10 things you didn’t know about the magazine «Penthouse»

manygoodtips.com_17.10.2014_FYAFw9PaKPR97Perhaps you are familiar with Playboy magazine, but today we will talk not about him but about his eternal rival – the journal «Penthouse», which was founded by Bob Guccione in 1965. In the United States «Penthouse» was called «pornographic» and his name hinted at how much fun the people who can afford to live in petnhouse, expensive luxury rooms on the upper floors of buildings. But the history of this journal, like every great story has many interesting facts and interesting details. What else is known of this gloss? Read below.

1. Modest founder


Oh, believe it or not, but Bob Guccione, founder and publisher of «Penthouse» in his youth, he was an artist and even graduated from Catholic Seminary. While Hugh Hefner was terribly busy, arranging rampant orgies in his famous mansion, Bob lived quite a staid and quiet life. And one of their rare parties he ignominiously expelled heavily drunk DJ who, yielding to the violent attack of the fun, jumped naked in his pool.

2. «Penthouse» first principles «Pubic war»

It was a bribe.com.ua_17.10.2014_u0fUFHDIb8edm

In February 1970 «Penthouse» published photos of Ada, Grootenboer — against the advice of lawyers. And all of America could see (for the first time on the gloss of this level) a naked woman, not familiar with razor or waxing. Moreover, in all its glory. Exploded «Pubic wars» between Penthouse and Playboy (Pubic Wars, by analogy with the Punic Wars — the Punic wars between Ancient Rome and Carthage) for the one who will reveal more. «Penthouse» had a landslide victory and earned the status of leader «quality porno». Playboy also remained in line with the «softcore» and retain the status as the most popular men’s magazine.

3. «Penthouse» was paving the way talents


The magazine was the first to print the unknown artists specializing in the genre of erotica. In March 1984 was published the work «Punishment Beauty», is the author of one A. N. Rockler. Behind this pseudonym hid herself Anne rice that gave us «Interview with the vampire» and this story became a classic of BDSM literature.

4. Collaborated with celebrities…


In fact, the «Penthouse» published not only beginners, but prominent authors, but also writers who has already earned himself the honor and glory. It is noteworthy that the story of Stephen king’s «children of the corn» was first published in «Penthouse» in March 1977.

5. …artists…


In the pages of «lit up» so-called «Artist of Evil», whose paintings furiously burned the Church. Hans Rudi Giger (H. R. Giger) from his student years, he preferred to settle in «the damned» houses, collected ritual objects used in the rituals of the Black mass type. In 1975 he participated in the Paris exhibition dedicated to the Devil, and many of his works are of a blasphemous nature, twisting inside the images of communion and crucifixion. Giger was involved in the design of the bike show «Hells Angels» in Switzerland. The main motive of his paintings — birth and fetal — mechanisms. That is certainly deep penetration in hardcore.

6. … and artists.


It is in the «Penthouse» published naked pictures of Madonna. Yes, there was a time people wanted to see her naked.

7. Sponsored Guccione film «Caligula»


In 1976, Guccione invested 17.5 million dollars for the movie of Tinto Brass «Caligula,» based on the scenario of the famous American writer and Pulitzer prize, Gore Vidal, who was forced to erase his name from the credits. Champions of morality (especially in the Vatican) called the film «disgusting, shameful trash.»

8. «Penthouse» was not afraid of contradictions


Penthouse was the first magazine that published the famous «Manifesto of the Unabomber», who wrote the legendary madman, Ted Kaczynski. Although the majority of readers noted that his portrait and slogans somewhat complicate the process of Masturbation.

9. Naked skins


In April 1970, Penthouse practically paraded the first nipple on the cover of a magazine. It was a scandal! In November 1971 from the shelves at readers was impressed by the photos of legs in stockings and garters, and in December of the same year, the world is pleased gorgeous naked ass popular at the time model.

10. «Penthouse» and black holes


«Penthouse» is also no stranger to space exploration and science: the journal «lit up» in a famous bet between Stephen Hawking and Kim Thorne. The first bet, concluded between them, was documented in 1974. The magazine also has followed the dispute which was the subject of the galaxy Cygnus X-1. According to astronomers, there is an object that emits powerful x-rays. And Thorne, and He passionately wanted it was a black hole — the first of the really committed. So I decided: Hawking put that hole there, and the Turn that hole is. If He wins, all his ideas about the Universe can be thrown away in the trash, and he himself in the manner of consolation will have four years to read the magazine «look». If thorn wins, he will get annual subscription to Penthouse. Defeated Thorn. He provided not only laurels in the field of science, sticking it to Stephen Hawking, but a subscription to a porn magazine.

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