10 signs that the man — rag

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Rag woman, behave feminine. Nobody likes to be that way. Despise them, do not like them. How to know those too-soft feel that will make you worse in the eyes even of the friend zone veteran? Here’s 10 signs that you’re acting like a wuss. Or your friends are. In short, think about it.

1. Are you afraid to talk to the girl

Just like Koothrappali from «the big Bang Theory». When a girl tells you, you are very shy, instead of having to be on a horse, trying to joke and to have fun. If you’re over 25 and you still feel uncomfortable in the company of girls and waiting for friends to have support, it is very, very uncool.

2. You’re asking someone to open a water bottle or jar

For example, the girl. I had a friend who did that. And the girl opened the bottle! Of course, I understand that the man and woman are equal in all respects, but still! I also watched the guy who in all seriousness was opening a bottle using a whole Arsenal of tools. Every guy should be able to open a water bottle or jar without other means. Well, or open it with a thump on the wall, or a pair of scissors.

3. You’re too scared to check what’s making that noise

Sometimes we are the middle of the night startled by loud sounds. Something falls in the kitchen, someone scratching at the window or the door or trying to open your apartment (FIE-FIE!). To stay in bed just does not make sense, as, indeed, to go. But in any case is likely to save you more if you leave. So grab something like this and go. To send a woman to check, and to remain ostensibly to call one symptom of rags. Fu to be so! In the end, friend, it could be a fire, a cat who get stuck somewhere or something that can break, or robbers. In any case, go check it out — great idea.

4. To literally go Jogging and nervous when you get to a house or car in the dark

Suppose you stayed with friends until the evening, had a good time and it’s time to go home. Or to the car. It does not matter. Dark, scary side of you is a man. His hands in his pockets. Scared, he comes to you, you speed up the pace, almost running. And in fact, it’s some dude who is cold and who is keen to get home. And you already said goodbye to all relatives. You should be ashamed. Bro needs to meet your death or injury adequately. And along with the transition to the running and outright nervousness increases your chances of becoming a victim. Don’t do that!

5. Tipping undeserved

The waitress instead of having to come to you, speaking with a colleague, coffee was brought cold, beer is warm, the plate is dirty, tasteless food. And it was long. You know, the job of a waiter is not so hard as they think. There is much more difficult, for example, work in a trading hall of a «Auchan», «OK», «Magnet» or «roundabout», which, believe me that there were practices at the University, at times difficult. How come in this situation, a doormat and a weakling? He gives them the usual tip and thanked near the entrance. Of course, it would be ideal to ask for the complaint book, but simply to show his contempt for the shoddy service. Respect yourself, man! You didn’t deserve poor service, nobody did.

6. Not to take the last slice of pizza

Here it is worth to mention. In this case we mean, or when you ate less than the other dudes ever bought an entire pizza. You’re hungry, pepperoni beckons you. Then this piece someone took, and you’re hungry.

7. To allow others to enjoy their achievements

I remember in high school I did with a guy some kind of history project. And when he said he did almost everything himself, I stepped in, and noticed that I have to search for information, writing, and he was, in fact, beautiful pictures and the availability of the printer. It’s certainly not the best example, but when someone wants to attribute to you their own merits, this is not good. At work it often happens that your idea is stealing someone else, never keep quiet in the spirit: «But he’s my friend! Let take, I’m happy to help!» To protect copyright, be a man!

8. To allow people to climb out of turn

Stand up straight, clear my throat and say politely and persistently insolent: «Sorry! I was standing here! Do not climb out of turn!» — it’s that simple! So why are you letting them do it? Woman, girl, male, man, child, anyone, without permission to go into turn impossible to anyone! Especially, it is allowed when you are standing in a queue in any McDuck. If you say everything is strictly, clearly, politely, quickly and without overt aggression, no you and not say a word! More confidence, friend!

9. Not to say anything when you cheated

You see the cashier at the store gives you the wrong change. And you say nothing, arguing that 10-20 rubles the essence of the penny. Don’t let them fool you. See the wrong amount of money — ask is correct. Be persistent. Because if you blow though a lot of money to the service workers (which, allegedly, very difficult to work with), they’ll cheat again. They do not consider this to be unacceptable, they believe you to be a doormat. The same should do if you were given more change. Give them the change, do not lie to people.

10. The latest to Express their opinion

Or even not to Express it. Do you think that your opinion is not interesting? So make it interesting. The good, the bad and the ugly — have an opinion and Express it.

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