10 strange and timely deaths

1. Mark TWAIN was born and died the same day, when the Halley’s comet


Mark TWAIN born November 30, 1835, when Halley’s comet appeared in the sky. TWAIN vowed that he will «go» with the comet when it reappears in the sky after 75 years. He said, «I came in with Halley’s Comet… It comes again… and I’m waiting to go with her…» After a serious heart attack TWAIN died April 21, 1910, just a day after the comet appeared on the other side of the Sun.

2. Charles Schulz died after finished drawing the comic


14 December 1999, cartoonist Charles Schulz announced his retirement after fifty years of drawing the comic strip «Peanuts.» He had no intention of letting anyone else continue the strip, he said, «this has to end. This is my excuse for existence. Nobody else touches him.» However, a long and well-deserved pension was assigned to Schultz. He died February 12, 2000 from colon cancer, just a day before the last strip «Peanuts» was published.

3. Founding father Thomas Jefferson died on the 4th of July


In 1776 Thomas Jefferson, John Adams and Benjamin Franklin created the project of the Declaration of independence. The 4th of July of that year, the document was signed, and the United States became an independent country.

The third President of the United States and principal author of the document, Thomas Jefferson died on the fiftieth anniversary of the signing of the Declaration. His last words were: «Is it the 4th?» («Is it the 4th?). When he answered, and there he died.

4. John Adams died the same day as Thomas Jefferson


During the term of John Adams as the second President of the United States he and his predecessor Thomas Jefferson had many disagreements about public policy, although later, two of the founding father resumed their friendship.

July 4, 1826, fifty years after the signing of the Declaration of independence, the last words of the dying John Adams were, «Thomas Jefferson still lives». He was wrong, Jefferson had died five hours earlier.

5. Man, whose birth was written in the first issue of Life, died when the journal ceased to be published


In 1936 the first issue of Life magazine was named «Beginning of life» and showed the birth of a baby named George story. Over the years, the editors followed life success story.

Until March 2000, Life magazine announced that they are going to release the last number. George story died of heart failure a month after the loss of Life magazine. The latest release was called «End of Life».

6. Fear of the number 13 killed the composer


The Austrian composer Arnold Schoenberg was a life-long fear of the number 13. He was born September 13, 1874 and believed that his fate was tied to this date.

In the 76 years of his life the astrologer reminded that the sum of the numbers 7 and 6 add up to 13. Tormented by anxiety, 13 July 1951 composer stayed in bed all day spent in fear and depression. When the clock approached midnight, his wife entered the room and said he left a quarter of an hour before the end of the day. However, the heart of Arnold gave a strong kick, and that was the end. His superstitious nature probably triggered his death because of other causes of death was never discovered.

7. The Opera star died, singing a song about death


Opera singer Leonard Warren died on stage during a performance of the Aria of the third act of the Opera La Forza del Destino (the Force of Destiny) at the Metropolitan Opera in new York. After he sang: “Morir! Tremenda cosa!» (“Die! Awful moment!») and «Urna fatale dal mio destino» («O, the fatal vessel my destiny»), he fell down dead. The cause of death was extensive brain hemorrhage.

8. The General was killed by a sniper, while taunting snipers


John Sedgwick was a General in the Union army during the American Civil war. During the battle, the sharpshooters of the Confederacy was near, and his soldiers tried to avoid the bullets. Sedgwick, it seemed, was immune to fear, he said to a soldier who was under treatment: «I am ashamed of you, because they can’t hit and elephant at this distance». A few seconds later a sniper shot him in the face, and the General instantly died.

9. The widow died the same day as the man after 56 years


88-year-old Margaret Soder and her daughter Renate Burls went to the cemetery to mark the anniversary of the death of their beloved husband and father Emil Soder. Content died in an accident at work on 29 July 1957. Margaret and Renat annually visits the cemetery to leave flowers on his grave, but on July 29, 2013, they had an accident. Ranaut suffered only minor bruises but her mother was not so happy. Margaret died after 56 years after her husband died. The daughter did not blame the perpetrator of the accident, on the grounds that it was an act of God, or she does not understand, how can one explain such a coincidence.

10. Twins die on the same road on the same day, miles apart

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In 2002 in Raahe, Finland, a 70-year-old twin brothers died on the same road in the same day. This case makes it even more unusual that both were hit by a truck when they were riding their bicycles in snowstorms. Brothers died within two hours and being away from each other at a distance of about a mile. And brother, who died later, did not know about the death of another brother.