10 things, after which you can get in the face

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Even in the civilized world, to fight and not supposed to be disrespectful, but often we are able to bring someone, if not to blows, then to a good kick or punch in the face. Or endless grievances. Or that you’ll feel like a complete fool. It is these very things which we are not talking. To do.

10. Yes, I once wore it 10 years ago…

As a rule, for most bro, this phrase is equivalent to the fact that you elevate yourself to the top icons of style and fashion. Oh, and just this phrase, as I suddenly discovered, causes a fierce hatred of many of bro. Especially when your opinion about belongings do not ask. First, you show that you are interested in clothes (which have bro actually not valued), and secondly, you show that you care about how your bro getting dressed.

The girl even more to say no: you look well, just a fool.

9. Smile!

Maybe many guys will not punch you in the face after this phrase out of habit, but know that deep down they cut you with a spoon somewhere in hell. Who do you give the right to intervene in the lives of others and impose their model of behavior? The person is sitting, grim, unkind, and you’re like, «Smile, th sad!» And the guy could throw the girl had problems at work died someone close, maybe. And here is a smiling jackass. Scram!

8. No offense, but…

Typically, those who really do not want to hurt each other, rarely use the word. Usually this phrase is a universal pass to say whatever you want, than guys, by the way, enjoy. Mind you, when something bad talking without the preamble, it is absorbed easier. And this «No offense, but» causes a ton of hatred.

7. Are you okay? You look tired

Most living on Earth have mirrors. They even look back. More importantly, they know that they looks tired, because you know WHY they look tired. Don’t remind them about it!

6. Oh, you gonna eat all that? Impressive!

This is especially tormented by the girls, they immediately begin to think too much of it that will soon get fat, and their neat waist disappeared. And immediately forget what they were a month sat on a diet.

5. And that’s why you’re still single!

Especially this phrase annoying people who tell you something vaguely relates to their personal lives. For example, he tells you about how cool spent last weekend as a beautiful girl was dancing on his lap, and you negate his story in one phrase: «And that’s why you’re still single!» Even if this is true, even if the dude really is suffering from loneliness, don’t remind him about the pain, don’t be a fool!

4. You look… different somehow, right?

Often this phrase is heard by the girl who dressed up for you and is waiting for a single reaction: «You’re amazing! Here is my heart!» Instead, you negate all her efforts. You need to understand when a girl wants to hear from you the REAL situation, and when she wants praise for their efforts. Everything is very simple. When she chooses the clothes she wants to hear a real assessment, and when she meets you at the parade and suspicious excitedly smiles and says, «Well, how?» it is necessary to evaluate its efforts. As with all the other things.

3. It’s just a terrible habit! You never do that!

Scared people react negatively when someone says, how they eat, their habits and mannerisms. If someone starts his lunch with dessert, you should not hounding him. If someone eat your meat with your hands, not a knife and fork, too, calm down! You don’t eat watermelon with a knife and fork, right? But in fact it should be.

2. I do not watch TV/do not look into groups in kontaktike/don’t watch soap operas

If the first item in the list accepted by the majority of people, then other references to give you militant snob who thinks himself better than others. You’re not? But then why did you mention it in conversation, huh? When someone tells you about «Dexter», «breaking bad» or «Game of thrones», we should not contemptuously wrinkle your nose and say that you don’t watch soap operas. Especially do not need to add why. Tell me you didn’t watch it. If someone tells you about Grumpy Cat, Nostalgia critic, or This is horosho, or something similar, no need to say that you hate Internet memes, and Internet show for cattle. Tell me just missed them. Serials, Internet celebrities, memes — all it takes is an important part of modern life. Among these, as you may feel, silly, there are wonderful things that are interesting, informative and may well be considered elitist. Don’t wrinkle your nose in snobbish grimace.

1. Relax! Calm down!

No one ever calms down after this phrase. But on the contrary! The last thing a disturbed or enraged person, it is someone to remind him about what you need to relax. Chances to get into the eye of the man you tried to calm so much as when you meet a fierce dog that tries to attack you, and you try to scratch her behind the ear.

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