10 things that must be done on the beach

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1. Sleep

There is nothing better than a sweet NAP in the fresh air. Most importantly, before diving into the arms of Morpheus, make sure all exposed parts of your body sunscreen, and you yourself are under the protection of an umbrella.

2. Burn

Of course, you wanted to spit on all of our advice on sunscreen, so this paragraph you will perform necessary. However, nothing reminds of the past summer, as charred pieces of skin on your back.

3. Eat churchhelu

Come on, when you try it? This delicacy has a rather exotic flavor, ideal as a light beach snack. Besides curschellas quite difficult to poison.

4. Poisoned pasties

But poisoned pasties much more real. But where’s your spirit of adventure? Don’t forget even the boiled corn to grab.

5. Mix up the towels

And sit on someone else’s place, trying to understand what happened to all the rest of your stuff, and what a strange shales are nearby.

6. Barbecue

To burn, of course, half to hell, and then rejoice like a child, charred pieces of meat.

7. Drink the local wine

Enough to whip a beer. A warm summer evening by the sea there is nothing better than homemade Caucasian wine for barbecue.

8. To meet a girl

At least try to do it. No wonder that we taught you!

9. Sex

Let ass be mercilessly stabbing the jagged rocks, and sand is put in all possible places, it is still worth it, man!

10. To meet the dawn

Drinking homemade wine in the company of seagulls, enjoying the silence and breathing in the smell of the sea.

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