth century, which saw nothing wrong with the emotions. On the other hand, it is unlikely that the contemporaries would understand you if I see you crying (think dead anyone), so try at least to feel different States of mind, and not to cover them.

2 to Tell the girl about her sexual fantasies

Forget all this nonsense about the fact that the relationship is not just sex. Perhaps they do not consist of sex 100%, but half — right. And when you confuse the reason to get away from the girl, only coming up with nonsensical reason, which will improve your action, make it correct, and the thing is, with greater probability, that is sex. For example, she may be an ardent opponent of the Blowjob, and that your soul is suffering.

Here it is necessary to act wisely in the early stages of the relationship — lay out your girlfriend all you want to do with her sexually. If it is shocked, outraged, and she tells you: «This will never happen», we are sure that your long relationship will not last. But it is better to say everything directly, than to keep it to myself and to think you were misunderstood, you become a pervert in her eyes and the last person in the world. Don’t be afraid to talk to girlfriend about sex. 3 to Take responsibility for the abortion of the child Continuing the logical chain. Sooner or later, but you will face it. Your friend will fly when you stop to use a condom, which «delivers a living experience.» It may take a year, two years, three years, but she flies. And it will be always unexpected. You’re not ready for it, and you will panic, even if you think that raising children is your favorite activity in the world. If you panic, the woman may be disappointed in you. It is always bad, but doubly worse, if you can call a woman loved.

How to do the right thing when he knocks up a girl? The first thing you need to do is to take himself in hand. No need to panic and kick it under control. The girl will not decide what to do next — you can influence her decision, but you need to renounce any kind of hysteria. Be calm, confident and understanding. If you think that it would be correct to have an abortion, then you must take full responsibility for this decision, even if the girl is two hands «for». If you think that the child must leave, then you are again obliged to take responsibility for the lean years of a young family. Take an active part in the decision and don’t be afraid — it’s not the end of the world.

4 to Leave their homes for themselves


Life has not worked? Head hurting you? The wife does not give rest, and work is not fun? We have the solution, the medication and the vaccine to get out and start a new life. Seriously, remember how often you whine about his fate, but when life gives you a chance to change something, you have to give back because they are afraid of any change.

Speaking frankly, life is not so generous with those odds. Sent luck to the devil once, he sent second — and now no good fortune to your doorstep will not come. So don’t be afraid of sharp turns, even if they mean a change of professional activity, friends and even countries.

5 to disapproval of society, What could be worse than a public censure? And a lot of things: diabetes, for example, or the common cold on the lip. Society should not be afraid: he’s probably going to savagery, but to hang on a tree or burned at the stake for the views that is not going. Today, you can act without regard to public opinion. It is easy to accept, if you think about what number of controversial issues it absorbs. If you ask every person on a particular issue, you will see that no one coincides in the views. Therefore it is necessary to move forward and not be afraid of what you think about the people on the street.

6 Fight for the right cause

It happens that the conscience tells you to do so, but fear pulls the blanket over himself and wins, because «you have to warm place can not sit still, and another can of whup ass?» And indeed, there are many problems that is better to ignore otherwise you’ll be getting all mad dogs in the city. But the life of a man who is honest with himself, is a voluntary risk appetite when it comes to truth, honor and dignity. If you’re afraid to go against the flow, it will carry your body, but your soul as well, and this, we think, a fate much more terrible. 7 to Seem stupid In stupidity there is nothing bad or good — it is a reality that smacks you in the circumstances. It is impossible to know everything that happens in the world. You cannot be a Professor of all the Sciences at once, but still be able to clean up the problems of life, Hercules the Augean stables. We are confident that you are often faced with moments in life when you’re trying not to give out their ignorance and stupidity.

Let’s say your boss asks you to show reports for b2b and b2c sales, but you never know what those strange letters, even though I work in sales for the fifth year (behind the counter of a Shoe store). Sounds silly, ask the boss and do their job well is better than to seem smart, do not ask and do not do their job. When you don’t know something, don’t act Greek philosopher — say it like it is.

8 Ask for help


Sooner or later everyone gets into a situation that bordering on death, bankruptcy, job loss, family or mind. The black keys on the piano, life is something that will come immediately after a happy and carefree hours of youth. Your family, friends, friends and even colleagues — your whole circle of interests and passers-by, the phones which you have recorded in your memory — they were created in order to help you at some point. In the same way as you were created in order to help them.

Don’t be shy to ask and accept the help that you need. In these dark days you’ll know who is who, and who is a member of coat. You’ll see true friends and will certainly see them from the other side of the living space, but not where you’re used to seeing. Hard time is great for reflection and asking for help is the best way to learn about those around you. So enjoy the moment. When you feel better, then distribute the debt and never say with those who did not want to help you.

9 to Change views

If you have a lifetime profess the same viewpoint, is a carrier of one ideology, unchanging tenets and «rules of life», then you’re a fool. There are guys who are proud of their «toughness» of thought, but it’s not the hardness but rather clumsiness and the beginnings of dementia. We’re wrong, you’re wrong, all wrong.

Courage is the ability to admit their own mistakes, and this should make the installation — nothing is true. It is easier to go through life and easier to carry upgrades, updates his own mind. You’re going to learn something new, to change their views for the better, getting stronger and smarter. But you can’t change yourself, because you are honest not only with themselves, but with this changing world, where today was one truth, and another tomorrow. You decide which truth to choose here and now. 10 Working with your hands Is not what you think. We’re talking about hard work that can surprise you at any time of life. Here you were diligent office worker with a salary of 76 thousand rubles, and now you have no one to call you. No money, and something you want to eat!

At a former job you do not take open positions on your profile to look for a long time and there’s only one true subject — go to the construction site or porters, earning 500-700 rubles for a grueling shift. If you’re the glove and I’m afraid to damage their limbs, it’s hard to call a good genetic product of the human race. But if you can go rotten, to survive this period, we proud of you. Don’t be afraid of hard and dirty work.

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