10 stylish things from the past

vintage drawing

Clothing is an important part of the male image. Unfortunately, men often neglect fashion. We should not forget that the appearance of man, his clothes reflect how he perceives himself and how he believes in himself. Everyone wants to make a good impression.

Many men think that fashion is beyond the scope of their interests, however, in General, to follow it is not so difficult. Men’s fashion, like fashion is cyclical. Ideas are constantly borrowed from the past, the classic details of the era are revived and adapted to modern times and the most inappropriate things, of course, go into oblivion.

What prevents us to draw inspiration from the charming and stylish fashion of yesteryear? In the past, you can find bright ideas for your wardrobe that will make a positive impression on men and make tremble with delight women. We present to you 10 things from the past that never lose charm and relevance.

1. Horn-rimmed glasses

horn-rimmed glasses

They will correct your vision if you can’t see. But if you see well — and you can simulate. These glasses are reminiscent of the fifties — they make you look much more interesting than the glasses of the usual plastic frame. And look interesting. If you think that horn-rimmed glasses for nerds, you just don’t get it. They look equally good with a winter suit and coat, and with a v-neck and jeans and «converse». A win-win!

2. Tie-scarf


It’s a brilliant item of men’s wardrobe! If you want to make in your appearance flavor, tie-scarf — suitable for this thing. This alternative can replace the conventional tie at official meetings and during the release. Despite the fact that a simple tie is considered the standard shops you can buy different other ties, including the subject of our conversation. Usually this tie is made of silk, wear it under the collar, and the ends tuck under the front of the shirt. If you’re wearing a tie, scarf, prepare yourself for what you will pay attention.

3. Pocket watch

pocket watch

The phrase «Time does not know what time it is?» has never sounded so good. Pocket watch from the XVI century it was considered the most important accessory for men. This view was common until the nineteenth century — until the moment when the American railway Association made it compulsory for their employees wear a wristwatch, in order to reduce the number of accidents.

In recent years the popularity of pocket watches declined, as the increased popularity of the wrist. Know what the little vest-pocket? Not for the driving license, plastic cards and even for iPods. According to the plan to attach a chain to the lapel and put hours in this pocket. This item looks a winner and it doesn’t look too theatrical.

4. One-piece warm underwear

one-piece pants

It’s one of those things that are not on display. Zip closure, front and back, so warm costumes super-comfortable and functional. Of course, this isn’t going to surprise passers-by, but imagine how inspired by your favorite, after seeing this extravagant detail garderoba. This underwear matches perfectly with restorannye work boots, a rifle and an unsteady gait. You can even shout something about «villains» and shoot into the air.

5. Tie pin

hairpin for krovatki

At a business meeting, and family meals, the tie pin would be a great addition to the costume. It shows that you take care of themselves and keep control of every little thing. Everything is in its place and you intend to ensure that it stays that way. Cleanliness — a key component of men’s fashion, gentleman needs to be assembled. This small detail will be a stylish decoration of your wardrobe, especially if you combine it with the appropriate pair of cufflinks. It pinned horizontally midway between the tie knot and bottom end. Make sure that the color of the tie pins matches the shade of your watches and metal belt buckles.

6. Coat


Officials, gangsters, intellectuals — who not only wore a coat! It was originally created as a slightly less formal version of the frock coat. The coat was created specifically for riding, but it soon became the norm for formal events. Long, slender silhouette creates a representative image — this is the main purpose of fashion: to make things seem better than they really are. Jacket card (pictured) — morning version of the coat, which he put on before you need to look more formal.

7. Accessories from tortoiseshell

czerepanovii Panzer

From sunglasses to guitar picks — this stylish material looks good in all its manifestations. These vintage-inspired detail give the appearance of intelligence. Widespread tortoiseshell accessories began in the Victorian era: from tortoiseshell made jewelry. Soon he began to do and other accessories, because this material is soft to the touch and retains natural warmth. The bad news: turtle stuff make bissy — endangered species of turtles. Fortunately, in the stores you can find a good stylized tortoiseshell or buy at a flea market something truly vintage.

8. «Oxfords»


The choice of shoes is an important moment for the male image. This means that you need to have the appropriate shoes for any occasion. Shoes with colored southcare (the so-called leather stripe on the instep of the boot), also known as «oxfords», popular for many years. They are great for summer. If the classic black and white version too extreme for you, pay attention to black-brown or creamy-white color.

9. The ornament in the rhombus


The diamond — perhaps the only ornament that was considered acceptable for the male wardrobe at all times. Rumor has it that this ornament was one of the first created the effect of three-dimensionality from two-dimensional images.

This option is good for socks (as pictured above): it dilutes the monochromatic costumes. Recently, a triumphant return of the print: of them began to make sweaters, scarves and hats. But the most harmonious this ornament looks great on the kilt.

10. Short wool pants

short wool pants

It was essential for any gentleman 20-30-ies of the last century. With long socks and unpolished «oxfords» they created an image of this dandy. Their loose fit allows freedom of movement and perfect for Cycling. In these pants you can be sure that she will not cling to the iron horse and not break.

We in any case do not insist you to wear it all at once, but we hope that our review will help you to add variety to your casual wear.