10 things she subconsciously appreciates you

what women appreciate in men

We are biological beings, and instincts control our behavior with surprising agility. Thanks to the people who are constantly carrying out different research in laboratories, we now have a better understanding of the principles of human interaction. For example, in this text we have collected ten of the most important things women unconsciously assess you to determine if you’re right for the role of their potential partner. Moreover, we will also give you tips on how to make this system work for you. How good are we?

1. Color

colorStudies conducted in different countries showed that when women see men on a red background or in red clothing, those seem to them more sexual, though not necessarily more beautiful. The researchers found that the color red is associated with women of power and high social status.

Our advice: it’s all clear. Wear red clothes — it is advisable to red it was closer to your face. This will attract attention to your person. The main thing — do not overdo it.




2. Smile

smileWomen looking for a serious relationship, pay more attention to the friendly guys. Researchers claim that smiling face says to the woman that you’re always ready to help and take on responsibilities. On the other hand, women that are looking for a light adventure, pay attention to a sad and mysterious men. However, those other girls agree on one thing: good teeth is important.

Our advice: If you’re looking for a serious relationship, smile and send signals to women about it. Professional teeth cleaning or even bleaching wouldn’t hurt. Of course, if the obligation is not your issue, with the teeth still need to watch, but to be served at this sad view.

3. Direct/indirect tactics

Your level of attractiveness, as it turned out, determines the way that women choose to interact with you. Women wait and graciously appreciate attractive men use tactics which will make clear their intentions: such men make an impression, bragging and openly flirting. When a man less attractive to girlfriends in the physical sense, women prefer to use indirect tactics proved to be nice.

Our advice: For starters, pay attention to your appearance: renew the wardrobe, join a gym, podstrigat on time. If you look good, they will approve direct tactics — which means you will need to develop a strategy easier and less strain. If you’re attractive and modest, to pump self-confidence.

Less attractive guys who’ve had relationships, have to think: maybe they’re too right to demonstrate their intentions? And regardless of the level of attractiveness need to be flexible and to be able to switch between these tactics.

4. Jawline

jawlineWhen women ovulate, they want sex and are looking for the most suitable sexual object. At this time, they gravitate to dudes with well-developed jaw. This tells us the science! According to research, well-defined jaw tells about the courage and a higher level of testosterone, and therefore, genetics is the guy that is necessary. Interestingly, in the other phase of the cycle women are not particularly interested in men’s chins.

Our advice: If you’re looking for a casual erotic adventure, a good combination of suitable clothing, accessories, and hairstyle can create the illusion of a strong-willed chin. V-neck, angular points, a canadian and now you’re a man with a prominent chin. Voila!

5. A sense of humor

We don’t really worry how women funny jokes, but with them all the way around. It is very important that you seemed to her funny. If she laughs at our jokes, we like, including as a sexual object. Women witty guys seem to be more smart and confident.

Our advice: If a woman laughs at your joke, there’s a chance that she doesn’t like you and to convince her otherwise not worth it. You could spend some time to explain it, the joke, or just to find that woman that understands what’s funny is that you say.

6. Biceps

bicepsStudies show that when women make a list of things they pay attention men (and for short or long communication), there is always a point related to the figure — especially in the upper part of the body. They especially interested in your muscular arms and broad shoulders. If you have them.

Our advice: sign up already to the gym, the iron thrust, pull. When you go out on a hunt, wear more or less tight-fitting t-shirt with V-neck to focus on your biceps.




7. Open position

open positionWomen prefer when the man takes the open and closed positions. Men like to take more of a back seat, legs wide apart when sitting, making wide gestures and putting his hands on the belt so they seem more attractive to women. Moreover, such attitudes say about your power, of dominance, that you don’t mind physical contact. If you’re going to touch other men (for example, the first to lend a hand when greeting, putting a hand on the shoulder of another man), it will show that you are more dominant individual.

Our advice: to Learn nonverbal communication is possible, as to acquire favorable habits peculiar to certain people. Pay attention to what posture do you take most often. If you notice that you love to cross your arms, stop that, put one hand on the armrest of his chair — much better.

8. The ratio of shoulder width to the width of the waist and waist to hips

torsoYes, mathematics is also about sex. In particular, proportion. Men seem to be the most attractive women, which is the ratio of waist to hips is approximately 0.7, and the women also have their advantages. Women in men like the ratio of waist to hips between 0,85 and 0,95 — 0,9 — very good proportion. Even women like the shoulders wider than the waist (the wider, the better).

Our advice: Lift weight to develop upper body, especially shoulders, biceps and back. The cardio does not hurt to narrow waist and hips. With regard to apparel on hand will play jackets and similar clothing that enhances shoulders and V-shaped cutouts (you see, all good!).

9. Growth

growthFinally, science has determined what proportions are considered ideal for a heterosexual couple in terms of growth. Women were shown pictures depicting a standing man and woman, and most of them liked it when the man was 1.09 times higher for women. This means that you should be about 10-12 inches taller than she, if she loves shoes without heels, and even higher if she’s a fan of high heels and other feminine accoutrements.

Our advice: don’t slouch, straighten out is a visually enhances growth. Also, some clothes can also add a couple of inches, for example, slim-straight pants. If you are interested in a tall woman, you can wear sneakers on a high sole or shoes with a small heel to get the desired difference in height.

10. The smell

the smellThis is a known thing: what women determine if they are male, by the smell. Over the last 20 years science has learned this fact and found that women looking for a man whose smell different from her own as much as possible. The fact that so more chances to get strong and healthy offspring.

Our advice: a Healthy diet will improve your natural scent, and a Cologne finish the job. Choose fragrances very carefully and make sure they are visible, but not so much that women begin to tear eyes.

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