10 super villain world projects. Part I

Sometimes, looking at spy films and action films, you think, «isn’t this crap can do?» It turns out that you can. Sometimes in life they look even worse and more absurd than movies.

Nuclear smuggling

Than usually infested with smugglers? Furs, caviar, drugs, weapons and other pleasures of the good life. But the thought of smuggling a nuclear weapon could only very talented man. In fact, adarsha Pakistani Abdul Qadeer Khan was a man of extremely smart, after all, the father of Pakistan’s nuclear program. Yes, in Pakistan, in addition to grief, Islam and diseases, there are still nuclear weapons.

The thing is that in the 70s he held a position of responsibility in URENCO, a British company, which had offices in India and Pakistan (the former colonies, by the way). Working in Europe, he stole two designs for nuclear centrifuges and brought them back to Pakistan. Khan «borrowed» nuclear secrets from the more advanced of the worst enemies of Hindus, that of nuclear weapons was interested much earlier. Upon arriving home, it is the decree of the government headed a research team that shamelessly worked with stolen data. In the end, «the Islamic bomb» (as it is called in Pakistan) was created, and Abdul Qadeer Khan became a national hero. And all anything, if then he began to bypass the numerous moratoriums and international laws to sell nuclear technology to the heroes of the terrible dreams of ordinary Americans: Iranians, Libyans and Koreans. Actually, thanks to this glorious man, the DPRK is already a quarter of a century holds the world public for the eggs, promising to snap a nuclear strike at the earth dome in the name of Juche.

He created a nuclear black market soap sold technology to individuals and companies from more than 30 countries. To say that Abdul fabulously rich means not to say anything. In 2003, the IAEA launched an investigation, covering this horrible network. But politics, especially nuclear, is a subtle thing. Even if there is evidence they were afraid to put Abdul. The Pakistanis had to judge the criminal, but was limited to five years house arrest. Too many great people and great countries were involved in this vicious nuclear chain, particularly from the government of Pakistan.

Anthrax in the Second world

What kind of people live on this planet!? Well I signed the 1925 «Protocol for the prohibition of the use in war of bacteriological methods of warfare», and they create blankets with smallpox bombs and anthrax. Bacteriological weapon is so angry that even in hell, for it imposed a moratorium. But even this did not stop nor Hitler, nor, oddly enough, Winston Churchill. The old Winnie devised a very cruel plan, by which the British bombers were dropping anthrax in feed for cattle over Nazi Germany. German cow, eating infected grain, died, leaving the then racially pure German citizens without cattle. In addition to hunger, German citizens got a nasty surprise in the form of infection is an unpleasant disease. As a result, she single – lethal.

For the execution of this colossal plan, the British came prepared with tons of dangerous cargo into service the British army gave a special aerial bomb containing 3 liters of a suspension with spores of anthrax. To defeat the cattle of the enemy was intended special feed pellets containing anthrax bacteria. By 1944 there were already 5 million units.

But the Second world war ended before it was necessary to lay a cunning plan. Although in 1940 on the small Scottish island of good British scientists lure a great cattle plague. All are dead. In the 50s, the British, like the whole world have opted for nuclear weapons.

About mining CIA

In 1968, stuffed with ballistic missiles of the Soviet submarine K-129 sank hopelessly in the depths of the Pacific ocean. A serious strategic mistake for the Soviet Union because the CIA has a great opportunity to finally obtain and examine a Soviet missile technology. But there was one problem: the submarine lay at a depth of about 5000 meters under water, because, as you know, Soviet soldiers even in the dead state just so the enemy will not be given. The CIA developed operation «Azorian» typical villains of James bond, to raise the submarine from the depths. Not to be mistaken and not to be disclosed, the CIA asked the billionaire Howard Hughes, who agreed to help. The operation was disguised as exploration. Specifically for the operation had been designed and built by the ship «Glomar Explorer», equipped with unique equipment for ultra-deepwater work.

And now, 6 years after the disaster, in complete secrecy, the ship began removing to the surface. But even after 6 years of vegetating at the bottom of the sea secular weapons showed their true power. The enemy does not surrender our proud of the K-129: every rivet fought to the last, doing everything not to get into a filthy capitalist paws. When the grasping claws of imperialism pulled the boat, it fell apart. As a result, Americans are left only useless nose and some other fragments. To continue the operation was pointless, because she was in the public domain.

Someone will have a question about the French sailors, in fact, probably with the remnants of submarines on Board was recovered the body. To the credit of Americans, they are solemnly buried in the sea. Already in the 90s the film delivered personally to Yeltsin.

Copper king

As a rule, the plot of every super villain the villain of the film smuggling and other illicit things with a single product. In the mid 1980-ies Japanese trader tried to do the same with copper. «Mr. copper» and «Mr. 5% on account» – so called Yasuo Hamanaka, a trader one of the most major Japanese companies – «SumitomoCorporation» whose activity is focused on trading with copper. She, unlike gold, is consumed continuously. In addition, copper is very difficult to sell where there is already a shortage, so prices do not rise as quickly. All these details gave Hamanaka huge impact on the market and therefore millions of dollars. It is believed that Yasuo Hamanaka did not act alone and was part of the conspiracy, since the scale of fraud in the period from 1984 to 1996 is very significant. Already in 1996, the trader imprisoned for 8 years. Hamanaka forged statements about trading operations, signing for other traders. The purpose was to hide losses. The trader has been in prison for seven years instead of eight, and was released for further peaceful life.

Super-gun for Saddam Hussein

The «Austin powers» phrase «super gun Saddam Hussein’s» beat so that you would be uncomfortable watching this film in the presence of parents. Well, you understand, Yes, a gun would be always with him. More specifically, with him. But in reality it was more dangerous. In the late 1980-ies during the Iran-Iraq war, Saddam was ordered to create a weapon that can hit farther than any of the arsenals at that time. Because Saddam always thought outside the box, then put her in the development of a canadian physicist and engineer Gerald Bull, who specialized in long-range artillery and even had experience in Iraq.

Like any normal Sultan, Saddam gave an epic project called «Babylon». The project is really epic: 4 guns, one of which is «Great Babylon» – could fire a 600 kg projectile to a distance of 1000 km, launch rockets, and, strangely enough, the satellites in orbit. The 150-meter barrel with a meter diameter and a powerful impact that it has caught seismic sensors around the world. With this «Satan» Hussein planned peace doves to fluff and to launch satellites and nuclear missiles.

However, the gun was never collected. The materials are, but to build it did not come. Collect and test only managed 350 mm prototype. Good project was blown up by the Mossad, who in the name of Israeli prosperity and long-lasting hatred killed the bull in March 1990. Part of the super-gun was confiscated, but the Iraqis are screaming that this is just part of the oil pipeline. But the world did not believe, and other components of the project were destroyed by the United Nations after the Kuwaiti war in 1991.

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