10 things you didn’t know about the magazine «Hustler»

log.The first issue of the magazine «Hustler», was released in the midst of the Golden age of porn. In 1974, Americans have been flooded with a wave of fascination and love for such men’s magazines as «Playboy» and «Penthouse», however, the appearance of the magazine «Hustler» in the mass market was like a bomb explosion. Here they showed us everything we never saw in the logs: hardcore penetration, sex toys and orgies. But this is not all that we may surprise this colourful and informative magazine.

1. It all started with a small strip club in Ohio


In 1964, the flint was dismissed from service in the U.S. Navy, where he worked as a radar operator. Shortly thereafter, bought the bar from his mother in Dayton (Ohio) for $1,800, where they sold homemade whiskey. The first own business did not bring him financial success, so four years later, an enterprising businessman opened a new facility with hot dancing beauties at the pole, calling it the «Hustler Club». In 1968, the year Larry got his first big money and fame.

2. On the cover of a magazine flashed booty first lady of the United States


In November 1975, the magazine «Hustler» published Nude pictures of former first lady Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, which Flynt purchased from the infamous paparazzi Settimo Garritano for $1,200,000. This room became the best selling in the history of «Hustler» and has sold over two million.

3. Flint became friends with the preacher, with which in his youth fought


In one of the rooms of «the Hustler» was published, pseudoenergy with the preacher and the main ideological enemy of the flint – Jerry Folwell, which was decorated in a parody of an advertisement Campari: the original was taken some well-known character, who talked about the taste of the drink. Title advertising text sounded always the same: «(Name) tells how he tried for the first time.» Flint could not pass by such ambiguity, and wrote about how the preacher talks about his alleged sexual relations with his own mother. The preacher sued and the Prosecutor who led the case, screaming about what flint wants to turn America into the planet of the apes. In the end, Falwell was awarded $100,000 damages, but the decision was reversed in 1988, making flint the winner. In 1997, Flynt and Falwell appeared on Larry king live, where he indulged in nostalgia about those times. They say that they exchanged Christmas cards until his death Falwell.

4. Flint is sometimes lacking in head gear


Of course, he is one of the founding fathers of the most powerful American pornomania, but… He was married five times, was sitting firmly on amphetamines, disowned his eldest daughter and claimed to have heard radio signals in her head during litigation with Jerry Falwell.

5. Flint tried his hand in fashion… sort of


In November 1976 Larry Flynt released the magazine «Chic», which was positioned as a publication, designed for more experienced and elite public level slightly higher than ordinary readers «Hustler». In 1984, this magazine has sued a woman from Texas, so bought a newspaper and brought it home, thinking it was a fashion magazine. According to her, her psyche and her psyche forever children were violated after seeing it.

6. He founded the music magazine


«RIP Magazine», a music magazine produced by his company, where the emphasis was only on rock music. Unfortunately or fortunately, the publication did not last long.

7. Flint tried to kill amid interracial conflict


Everyone knows that flint is a pervert in a wheelchair, but how he earned his disability, is also an interesting story. In 1978, it tried to kill the famous serial killer and supporter of purity and white supremacist Joseph Paul Franklin, who was indignant and insulted outright interracial photo shoot in «Hustler».

8. «Hustler» hired by the artist from the prison


Most famous comics, which was published in the pages of the magazine, depicting rape, incest and perverted racism. The drawings belonged to Dwayne Tinsley, who was sitting in jail, Yes, for child molestation.

9. Cover, which had the greatest impact


This magazine cover released in 1978, with the caption: «We will no longer perceive women as meat» – has caused a real shock among the inhabitants, cannibals and people who are sexist.

10. Congress receives a «Hustler»


One of the best jokes of Larry – to give eternal subscription of all the members of the Congress of the United States. It started somewhere between 1974 and 1983, and flint often repeated: «I think that our government should be aware of what is happening in our world.»