10 things not to be ashamed

Around you built a huge dome of stereotypes and norms of behavior. And if you do not respond, then it is a reason to be ashamed of. Although why be ashamed of something wrong. Now explain why.

1. Relatives

manygoodtips.com_25.02.2016_NnGdAhTw2nVZ1You cannot choose your relatives, so shy they do not need. They are like the baldness as cancer, as crisis, you just have to deal with it. So, they can be weird, absolutely crazy and work on not the most prestigious field, but it’s your family, they are most likely the only one who loves you. You knowingly watched «arrested development»? There is clearly explained that if your parents, brothers and sisters is over, it does not absolve you from the responsibility. Family is everything. Let your uncle drunk, dad’s dead beaks of swallows, and tells the mother what you are maladjusted to life. Most importantly, he act normal.

2. Appearance

Somehow, our editors were written by guys who claimed that they look worse than the sphincter of Satan. Well, given the fact that there is a circle of adoration cute boys, and icons of style be all sorts of angelic, according to your girlfriend, hardy, Reynolds and Gosling, we are all not better than this sphincter. Moreover, Gosling is not so perfect. And Celentano that, handsome? No, most of the Universe still compares it to the crocodile, and he still became a sex symbol of the era.

The main thing is not what is outside, this is corrected by using a surgical knife and active sports, as is known, steam of the desired reliefs turned dullish guy with the face of the tin man to Arnold Schwarzenegger. Vladimir Turchinsky once said: «When a man wants to be strong, that’s fine. Not normal when he wants to be beautiful.»

The real beauty under the skull, it makes not the cells of the skin and the contours of the face and brain activity. If you have the talent and charisma, then what do you look!? You’re not a lady. Well not suitable for you girls to get acquainted, and nothing, it’s okay, you’re male.

3. Emotions

manygoodtips.com_25.02.2016_6Zgpuv95t6RgyCold evenings, yet no one sees Chuck Norris crying out loud. All the crying. Even so, all sincere people cry. You can, of course, to stick on the face face of harsh indifference and demonstrate the same facial expression and in sorrow and in joy. If you wish it so, please. But don’t think that expressing emotions is something bad. It’s one thing to whine about for no reason even more than the Latin American footballer, the other sometimes shed a tear when listening to music, watching a film or materials about life of the rich and famous.

You’re only human, and what you feel boredom, disappointment, joy, absolutely fine. And the manifestation of gentleness is not spinelessness, it is a necessity. Do you like jokes about wieners and about gays passive – laugh, don’t hide. If you are, what you do?

4. Beliefs

A man with convictions is a matter of respect. A man with strong beliefs who does not hides them and is able to stand up for them, a matter of respect twice. It is fashionable to respond to fashion trends and changing positions 10 times a day. The presence of solid principles in our time is so rare and valuable as that to apologize for them, just not worth it.

If you like the policy of the state, so no need to be shy. Adhere to the Marxist world views – honor and praise to you, only if you do not change their beliefs, because they do not fashionable.

5. Hobbies

Porada.kom.ua_25.02.2016_eRUvarK3dt6wvThere was one guy. Good this guy was, fun, funny, but deeply unhappy. Didn’t know the guy, what he will do in life, all attempts to find himself rotated with total anguish and despair. All his life he wanted to do ballet but were afraid that the boys in the neighborhood will tear it to Pointe shoes and will treat him as a woman.

Would never have known the guy happiness, if I hadn’t met on his way the man who liberated him and explained that in the ballet there is nothing shameful. So he started to do what you love, day and night, until my dad beat him and forced to do struggle, because it was in the Caucasus, and the father thought that the son of a ballerina – no less a disgrace to the family than the daughter is a prostitute. But the period of life when the guy did not have to hide or be ashamed of his passion, was the happiest in his life. Then he hanged himself.

6. Friends

In principle, time is the only value which is really worth to cherish. And it would not be too wise to waste this precious resource, guided by the opinions of complete strangers to you people. Don’t forget that in friends we intuitively choose the people with similar mental disorders. Comrades is part of you, and ashamed of himself for sin, as we have seen, and at least disrespectful to your neighbors.

7. Eating habits and healthy nutrition

manygoodtips.com_25.02.2016_PnvcjueKBYWLNBe vegan or not to be – choice. However, to be ashamed of his choice at the table is fundamentally wrong. Why do you feel embarrassment? Because you don’t like? Because you don’t drink? It’s okay not to drink. It’s normal to want to be healthy, even if you’re not sure that a particular method will really make your body better. In General, it is everyone’s business, and your dislike for alcohol is no different from aversion to onions.

8. In the past

Each of us has moments in the past, which is not too turns out to be proud of. Yes there we look through the biography of the great – there are facts sometimes emerge that there is a desire to go to the police before they remember that a person long dead.

In the end, young just and to try to tooth life. Even the wise men were really stupid. You’re so good at that, so why shed tears? No one is immune to this path in your life, so don’t be shy. We live in the present, not the past.

9. The singularity

If you differ from the others by their behavior, habits, actions, worldview, take it as a compliment from mother nature. It is not negative, rather it is your main advantage, advantage and advantage. If you don’t like to listen to the same music, and all around, don’t listen. You no one forced to do anything. Stand in front of ladies – you honor and praise.

10. Profession

By.kom.ua_25.02.2016_emKlKqc3ZTITNSaid McConaughey DiCaprio in «the Wolf of wall Street»? That’s right, something about the obligation to feed the family and to inflate idiots. Why everyone is so eager to settle down not to work, and to the troughs. To the feeders in the family to scrape together, and myself and grandchildren. Tedious task, I tell you. Therefore, the character McConaughey played the popular game «walk hand Balda a dick», to his mind not to go. When you do what you love, you don’t have to resort to such methods of stress relief. Work for you is a pleasure. What could be better than getting money for your hobby? May not bring you millions, but if it gives you at least fed and comfortable life, that’s good. So you need not to be ashamed of you, and those hypocrites, who pretend happy.

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