10 situations when women want sex

when women want sexWith the constant partner in sex there is always some mundane things, but still to hear several times the excuse, «I’m not in the mood» and «I’m really tired» it’s a shame, isn’t it? Both men and women from time to time lose interest to each other, but it also has to be a temporary phenomenon, and that it is not rooted, you need to make an effort. You just need to know when and how to approach it, that all fell into place. Here’s a few tips to this one is guaranteed to have sex.

1. Creative atmosphere

If your girl is a creative person, this can work in your favor. No matter what kind of hobby: she loves to cook, or draw, or embroider creative atmosphere conducive to sex. Next time she will cook for you a delicious lunch, just sneak into the kitchen right before the meal.

2. The contents

If the woman you’re Dating, have been for some time one and not like the views of those who approve of adventure for one night, there’s a chance that you will be the man. Yes, it was you she was waiting for.

3. Long separation

Long — term relationships the key to a great sex life. This is especially true when you are a few days or even weeks to spend away from each other. You get bored, and by the time your next appointment you will be interested in nothing but the bed in the bedroom.

4. Sexy film

Most girlfriends porn don’t particularly like it, but erotic scene with brad pitt or Antonio Banderas — just what you need. These guys will help you, without knowing it.

5. Party

Dancing is very sexy. In these rhythmic movements to music something primitive that exposes instincts. Add a drink (and it is too primitive and sacred) — and you provided a dizzying result.

6. Day 14… or so

Women are very much disturbed at the time of ovulation. So if since your last period it’s been like two weeks, now is a great time to go on the offensive if she already does not start.

7. Jealousy

Here I’m not talking about the problems in the relationship, and that little glimmer of insecurity that your friend feels when you begin to pay attention to the other woman. Once she sees that her husband wants another, she wants to remind you about the important reasons you’re with her. No need to overdo it and make her jealous — this will hurt her, force her to suspect you of infidelity and doubt their own attractiveness.

8. Stress

If lately your woman were running around like a chicken without a head, she doesn’t mind to relieve stress. The same, incidentally, applies to headaches caused by this stress. It’s true: sex is the best cure for headache of any etiology in General. Tell her that next time she will complain of fatigue.

9. Holidays and pleasant events

Just as with anger and sadness, extreme happiness brings women in the mood. So if she had something good: she was given a new job, she found out she was pregnant, or rejoices still that time to a positive attitude and engage in great sex.

10. After a quarrel

Make-up sex is not a myth. Fight razorace you have in your veins the blood boils, the heart beats often. To calm down and get rid of the frequent pulse, there is a great tool: to kiss her, to pick up and go home. Even if you’re upset, and she wept, nothing. Let him calm down, wipe the tears away, and then you’re going to do it myself.

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