10 things about the career, which are worth stop talking to yourself

manygoodtips.com_14.05.2014_GDkkh62VrnnIEWe are constantly lie to yourself. About work, relationships — whatever. It is important that regardless of the subject lies, it prevents us to live and grow.

Below you will see 10 phrases about a career that urgently need to stop talking to yourself.

1. «I’ll stay here only for one year»

Often this year stretched for three years, then for five years, and then ten.

It is not necessary to throw dust in the eyes of himself. If you know that this work is not yours, get rid of her right now. Then it will be harder.

2. «I was studying on this speciality»

Just because the diploma you are listed as «specialist of the book» you don’t have to ruin your life unloved work. There are no reasons why you can’t become a photographer, or even florist, if that is your real passion. More than 70% of people do not work in their major field of study, and there is nothing to worry.

3. «In this region there is no vacancies available»

This statement is ridiculous. If you can’t find a job, then you’re not good enough looking for her. Try to start itself to believe that you can be a valuable employee in a particular area, then «sell yourself» will be easier.

4. «It is very well paid to be free»

This is a very dangerous trap. Once you get used to a certain level of income, every day will be harder to abandon it. But will you be happy, doing well paid but hated job? Unlikely. In this case, it would be logical just start to get used to.

5. «I don’t know how to start again»

Many people are very afraid to do something new to them. Paradoxically, they are afraid, even if it’s new — the dream of life. People writing similar problem is known under the name «complex blank page» — you just don’t know how to start. However, to combat this phenomenon. A good example is the many scribbled pages.

6. «I really need your company to go»

Even if you’re the only employee in your company, you can always be replaced. Don’t let corporate interests destroy your own.

7. «I’m not very unhappy»

This lie is one of the most dangerous. You might be surprised, but you do not have to be miserable. No, of course, the work does not ride on the pink pony on the rainbow. You may be tired, nervous and worry because of work. But if your every working day — solid meal, then surely it is time to change something.

8. «I’m too old to do something new»

Do not believe those stereotypes. There is no such age when you can start something new. But there is such emotional state when you think you’re too old to start. The problem is only in your head.

9. «I have too much time give»

Spent years — certainly not a reason not to change professions. If you think that it is time to do something else, then so be it. You should not continue to waste time on what you want to do.

10. «I don’t know how to do»

Dig into yourself, and you will surely find the untapped potential. In addition, there is no such experience, which it was impossible to learn. Engage in self-education or take courses. And remember, to start doing something new is not as difficult as you think.

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