10 signs that your coach sucks

manygoodtips.com_9.09.2014_9jlcnsbcQbVpWSo, you finally did it! You understand that the excuses that are to blame for all the wide the bone is no longer rolled by and it’s time to go to the gym. You bought a comfortable pair of sneakers with a subscription to boot. Of course, you’re a noob in this business and you need professional help. Don’t skimp and hire a personal trainer.

If you start yourself without training and basic knowledge to take on all the trainers, then in the morning a hell of a pain in the entire body will not let you get out of bed. You need a coach. But you’re not experienced and does not understand the correct loading and exercises it is offering you. We will help you to understand and understand your coach sucks or not.

1. It complicates things

We wouldn’t compare the inflated man with your friend, but if your coach is making things difficult, then they definitely have something in common. If this guy gets simple language to explain what you need to do, this is the first signal. He should not use long and complicated Latin terms. The coach should be sure that you understand it.

2. It is not beyond

Your personal trainer sucks if it doesn’t give you the work home. If your training ends and begins only in the gym, then you’re definitely working not professional. If he’s giving you only an hour a week and he doesn’t care about what you do and you’re going left 167 hours a week, drive him out. You think this pitiful hour a week to help you? You have to have a certain load every day.

3. He does not post

He has a journal in which he records the days that you did? Where it notes your today’s load and promote? Do you see what he writes? If such a journal is not, then he’s a bad coach. What do you pay him the money at all? It should have a detailed report every time you visit. It needs to give you a forecast, for example, to such and such a date you will achieve this and that.

4. He always comes to TABATA

Yes, this is a cool exercise that train your heart muscle and makes you more resilient. Besides, the whole cycle takes a little time — 4 minutes. But if you do TABATA regularly and often, it can only hurt you. If you’re not sure that you understand what a TABATA, then we will explain. It is somewhere in the 20-second intense performance of each of 8 exercises TABATA is crowned by a short 10-second pause. So don’t overdo it.

5. He sits in his phone

This is so frustrating! You’re sweating at the gym or under the rod, and he reaches into his pocket for his grebennyk the phone to answer a text. Yes, thank you progress for cool gadgets and smartphones, through which we can follow our updates in social networks at any time. But actually you’re paying the guy money. His work keeps an eye on you, to give and to help, not hang out on Facebook.

6. He only believes

Your coach would have taken the first place in the contest account up to 10. To count the number of sets and reps — that’s your job. A coach should monitor the correct execution of your exercise. A good coach monitors your technique, and not just counting to ten.

7. He never closes his mouth

Your coach sucks, if after training you have sore jaw than muscle. If you could shove about your vacation and family, then walked him away or ask him for a hundred to throw you home.

8. He doesn’t teach

If your coach is not trying to give you more skills. If he doesn’t recommend you books or blogs, or just not tell you you need this group of exercise than it will help you. He should like the doctor to explain. «Now we will start you on a medication to calm down».

9. He kicks from the fact that you’re hurting

This guy keeps after you workout a week could not climb the stairs and sit on the toilet. He is also stoned and says: «This is an integral part of training». So, when your muscles are a little sore after exercise, then that’s fine. But is the pain tolerable and do not last long. It will last a week and should not appear after every workout. A good coach will make you better and healthier to hurt you any.

10. He doesn’t care about food

A professional should focus on nutrition. Nutrition, sleep and training are the most important things when it comes to getting positive results. If your coach focuses on your work in the gym, then you’ll never get what he wanted.

Not all conscientiously doing their job, but when it directly concerns your health you need to follow people, on which depends your future life. Coach is one of those people.

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