10 super villain world projects. Part II

It is time to finish dozens of projects worthy of Hollywood supervillains. Today we have Nazis, terrorists and a lot of American mischief. Look at what atrocities mankind is ready for benefits in all senses of the word.

American stealth satellite

In the 11th bond movie «Star racer», the villain Hugo Drax due to the stealth technologies were invisible to the watchful eyes of the American army, thanks to quietly steal shuttles. Although the us military is shamelessly taken out in orbit, their stealth satellites to spy on friends and foes. These satellites could not be seen through telescopes or tracked by radar. The first satellite was launched by a space Shuttle in 1990. But after a few days something went wrong and it blew to hell. Space experts from different countries thought that it was another spy satellite, shrugged and continued to go about their business. In fact, the explosion was a fake, solely in order to surreptitiously hide even one satellite. But there is not prosekli astronomers and the military, finds out by Amateur astronomers. They first panicked, seeing the unknown crap, furrowing the orbit. And military equipment, makeobservations… Ugh!

The military made a choice and hurriedly removed a suspicious piece with the firmament. And in 2007, the production of stealth satellites covered with a copper basin because they are very expensive ($10 billion), and they are of little avail. In fact, maybe one of them saw you in the bathroom. What an embarrassment.

The Americans have built the Death Star

During the cold war, the US government, under the tireless leadership of second-rate Hollywood actor Ronald Reagan worked to create superweapons. The project is called «Excalibur», which was based on the idea of creating x-ray laser, driven by the flash of a nuclear explosion. The Americans really didn’t want to play the «Death Star», on the contrary, they are the warriors of good and light, whereas the Soviet Union with its ballistic missile – the evil Empire. It is on missile weapons and aimed.

The project was proposed by Edward teller, father of the hydrogen bomb, who believed that several of these guns will save the country from a rocket salvo.

In fact, the mechanism consisted of a rod of specially selected material located near the nuclear an explosive charge. In the detonation of a nuclear warhead, a powerful x-ray flux vaporizes the web, instantly turning his material into a hot plasma. Getting a powerful x-ray beam at the target resulted in an immediate evaporation of the material of plating and ablative explosion, generating in the material a shock wave that destroys the target.

All as a movie: huge deadly fire, which turns into nuclear ashes all.

This sinister project to catch missiles might have made a revolution in military Affairs, but to replace Andropov, Gorbachev came to power with a wild desire to be friends with the West. Then they had a desire to destroy the Union, and the need for deadly nuclear x-ray has disappeared by itself. Moreover, scientists themselves admitted that the technology is ahead of time, mankind has not have the necessary knowledge.

A Group Of «Paladin»

In the twentieth century was full of semi-mythical terrorist organizations that engaged in criminal activity lazy with the consent of NATO. But none of them were shrouded in such an aura of mystery, as a group, the paladin managed semi-mythical Nazi officer Otto Skorzeny. A legendary personality, he was saved after the overthrow of Mussolini, participated in the most vivid of the German special operations in order to successfully cooperate with the Americans, to live in his own estate in Ireland and to be caressed by the Spanish dictator Franco.

They were engaged in kidnapping people that worked with Gaddafi, Greek Black colonels and other totalitarian States staged attacks and just enjoyed life. The group was conceived as a global organization of mercenaries that were not military or civilian spies. They were planning to steal a nuclear bomb with the aim of terrorizing the surrounding planets, they completely missed the kind of orders from the fascist dictator Franco and the restless young leaders. Personnel of the group consisted almost entirely of Nazi officers, but nobody was confused, the work they performed beautiful: the airport in Rome, blown up, and the Ambassador was killed, and the rebellious Basque cut.

Bomb-ball to destroy Soviet crops

Inspired by the Japanese air mines, the Americans had developed its own air bomb. Only it didn’t explode and generally bomb was not. This is another sophisticated bioweapon, which was to destroy the wheat crops. The ball started a 40-pound load that spread the disease wheat stem. Very simple and unpleasant weapons.

Nearly 5,000 of these bombs was ordered in 1950 – enough to destroy more than 500,000 square kilometers of arable land. Arable land is, of course, planned to destroy in China and in the Soviet Union, where else.

The balls were tested 10 years before use. However, the program was discontinued in 1960. Until Americans finally realized that it is easier to spread the infection through the aircraft. But these studies stopped. In 1969, the Americans formally announced the suspension of research in the field of biological weapons. But only officially.

The distribution of malware

In 2012, Edward Snowden told the world that the national security Agency of the USA not just reading the correspondence, surprised search queries and listens to the empty phone conversations of every American. The NSA systematically saragossie tens of thousands of computers with malware since 2010, hoping in the end to infect millions of computers.

The Trojan steals information and allows you to control the network from the outside. Ambitions were simply Imperial, it was planned to infect hundreds of millions of computer networks around the world. So don’t keep «Windows» up to ten. Don’t do this, there is no turning back!

In internal documents, the NSA claims that the system will function like the human brain, automatically deciding what to use to extract information from compromised computers. She has, of course, the pros: it’s perfectly encodes and ready to handle any job without overloading.

Thieves whole operation can deliver online safety into question. Unfortunately, the holes are already found. You only have to wait.

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