10 things not to do on the interview

robotWe often turn to the topic of work, especially new work. And why? First, it is difficult to work. We’d get a lot more fun if I had the opportunity to replace their jobs to hang out at home, play video games, watch a movie, read a book, if someone likes or even muscles to swing or fit to drink strong drink. In General, would find something to do. The need to work for us is painful, and we want to help the dudes though as-that to facilitate this work. Secondly, the work everyone is more or less clear and stable, and the new device is on it is Terra Incognita. So that’s another piece of our advice. In the interview impossible to do any-when.

1. To come in a bad suit

Nothing screams louder that you are a bad employee and can’t do anything. So, you probably have a suit. What? If it’s baggy it is that you big in the shoulders and gives you a rundown similarity with the salesman, then give it to the first comer homeless. And don’t you dare wear a red tie if you don’t Park the cars, not working in food service and not made in the policy. No? Choose a tie of a different color. Fashion version — khaki, shirt all buttoned up and beautiful shoes.

2. Ask about compensation

All is well at the right time in the right place. The interview is not the best time and place to talk about compensation. You made up your mind to quit?

3. Ask about the vacation

The same. If the HR Manager asks if you have questions for him, will be very stupid to wonder around holidays. That’s an inappropriate question for an interview. You don’t want to work?

4. Remember different facts about the organization

Many read the company website all in a row before you come for an interview. Well done. But at the interview, no one cares what year was founded this Estrelleta company. Everyone is interested in what you can do.

5. Insert buzzwords

Teambuilding. Synergy. Brainstorming. Understand what we mean? You can read a lot of this crap, again, on the website of the same company and hope it will help you. Do not say that I wanted to work in the company, «because you like the synergy here.» It means absolutely nothing. The same effect you can do if you move your finger on your Desk, or if your nose bleeds and you just put it all in the world. Namely, this effect will introduce you to the idiot light.

6. Dress trendy

It was cool in College. And now it’s cool to be superprofessionalnyh. Don’t need slang. Not too stylish clothes. You know it yourself, but to resist common sense. Don’t fight him, friend, let him win.

7. Come without summary

It does not matter whether you sent it or not. If you come without a resume, they’ll think you didn’t bring one, because it sucks. It really can be a bummer, but you will somehow grab it.

8. Come with a portfolio

In the yard in 2013. Why the fuck did you remember about the briefcase?

9. Come with a hangover

There are three places, where in no event it is impossible to come with a hangover: interview, business meeting and wedding. Look at you — a red-eyed, constantly tries to vomit on the surrounding objects? If you know that tomorrow you are waiting for an important event, it is not necessary to stay somewhere in the city, until three in the morning and drink until they drop. Save it for when you’re already hired.

10. To be an idiot

This is the point at which you can include any stuff that I forgot. Come drunk, come with a stupid mustache, bad hair, wearing a baseball cap, with the phone on the belt, be late, leave the headphones on the neck, to lie about your age to talk about sex, religion, politics, not to use deodorant, make use of cheap Cologne, to talk about the divorce of his parents, about the pregnancy, your girlfriend — the list could go on forever. If an idiot could do the same, stop and think again.

That’s all business. Come on, don’t let me down, man! Good luck.

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