10 things that happen with your body after death

What man in the world is uncertain? Taxes, the economy, the credit system, the future? So, this is always difficult to understand, but anyone from this list not overcome death by the criterion of uncertainty and mystery. And if we talk about our interaction with the community, direct contact with death we have is rare. Accident, hospices and hospitals. We prefer to ignore this integral aspect of a human life. But then «the grim Reaper» is unfolding rapidly in our direction, and there is not to think about.

A healthy interest in death is in many cultures. During the nineteenth century with the development of natural philosophy, anatomy, and literature of decadence this interest was inherent in European culture. But now we have become more sensitive, more closed, and those guys who looks with interest at the corpses, perhaps unfairly called creepy perverts, sick in the head. Because each of us is destined to touch of death, whether we like it or not.

1. The stages of death

Start with the basics, which will be for you a guiding star in the world of decomposition and fell (that sounds weird).

Clinical death

Your vital functions are going to the scrap, you have stopped heartbeat and breathing. The brain is actually still active, so some people think that clinical death is a kind of line between life and death. Actually, there is a probability that you will still return to life if revived properly.

Biological death

Better known as «brain death». Simply put, the electrical activity in your brain stops. And even if your the biological activity of living because of machines, this death is reversible, can not be. The pallor, the rigidity, the cold – here are the signs of biological death.

Molecular death

If biological death does you the dead guy on the ground, that molecular death served to perpetuate joyless agreement. Molecular death is the phase in which the body begins to break down. It occurs shortly after death and in the early stages of biological death. Bacteria that live in the intestine, starting to eat his «master.»

2. Blood accumulates in your ass

People buried in the ground, and in their graves grow beautiful flowers. But always wondered «Where the hell is blood?!»

And with it, everything is very simple. And subject to this fluid, like all on this planet, the law of gravity, that is, it accumulates at the lowest point of the body. If you sit (stand), it will be the lower legs if lying on my back, ass, and if you lay on your stomach, the blood will accumulate in the chest and face.

Without body heat and heartbeat blood thickens and turns into a jelly-like consistency. After 12 hours in these areas are made blue and purple spots. Not such a big problem actually, but it is better to close until that time, the coffin.

3. Examination #1

If it is not clear how the person died, then held post-mortem examination, otherwise the autopsy. The cause of death need to find out (and suddenly the attack of the nomads, murder, aliens?). Specially trained people will be viewing your entire body and in the process to make notes on certain functions, and features (tattoos, scars, medical records procedures). They will be looking for accurate evidence in favor of a particular cause of death: blunt-force trauma, head trauma, needle marks, and so on.

After this, the «internal investigation». Is an incision in the sternum right down to the pubic bone, but not very high. The incision should not be visible when the corpse will be dressed. For this reason, it is removed from the inside. Bodies out, of course, also from the incision.

4. Examination #2

Once all «parts» are to the pathologists, they debrief, checking natural causes of death, such as blocked arteries, heavy organs and body fat.

But if in their hearts a sneaking suspicion, we have to look for signs of trauma, poisoning, overdose, and even undiagnosed tumor. By the way, information about the tumor is very important because they often have a genetic origin, and therefore, the relatives of the deceased should be warned.

The brain is removed through a small hatch in the back of the head (I bet you don’t know about the hatch at the back of the head). The brain itself, the organ is very delicate and to be treated with extreme caution. If the cause of death is clear and understandable, taken tissue samples, and produces a certificate of cause of death and components of body put back into the body. Meanwhile, the body is neatly sewn up and prepared for burial.

5. Embalming #1: Blood and soap

If the cross-section was made, the body in most cases will be embalmed. However, it’s not exactly like an Egyptian mummy. However, the embalming process ensures that your family will have a chance to say their last goodbyes.

Embalming fluid consists of formaldehyde, methanol and a couple of other components. Usually it contains water, but the most effective and expensive methods of embalming are anhydrous. They retain the body much better. The composition of the liquid can contain different colors, instead of a deadly paleness and we saw a healthy glow. So always pick the skin color.

The principle of operation is simple. A small incision is made in the neck, armpits or the groin region to access the carotid, brachial and femoral arteries. Embalming fluid is pumped into the car and changes places with blood. This process takes about an hour. Until that happens, the body do wonderful massage in order to break up any blood clots and to speed up the process. The liquid is then decanted from the primary cavity in the body and is replaced by another, to slow decomposition. Depending on the religion of the outer shell is washed by the undertaker, a Sikh, family or Imam.

6. Embalming #2: a helping Hand

We love our dead. Even say: «About the dead or good, or you don’t.» In the preparation of the body to «waste» we make it harder than the training to the first job interview.

Nose and mouth have to be retrofitted with cotton wool to avoid seepage of moisture. Also mouth are sewn or glued. If there are any wounds on the skin, the body wrapped in plastic and put in the suit. Small plastic cups inserted under the eyelids to prevent the possibility of open or empty eyes. Besides, the last done in order to avoid the «crying of the dead.» And it’s not only scary, but sad for the family. In General, everything is done in order to preserve the illusion of «normality», the usual kind of person.

7. Decomposition #1: Samoupravljanje

How would you not have poured embalming fluid in a dead body, it will start to decompose, especially if the death occurred in the fresh air. Decomposition starts within minutes after death. After the blood stops flowing throughout the body, lack of oxygen makes itself felt. Enzymes begin to digest the cell membrane. It meanwhile causes discoloration.

Next is rigor Mortis, nucleic acids break down proteins in muscle fibers. As soon as the muscles begin to deteriorate more rapidly, rigor Mortis passes and the body becomes supple again. The trillions of bacteria living in the human body throughout life, are on the loose again. Cell membranes begin to degrade, giving start own process of decomposition.

8. Decomposition #2: Rotting

The next stage of decomposition, when bacteria get a bit carried away.

The initial stage of digestion produces a lot of sugars, salts, fluids and anaerobic bacteria, recently released from prison-guts. In General, the bacteria eat, the sugar is fermented to form various impure gases such as hydrogen sulfide and ammonia. As bacteria begin to break down the hemoglobin in the blood, they turn the skin in a mottled dark green color.

All of these gasification processes cause the body is inflated like a balloon with horror. This is called «bloat». As a result, the pressure in the body will accumulate, and the gases and liquids will flow from each hole (each). But can «fortunate» and then the whole thing will explode. It is in these moments the skin begins to loosen, and the body appears black spots.

9. Decomposition #3: Colonization

At some point the body just becomes magic for every creature that is looking for the perfect place to lay eggs. Flies lay hundreds of eggs, which hatch into hundreds of maggots. A giant, writhing mass of maggots can raise body temperature by 10 degrees Celsius. This means that larvae have to constantly change the location, to not cook in the body.

Subsequently, they grow in flies, and they, in turn, once again lay eggs. This process is repeated until, until all flesh and skin will not be spent. However, larvae will attract its own antagonists, all kinds of predators like birds, ants, wasps, and spiders. Creating a whole ecosystem around the decaying bodies. Larger scavengers, of course, can stop all this mess for some few hours, for example, if we are talking about the flock of vultures.

Also, be aware the skull of the corpse that is saturated with nitrogen. He is so rich in them that kills surrounding plants up close. But after some time the soil becomes, on the contrary, is extremely fertile, which helps the growth of fungi, plants, and the like.

In the end, all the energy of a person returns to nature, where it found its birth. It is even beautiful if you can transfer the image horribly of rotting corpses.

10. Burial

However, in most cases, we don’t leave bodies on the street. We come up with them fancy places of worship, burial.

When you Cremonese body, I think that simplify your life. But that is easier said than done. Because the body burns at an incredibly high temperature of over 1000 degrees Celsius. To burn a man of normal size, you will need about 90 minutes, but if we are talking about a person with a large amount of body fat, then this procedure will take several hours. The ashes are then crushed to get rid of large bone fragments and any metal implants.

The type of soil to choose? It depends on how you decompose. Heavy clay soils will help to protect against oxygen and thus slow down the decomposition process. Loose soil, on the contrary, will accelerate this process. It usually takes 10-15 years.

In very hot, dry conditions, the bacteria will not be able to destroy the tissues of the body, they just dehydrate them. When the ancient Egyptians buried their dead in the hot desert sand, body was preserved much more effectively than in the cold dark tombs of the pyramids. That is why, as many believe, was invented embalming.

Ultimately all the organs are destroyed, decompose and return their energy nature. All that you borrowed it first, and because you have no other choice.

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