10 things we know about Xbox One

Xbox one

The guys from Microsoft are not lazy and prepared for us a one-hour presentation of the new Xbox. And there was something to see. If you’re too lazy to spend an hour of my life on that video, I will briefly tell you about their product.

But first…

call of duty ghosts

In the new Call of Duty dogs! In the trailer of the game two minutes showed these dogs. So I well remember this. Good doggie.

1. The console is called Xbox One

There was a rumor that it will be called Xbox 720, but it’s all a lie. And not Xbox Fusion, not Xbox: Infinity — we have been deceived even more than once! Just Xbox One. And unless it was not released ten years ago? Kind of like, but that doesn’t matter dudes from Microsoft is of no value.

2. It will be released in 2013

This, in General, no doubt, because the Playstation 4 is scheduled for this year. Only here Xbox is more tricky, it will have to wait for the time when almost all countries will start to beg for gifts from Santa Claus — namely November and December. Probably. Well, imagine the cost. About it just didn’t say anything. Although they always do.

3. Xbox One is such a cutie

What we have there?

  • 8 GB of RAM;
  • OCTA core CPU with x86 architecture;
  • Blu-ray support;
  • USB 3.0
  • WiFi and WiFi Direct;
  • hard drive 500 GB;
  • HDMI input.

It looks like the Playstation 4, and both of these miracle are more like a full PC than a gaming console.

New Xbox more than the 360, and black and generally looks like a TV or DVD player.

4. You can talk to him

Kinekt it is a standard. When you turn One, the kinect recognizes you and may even read the rhythm of your heart — good for the fitness games. Can be enabled by using a voice command, you can see points in the game and at the same time looking TV. In short, some mixture of computer TV, I’m telling you.

5. Cloud storage

300,000 servers designed for cloud storage and online gaming. And it was only 15 000. In General, progress on the face.

6. Smart TV

A big topic that is much discussed in the video. TV can be enabled using a voice command, and even choose the most popular with the options provided. You can even learn the program for the evening.

Have you noticed that we haven’t talked about the game? And it’s all because the first 40 minutes of the presentation we talked about all this stuff. Xbox combines all the fun.

7. Oh, Steven Spielberg!

Spielberg also joined the business. He is the Executive producer of the series «Halo», which will produce special content for the Xbox One. In General, I swung you guys.

8. Game

First the bad news: you won’t be able to play old games. Games need to be installed on your Xbox and attach them to your Xbox Live account. And if you want to install the game on another console, you will have to pay. Shitty things.

And now the good news: the game is really beautiful. For example, EA Sports — when you play kinect, you just feel the crowd! You literally see on the football field swaying grass! Really interested to try Call of Duty: Ghosts. Graphics, that is graphics!

9. Just look at these trailers

I’ll shut up.

Call of Duty: Ghosts (these dogs)

Quantum Break:

Forza Motorsport 5:

EA Sports:

10. Cooperation with the national football League (NFL)

It will allow console owners to follow football statistics, read news about teams and individual players and, attention, attention, using video calls! Why not a high?

In General, expect!

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