10 the most cool products on AliExpress


Recently one person came up with a game for parties: someone reads the title of a product from AliExpress and the other guesses what it is. If you did not drink the entire company. Service this was undoubtedly part of the human heritage along with instagram and emoticons. A horrible translation from Chinese in the description, strange and illusory hope for a decent version of the item is sent — all AliExpress. However, we would not have loved him so much, if it was possible to find some really incredible things. Today’s article, we dedicate this issue — choose from what we chose for you (and myself too)!By the way, if AliExpress has become for you an important source of purchases, and «Keshfobrends» (Cash4Brands) you still know nothing, then you lost a huge opportunity to save money. This service is a significant help if in the online shops you frequent guest.


The point here is that buying things through it, you save on average 6% of the value of the goods — the money is returned to you account (the percentage may vary in the range 4-10, depending on the product and quantity purchases). This is the only cashback service, where there is no need to accumulate cashback. Any charge to your account, even such small as 1 ruble, it is easy to obtain. Here pay the largest percentage of cash back on most stores. But if you use other cashback service, and there the percentage was higher, just write support and you will offer the best conditions.When active shopping network that gives you the opportunity to save a considerable amount and will allow the individual to an increased fixed percentage for purchases. However, you can not accumulate cashback. Any charge on your account, even such small as 1 ruble, it is easy to get! In most cases you can get cashback in 2 weeks after purchase. Very often it turns even faster than the product comes.

1. Pocket guitar


Why carry a whole guitar when you can have a slice? 300-gram instrument has the same six strings and even sold together with the mediator. Just imagine how cool it will be to get it out of my pocket in the street or in the office and play the chords of «The Chain» Fleetwood Mac. Moreover, it can be configured! Of course, the sound this baby can not be compared with the deep sound of her older sister, but she is quite able to cope with «easy» tunes, and just strum on it will be able even a novice. We decided not to miser and ordered three mini-guitar — now in manygoodtips.com will be your bro-bend.

Buy three mini-guitar with discount 174 of the ruble →

2. T-shirt Dating


If skills of music, your fingers are not trained, and the guys at the party to surprise you want, then here’s a great option. Remarkably, there are several stylized prints that would make your grandmother to take a few extra pills, and a passing police — once again check your documents. However, if one day come the zombie Apocalypse, the chances of being shot in this t-shirt will increase significantly.

Buy a t-shirt at a discount of 132 rubles →

3. Wrong Tomahawk


By the way, about the end of the world. Don’t know you prepared for this case, the gun and banks with pickles, but a melee weapon would definitely help. But if it still looks like it belonged to the North American Indian, it is necessary to purchase. Confused only a couple of things: a lion at the axe with American flag and name on the website — «sword». And the rest — a great Tomahawk, to which also the rope is attached.

Buy Tomahawk discounted to 87 rubles →

4. Office revolver


Continuing the theme of weapons in our newsroom every table is a Bastion, and when we saw this, we immediately ordered a batch of 10 pieces. Revolver! Which shoots rubber bands! At a speed of 4 pieces in 2-3 seconds! A great chance to check whose hand is the fastest on this floor , and so marks the eye of the designer, he says. Seriously, this thing paralyzed in manygoodtips.com for a few hours. If you’re ready to test your reflexes and alertness was the time to do it.

To buy 10 guns at a discount 160 rubles →

5. Pad of notes is sad


The wall is already breaking from the papers, and the monitor almost overshadowed the colored stickers? It is time to stop this madness and clutter another place — right under your hands. All ingenious is simple. If you want to keep a document or a note before the eyes, then just put it under the transparent film in this rug. First, it’s not going to fly with the gust of unexpected draught or angry owner, and secondly, the risk of getting paper food or spilled tea reduced to zero. Of course, most likely, I don’t think your workplace will look just as beautiful as in the pictures, but we believe in you. Even our editor-in-chief and colleagues of the Heroine ordered on the specimen.

Buy two mats at a discount in 156 rubles →

6. Table, horse


They say that the living horse is better than a dead racehorse. Don’t know what in this case to say about the wooden horse, but this table is clearly better than the usual office. Remarkably, my Kingdom for him do not need to give a standard price for quite a nice design. By the way, there are other options of the table of wildlife: deer, elk, camel, Rhino, lion and even a gorilla.

Buy a Desk with a discount of 1 620 rubles →

7. Drone-Pteranodon


Today, every third is in the presence of a drone in the air is cool, especially if these «others» at illegal meetings where the «battle drones». But what’s even cooler — drone in the form of a flying lizard! Controlling them, you’ll definitely want to sing the theme from «Jurassic Park», papersleeve yellow cat and try your luck in a fight with other drones. Here, by the way, victory is assured — piece not only has claws and a beak, but does the standard 5-6 minutes at a distance of 50 meters, and charged for 2 hours.

To purchase a drone with a discount of 271 rouble →

8. Dog with toilet paper


«Your paper, sirrr,» the sight of this English bulldog clearly suggests that the dog is not very happy with his fate and wants to go away, if only not to see your person on the porcelain throne. However, to hang up it it is possible not only in the bathroom but in the kitchen and in the living room. This melancholy friend ready to hold everything from toilet paper to towels, and the usual hooks if you don’t like, then you should think about a small ornament. However, if your apartment is already living the bulldog, it is unlikely he’ll love this neighborhood.

To buy a puppy at a discount 160 rubles →

9. Straws were determined


What to drink: juice, soda, whiskey, tea or brandy? Mix — the hand does not rise, but the drink all together, it seems just impossible. Apparently, that for such cases and invented this strange system of tubes that you can put as much as 15 cups, or one, but to make one mega-long straw, if the time is nowhere else to put it.

You can build a whole system for these mini-tunnels, using a set of nozzles. In General, take it and enjoy at leisure! Our office has been, frankly, fell into childhood and ordered five sets — my dream is to build a frame the Empire state building and drink sake with the top of a skyscraper.

Buy five sets at a discount at 245 rubles →

10. Case wallet


Put the card anywhere: in your purse or pocket, but where exactly can not find pickpockets — so it is in the phone case. Of course, the Council, after all, if you take the phone with him and the map, but I agree that it is easy to steal and in other cases. But you don’t have to look for it among the other cards. Again, the advantage of a small…

Oh, who cares — it’s such a cool case that would be a crime to pass him! In manygoodtips.com for example, appreciate such creativity — as many as three members have purchased this case (though they don’t have a credit card — instead, they shove inside the card UNO).

Buy three case discounted to 108 rubles →

So we spent 48 703 of the ruble. In the usual case we would have had a month to do without a cleaning lady (Lidia, if you’re reading this — sorry!). But as we had booked the goods through «Keshfobrends», our discount was $ 3 113 rubles. …Yes, we still intend to stay a month in dirty offices — we consider it a social experiment, but the savings still like balm for the soul. Besides, if we were a «regular customer», then the discount would be even greater. Looking forward to the sale on AliExpress on November 11th.