10 things to do before the end of summer #3

Summer is a carefree time, but it passes, usually very quickly. Only you felt free from school or went to a long-awaited vacation, as the warmest time of the year is already ending. When you have decided to change my life and do something really interesting like it is time to submit the quarterly reports, and to write the coursework. Do not waste a single minute. Loans that were shelved for months. We have selected for you a whole bunch of interesting activities and things that certainly won’t change your life but will brings new emotions.

1. Fly paragliding

Everybody loves extreme sports. He brings to our life with new emotions and makes us feel the real life. If you say you don’t like the extreme kinds of rest, then you probably have not tried anything like that.

One of the safest and exciting ways to get new emotions is paragliding. Of course, if you have never hovered in the air like a bird, you should try paragliding with an instructor. So you can feel safe and much faster to learn on their own. The only thing you need to remember is that you need warm clothes, because in flight it will be cool enough. Nothing more is needed, all the rest will be done by a professional instructor. You will only enjoy the flight and catch every moment from the freedom of flight.


To help in the development of the glider may company «»Paragliding fly,» created by people passionate about their work, and so here all is thought over to trifles. Here you can fly with an instructor unless you have proper training, and specialized training in the future to fly himself and brag to your friends cool selfies in flight. And also you can compete if you’ve already experienced «flyer.» Space for action is really impressive and you get bored just can not, because it will not remain free time.

2. Spend the day outdoors

All love nature. Fresh air, a gentle breeze and total relaxation after a hard work. No one can say that it is not perfect. If you decide to gather with friends and enjoy nature, then this is the ultimate dream. Jokes, socializing, delicious food on the coast and fun games really bring people together. With the help of friends, you can forget about problems. What to do in a big company in nature? The mass of options. Ranging from the classic Frisbee, and ending with the skating fashion summer cruiser — the combination of a longboard and a regular skateboard. Of course, if you went with friends on the coast, the question of what to do will disappear by itself. It is possible to swim and sunbathe. But this quickly bored and come to the aid of a variety of games.


One of the most fun outdoor games there are «Bottoms». The essence of the game is to get rid of all the cards dried thereby «Melting». The rules are not too heavy. To understand and remember them after 5 minutes. You can play on the beach, and camping, and even in the car. The slogan of the game makes you smile: the sun, the sea — bottoms! Find many opportunities for camping and not only will you be able online OMGIFT. Here you can choose many games and activities for an active holiday. Frisbee, kites, cruisers, boomerangs and a variety of balls. If you want to surprise your friends and to dilute the holiday fun games, here you can find everything you need to do this!

3. Start to build a house

As you know, any man should do in life three things: to plant a tree, raise a son and build a house. Order all of these feats are not registered anywhere and solve it only to you.

Planting a tree will not take much time you must spend on this activity for a few hours. To raise a son — it is certainly the case over the summer still fails to crank, as if you do not like. But to build a house, or at least to lay the Foundation and begin to deal with this matter in the future is a quite feasible task to the end of this summer. But where do you start? Of course, with the project.


To help with the project and construction of the house may company Art-Line. Here you can order services for the construction of houses made of beams, for example. The quality of the work is at a high level. You will help you to select the appropriate project that will meet all quality standards. Before ordering, you can evaluate the finished projects and get a guarantee on the job for 2 years. Don’t think, unless you build a house from the first screw to the last screw, then it’s not your merit. You will be able to say with certainty that you’ve completed one of the most important men of Affairs, and it built the present house.

4. Go on a date at a pottery Studio

How else to surprise your girlfriend? It seems that you have been to every restaurant in your city. You went to every movie that even slightly had a romantic name. Here’s a new idea. In many movies about love, heroes at some point will magically appear in a pottery workshop, where the romantic music begin to sculpt a variety of jars of clay, gradually gaining experience and pleasure from a common cause. This is a great opportunity to see each other in a different light, to discover yourself and your partner, a new creative resources.

To help you to organize such a meeting in the pottery workshop will help you guys with Jules&Verne, which is located in Moscow. White clay, romantic music and the best teachers are waiting for you on this event. By the way, the date you will be just the two of us and romantic Potter’s wheel will not leave you and your friend indifferent. Dating is usually held in the evening, which is very convenient if you’re going after him to have another romantic dinner. But don’t think it’s just a way to pass the time and have a little fun. On a date you could make 3-4 items and even take them home afterwards. Learn a new profession will certainly not have time, but experience itself is possible.

5. Get a job on the coast


Summer is the only time of the year when you can combine business with pleasure. Work and leisure are opposite concepts, but at this time of year they can become synonymous. If you have summer vacation for a couple of months, then you can easily get a part time job on any beach. You will receive housing, meals and salary. Unless of course you will find a worthy place for this event. In most cases, you will be able to work and relax. To stock up on good mood for the whole year, and even capitalize on this. But be careful, many after this summer stayed in the resort towns to live. This, of course, there is nothing wrong, but still life is better to change thought and not rush into extremes.

6. Make a new haircut

Summer is the time of the experiments. If during a session or a meeting at work you could not afford a stylish haircut you have always dreamed of, the summer — here’s your chance. When, if not during the holidays to upgrade its image and to finally feel at ease. So, first you will have a different look friends and family who are accustomed to your usual hairstyle, stubble and so on. Do not be afraid. As the classic saying: «change our hearts demand». Change is always a positive effect on mood and the power, who would not say that. You should start of course with the hair. To it after you can pick up a new wardrobe.


New style need of course to go to trendy places. For example, the black barbershop beard, which is located in the heart of Moscow in Moscow city. Just convenient for businessmen who are so afraid to change something in yourself. Here you will help you choose the appropriate image. This will deal with experienced professionals and the beginners. Along the way you will pick up cosmetics — men’s, don’t be scared. To change correctly and with a professional approach.

7. Master the unicycle


You also noticed that throughout the city people go to gyrometer and monowheels? At first it seemed a little strange, but now it is in order. It is really very convenient transportation for short distances and for skating in the Park on summer days. This way you can easily go round all the tubes and the head will no longer scold you for being late.

Not to seem the black sheep in the ever-evolving modern world, must in any case learn to ride this unicycle fashion. At first glance you think that this is not much needed in life, but in fact it is a very practical transport.


From personal experience, can you advise the model called W-MOTION W2. It is capable of speeds up to 16 km / h and pass on a single charge up to 18 km. to Learn how to fly a monowheel is very easy, and after the first attempt can be confident enough to drive on a flat road. Included with this model is charger, power cord, wheels for learning, and a special belt designed for learning to ride. With this set to master a new form of transport will be a snap.

8. Adopt a pet


Pet is a dream of many, but all the time something stops. You start to think about the fact that most of the time you spend at work and pet needs constant care. Many questions and stop the majority of animal lovers from such an important and desirable step in their lives. But anyone who has Pets will tell you that real happiness is coming home and knowing that you are waiting for, and that you at least somewhere happy. Feel constant responsibility for your pet and know that he will never abandon you and will not fail. This is not happiness.


So, need to approach this with the mind and prepare for the new resident of your house in advance. To deal with all the intricacies of nutrition, maintenance and care of Pets will help many sites on this topic. The most striking and informative seemed very interesting project called Lapachol. Here you can choose all the necessary items by category for each pupil. For dogs, for example, there is a huge amount of animal feed, utensils, clothes, toys and many other things. You can also find many tips on various issues. From the necessary vitamins to the construction of diets for your Pets. Not so scary to take a step towards your dream and find, finally, a pet and a best friend who will always be pleased to see you.

9. Stairs to the festival of colors


The festivals of colors is lately very popular. Especially in summer you can meet on the street smiling people returning from the festival of colors all in bright colors and with lots of cool selfies on your phone. A sea of emotions and positive reviews surround such events. Usually they are prepared in advance and finding them is not difficult in the social networks or portals in your city. Trust me, you will remember this outstanding event of your summer and want to go there. New friends, paint and the sea of likes in social media you provided.

10. Go to travel

To travel in the summer — it is certainly not nonsense. But where do you usually go on vacation? For the near sea, where I have been hundreds of times. No new emotions, but charred bodies are you will not get. Another thing is to choose a journey that is radically different from the ordinary. Go to the snowy mountains in summer, for example, will be very useful and you will get new emotions.


Go to a rather unusual tour is possible thanks to the company Altai-Tour.

They organize various trip to the wonderful Altai. It is radically different from the rest of the numerous seaside resorts, which is already rather tired. New scenery is always pleasing to the eye. During the trip you will go to Teletskoye lake. Then, the most famous road of Altai Altai right up to the famous athlete Babyrgan. In General, the tour is for 11 days, during which you will see so much beauty, remember that it can be a whole year until next summer.

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