10 steps to conquering the summit

All our life we try to conquer new and new peaks. Sometimes they are not too large, such as to finish school as excellent or buy a new car. And sometimes we are drawn to really conquer the highest peak in the truest sense of the word. That is to climb one of the highest mountains to prove to yourself that you really are worth something. If you’ve been thinking about it, but I can’t gather my thoughts and start preparing for such a challenge, we will help you. Using manygoodtips.com you know, what are the 10 steps you need to go through to go to conquer can be, the highest peak in your life.

1. The corresponding tour and the guide

Stop.com.ua_12.08.2016_XxWWRrJUzcGsjTo climb to the top is certainly a challenge for everyone. Test yourself and explore your opportunities never hurts. But still, if you’ve never climbed a mountain and I do not understand all the intricacies of this case, you should not try to do it alone. The mountains are full of dangers, about which you do not even suspect. There’s a lot of rules and they need to know. What teams need to share when you pass through a dangerous section of road or when a rockslide. What are the nuances at the campsite or lodging. In some places you can stay at the camp to properly distribute their forces on the entire journey. All these questions require answers of professionals and without them in such serious hikes do not do. Suppose that in the future you will learn the entire philosophy of this business, but for the first time it is necessary.

One of the best options is to take part in joint trips with a professional guide who will accompany you throughout the entire ascent and descent from the mountain. And, of course, we can not advise you, dear reader, a company which organizes tours and expeditions around the world.

Mountain Guide is a Russian company that puts at the head of it customers rather than monetary relations. For them the main thing-quality services and it here is really high. All the guides here have professional level training and will be able to bring you even to the top of Everest. And these are not empty words, believe me.

There is also a unique opportunity to communicate with your guide before the trip and discuss with him all issues that interest you or prevent to take such a big step!

2. Tent

After you have decided all issues regarding the place and time of his ascent, you have to think about what it is to be taken. The first and perhaps most important, what should be in each participant of a hike is a quality tent. Without it, as they say, it is pointless to go. It will protect you from the sun on a hot day will allow you to relax after a hard and busy day. And she, in the end, will protect you from all adversity, whether it be rain or snow.

Any experienced climber or a professional tourist will tell you that the tent should be of high quality. It should not be a single layer, if you go into the journey with an overnight stay. Also the tent should be waterproof and thick enough not to get wet and not be afraid of any wind. So, before you go to the store for the first time in your life a tent or need to consult with a specialist or perform all the reviews about certain models. Better to do it beforehand, then to have on top of a mountain wouldn’t have to spend the night in completely soaked clothes.

3. Clothing

manygoodtips.com_12.08.2016_5pv1ss3rr7M2VBy the way about the clothes. Here too not all so is simple. Depending on the time of year and the duration of the campaign, its quantity and quality should be different. For example, if you’re going to climb to the top in the summer, then it would be logical to abandon the warm jackets and winter boots. They are, of course. can be useful on a cold night in the mountains, but the campaign will only interfere. It is better to take some sweaters and warm socks to stay warm for the night. In winter, you should not take a lot of t-shirts and light shoes. That too sounds logical. However, there are a number of things that would be appropriate in any season and is certain canons Hiking.



First, it’s shoes. Without a good pair of shoes, your campaign can end very quickly. Incorrectly selected style and size will quickly RUB you the corn, and continue the journey would be virtually impossible. Shoes must be worn and not to bring any discomfort on the road. Second, the shoes should be durable and moisture resistant. Dry and warm feet is one of the most important nuances in a long campaign. And in the end, the shoes should be durable, and easy to any bumps in the road could not prevent to you to reach their cherished goal.

Pants and sweater


It also all depends on the seasonality of travel. The main criteria for selecting the top and bottom of your outfit should be warm and protect from external irritants. Such as the sun or wind.

It is always better to bring only two pairs whether it be pants or sweaters. After all, anything can happen. You can break up pants or wet your sweater and shirt. In this situation it is not necessary to keep going in wet or torn clothes, it is better to replace it with a spare. At rest you will be able to dry or sew spoiled a few and now you have to be a change in the current clothes. To keep things the campaign is very important — it allows you to more comfortably and efficiently to conquer the peak.Jacket


Jacket another important subject for any campaign. Here’s a little simpler than pants and a sweater. Jacket enough one, but it must comply with the generally accepted canons. It should be waterproof and preferably have a hood. It really helps you in the rain. It also needs to be a windbreak. Trust me, even if at the bottom of the mountain is not so strong the wind, rising above, you’ll be very glad of your jacket is such a function. You also need to consider seasonality and to calculate the temperature changes during the campaign.



Many ignore headgear during the campaign and limited to only sunglasses that is fundamentally wrong. First, the glasses will not protect you from sunstroke or rain. Second, the headgear is more comfortable and does not restrict your visibility during travel. Winter is certainly a quality hat that will protect the ears and preferably a neck, and in the summer it is possible to confine a light cap, which will aide in the fight against the scorching sun.Underwear and socks


Here is what the space for socks and underwear should not feel sorry. They are never superfluous in the campaign. Often better to change socks than to continue the path in wet or dirty. Same with the underwear. Better to let these things and not need, than not enough in the end.

4. Backpack

Stop.com.ua_12.08.2016_qVlmZDqPOYZyFWithout a backpack in any campaign is not enough. Professionals divide the backpacks into two types: for day trips – the capacity of this backpack is usually 15-35 liters; for a hike with an overnight stay capacity varies from 55 to 100 liters. In fact, there is more plays a role, not capacity, and properly made utensils. And indeed, people with different backgrounds can fit in your backpack completely different. You also need to consider some nuances when choosing a backpack:

— The lap belt must take all the weight. It needs to be a little below the waist, exposed thighs;

Straps were soft but firm and not too thin;

— The distance between the straps should match the width of your shoulders — straps should not slide;

In the back of the backpack have to be metal or plastic armor.

If you advise a specific model from the variety of choices, you should pay attention to the Thule. Here you can find a really high quality backpacks, time-tested and true professionals. One of such models is the THULE GUIDEPOST, which accommodates 88 l — enough space for all your things. The backpack is also different adjustable fixation system. However, this model meets all requirements, such as professional travellers and beginners.

5. Food and water

The journey takes a lot of energy that needs to constantly be filled.


Better not to bring perishable foods. They’re not gonna help you on the second day. Professional usually tourists take with them a small jar of preserves that can be eaten in one sitting and not to carry extra weight. By the way, some on the contrary do not advise you to bring canned food, since they often take up much space and weigh too little.

But there has long existed a variety of meals for travellers who have a soft and leggerissimo packaging. Also a good idea to stock up on biscuits, halva, and some types of fruits.

Very good on a long journey to take cereals or legumes that can be cooked in a pot over the fire. For example, rice — it is very well restores strength and enriches the body for the further conquest of the peaks. Also a good idea to stock up on gerkulesovy granola and some nuts. If you’re going to conquer the summit with a group, it would be appropriate to discuss the amount of food and water in advance. So it will be possible to more evenly distribute the weight and volume of all members of the journey.

6. First aid kit

No trip can’t do without unplanned events. And even if nothing happens, we must be ready for everything. That’s why before the campaign, it is better to thoroughly prepare a first aid kit filled with bandages, Zelenka and all the necessary drugs from all sorts of ailments. It is important to assign the collection of kits one most responsible member of the campaign. It is not necessary to fill each backpack kits with the same medications. The suitcase with the drugs should be well sealed and not allow excessive moisture to enter inside.

Well will sign every drug not just the name, and even what it helps. So you will need less time to figure out what to do in an emergency situation.

Here is a list of what should definitely be in your first-aid kit: bandages sterile, elastic bandage, tourniquet, band-AIDS, hydrogen peroxide, iodine, potassium permanganate, sulfacetamide or sofradeks, panthenol, methyl valerate, ammonia, or analginum baralgin, tsitramon, phencarolum, Suprastinum or, no-Spa, bellalgin, activated charcoal, scissors. This is not the whole list of necessary funds. Maybe someone from your company will have some suggestions regarding the medications that you have to take with you.

7. Solar battery

manygoodtips.com_12.08.2016_F7d0xKGT4VeEaIt is impossible to imagine people who go on a trip without smartphones, action cameras and high quality cameras. Indeed, if not for the bright shots to go camping, why? For emotions I will answer you, but still remember them and enjoy the cold winter evenings will not be superfluous.

But the main problem of modern gadgets is the small battery, which in most cases is not enough for the whole journey. You can, of course, take a bunch of spare batteries, but many smartphones, for example, now have no function hot changing. The can help such an invention as a solar battery. This technology is certainly not yet fully entered into our world, but it already works quite well.

How to choose the right solar battery? This is not so difficult. Enough to know how much power you need and how many gadgets you will need to charge for travel.

One of the interesting models is Solaris 4-9-F, which combines all the necessary functions. You can use it to charge any device that is powered by USB. In fact it is very convenient and practical. The charger is made in the form of a folding «book» of thick fabric khaki in which is mounted a photoelectric plate.To place the device anywhere and it will start to work, eating from sunlight. Irreplaceable thing. While you enjoy a relaxing stay after a long pass, all of your devices charged and ready to further conquer the top!

8. Accessories

To describe what you need to take a trip down to the last detail almost impossible. For each type of travel will need different accessories. For example, if your path is crossing the river, of course, can not do without the necessary things to prepare in advance. If there is a version with a prolonged hike for a few days, then be sure to stock up on utensils and containers for cooking.

In any case, serious hikers there is a short list of things that you must take with you. A journey with me is to take: matches, knife, utensils for cooking, the documents in a plastic bag, flashlight, phone, small axe, small folding chair, glasses, threads and so on. This list can be adjusted by yourself, but in the end need to check several times and think in what situations you can get during your campaign.

9. Navigator

Order.kom.ua_12.08.2016_P2znLm9v1Ho1HIf you’re walking in a completely unknown place for you, here is not enough without a map or Navigator that will show you the right way. Of course, if you go on a trip with the locals or a professional guide, then do not worry. And still, even in this situation it is useful to have a gadget for routing. Different can happen, you can get lost and stray from the group and then who will tell you the way. Here with come portable Navigator. It is better to take the model to not run into a lack of signal or a faded display.

One of these is a tourist 20x the Etrex from Garmin. In his small body hides a 2.2 inch OLED display that can easily be seen and lead you to the right route. Charge this model will be enough for whole day use, which is very important in long journeys. Also the Navigator is equipped with a waterproof housing, which will also be a huge plus in a variety of campaigns.

10. Sleeping bag


Another important companion in your trip is a sleeping bag. His choice should be treated with full responsibility. If you omit all the details on seasonality and selection of sleeping bag on their age and growth. That seems so logical and clear when choosing a sleeping bag.

Here we should pay your attention to other criteria that suggest the professionals. First, a good sleeping bag should be a reinforced zipper to prevent accidental fascination with fabric. Second, it must be the cord, fixing the hood of a sleeping bag. This will be very useful for the sleepover. And thirdly, you should pay close attention to the seams. They should be of high quality, smooth and does not have continuous stitching to keep your sleeping bag was not prone to blowing by wind. To say that he also needs to be waterproof and completely closes is not necessary because it’s obvious not even professional tourists.

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