10 things in case of a zombie Apocalypse: a practical guide

How many have you seen movies about the walking dead, man? Probably more than one. I don’t know how often the dead rise from their graves, but it is not exactly pleasant. So what do we know about zombies? They move very quickly, but purposefully do not understand and want to eat your brains. And they are relatively easy to kill: just aim for the head. But when the zombies swarm, they become really dangerous: bring down on you like an avalanche, destroying everything in its path. Suppose that the humanity of the laws of the genre collapsed epidemic that turns ordinary people into bloodthirsty zombies. What to do?


First, to survive the zombie Apocalypse, you need to calm down and think of a plan. So take a deep breath, roll up your sleeves and get ready: you have a dirty job. We in the wording poraskinul brains and reached the top 10 things without which you can’t do in the zombie invasion.

1. Sneakers

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Do you know why the dead called «the walking»? They just go and run. And run fast they can’t even more. So if you’re in relatively good physical shape, your legs, heart, lungs (and brain) work, then the approximation zombarey you will jog. So good shoes are a must.

2. Muesli bars


So, dude, not only preserves, but also cereals. Imagine that zombies are everywhere, including in your local supermarket. To find food in such conditions is a risky undertaking. So in case of a zombie Apocalypse keep on hand a few muesli bars. Don’t think it’s food for losing weight ladies! They will give you a huge influx of energy, and with their help you can plan from the fifth floor to the roof of a neighboring house and escape down the fire ladder is infested with from home. In addition, the end of the world is not a reason to exclude from your diet fiber!

3. Bit

zombie Apocalypse

You probably expect that we will advise you shotgun? And here and there. If the world is full of bloodthirsty walking dead, shoot a shotgun — it’s like ringing a giant bell, attracting their attention. You don’t need it. In addition, the shotgun will help you only as long as you have bullets. And then try to find them in abandoned houses.

Instead of bits you can use a hammer and a sledgehammer, or any heavy Drin. Just beat them hard and on the head. Such a weapon is a big plus: it will last you a long time.

4. Wet wipes

zombie Apocalypse

From movies you probably remember that to get infected by a zombie virus is possible, if you’re on an open wound or mucous membrane will get infected. Walking decaying on the go: for them, as for snails, reaching a layer of mucus. Vile thing, and also more dangerous. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you stock up on wet wipes, to inadvertently turn into a zombie.

5. Water

zombie Apocalypse

The day a person should drink half to two liters of water. Imagine that you’re constantly run, jump, climb somewhere and scream all day long. Most likely, you’ll need a lot more. Get used to drink out of the toilet.

6. Bandana

zombie Apocalypse

Let’s see. The average Russian weighs 70 kilograms. This means that, for example, in Moscow will be somewhere 840 thousand tons of corpses. Do you really want to breathe?

7. Durable clothing

zombie Apocalypse

Remember your jackets ten years ago? It’s time to get it out of the bins! Poroysya in the wilds of the closet, find her and try to bite. Don’t be shy! Well, survived? And then! So it will protect you from the zombies. Don’t forget the leather gloves and the old «bastards» with a steel Cup to wear. First, they are durable, and second, kick this Shoe will protect you from the attacks of the walkers. You can wear any helmet, motorcycle, bike and any other.

8. Protected storage

zombie Apocalypse

Just don’t run to the nearest Mall or supermarket! It may seem the easy way: they live happily ever after, food nearby. Typical of the thinking of an idiot. Remember, only idiots rush to the Mall, and it was the idiots turn into a zombie. In the end, they are already half zombari. What you need is a secure building, preferably stone, with small Windows and surrounded by a fence. Power station, military base, prison — that’s normal options. First hide in a safe place, about food and water then I thought!

9. Gun


Imagine that one of your loved ones were bitten. Of course, there is nothing you can do to help them. If someone was bitten, he wouldn’t have much time before he turns fillet. Surely you want a gun with a caliber of more, to be sure that your loved ones will not become zombies. If your loved ones were bitten, all you need to do is put a gun to his head and the trigger may hit someone otherwise you’ll have even more unenviable fate. Your loved ones will thank you for it.

10. Favorite person


Here you are in a safe place — at least for a while. After you spent all day running around, shouting, broke the head, killed, you need to regain composure. What’s the best way to do this? Sex. I hope your girl is with you, and if not, then you’ll meet a pretty lady survivors.

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