10 strange phenomena in nature

In nature many strange and unusual occurrences, to list them all we will not tell you about 10 interesting and unusual phenomena:

1. Foxfire

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Also known as «fairy fire», is the result of the natural bioluminescence of certain species of fungi found on rotting wood. Even the forest needs a night light.

2. Red tides

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Red tides occur when water rapidly accumulates algae.

3. Columnar basalts

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These typically hexagonal columns are formed by the rapid cooling of lava flow.

4. Fire rainbow

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This optical phenomenon caused by plate-like ice crystals in Cirrus clouds, well, or maybe it’s a magical pony, flying through the air.

5. The ‘ re

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An intense dust storm that occur in arid regions around the world.

6. Videobritney clouds

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These clouds are usually a sign of the coming weather extremes.

7. Rainbow bark

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With the maturation of bark of eucalyptus creates a wide range of different colors.

8. Pillars of light

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Pillars of light are usually generated due to reflection of light in ice crystals in the atmosphere.

9. Firestorm

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And you thought regular tornadoes are evil. Firestorm, as a rule, is formed during wildfires and can be strong enough to uproot a tree.

10. Blue hole

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Usually blue holes — underwater trench, and not a secret that they are a portal to another dimension, does not consist of anything else than of cupcakes and cakes. But seriously, these holes were the result of leaching cracks in the limestone rocks by the action of rain water millions of years ago when the sea level was much lower. The sea level has risen, and the hole was filled with water.

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