10 signs that she’s flirting with you

how do you know that she is flirting

It’s hard definitely, with absolute certainty say that she is flirting with you or not. Women — that being said, Bukowski, amazing creatures. They have their own special strategies and ways to attract attention to himself. They can drive you crazy, and you don’t know how they did it. However, flirting has a well-defined signs, the combination of which can make you almost certain that she’s trying to attract your attention. All women are special, but some things are just obvious, and today we’ll talk about the basic signs of flirting.

1. She looks at you when talking to your friend

Get ready, now I will tell you about the strange and funny things called «the principle of the cheeseburger». Think, that you hang out with a friend, and he’s eating a cheeseburger. How could you not try to lose weight, abandon fast food and all that jazz, is one kind of your friend that eating a cheeseburger will make you dream about the loaf of bread with meat and cheese. Right? The principle applies in and to flirt. It’s true. Sometimes a woman is flirting with your friend to try to lure you into a trap. She wants you to see her behavior, and tries for you and not for him. That’s such nonsense. Hopes that you will see how your friend got carried away, and also carried away behind him.

2. She’s around

For this obvious reason, but it’s close. For what? Of course, for you! She wants you to notice her, and this is a clear sign of flirting. If you met on the street, and she continues to walk, although she was in the other side, it suggests that she wants your attention.

3. It draws attention to your mouth

Mouth women are very seductive, and she knows it. If she flirting, she’ll probably make up lip gloss, will touch her hands to her lips and drink through a straw, not directly from a glass. In a female the lip holds enormous potential flirting. To draw attention to my lips for them very effectively.

4. She was seeking an occasion to be alone with you

If a woman finds a way to separate you from your company, where ever you are (in bar full of strangers or at dinner with friends), she’s trying to say he wants to just be with you without all the others. They can use really odd excuses, so don’t be shy and does not look so shocked, if you were asked to go to the kitchen and help to understand how well-washed plates. Like — grab it while it’s hot.

5. She mimics your hand movements

For some mysterious reason, people love to imitate each other, adopt each other’s gestures, mannerisms, traits. If she mimics your hand movements: as you hold the glass or sitting — she’s probably interested in you.

6. She plays with her hair

This is a relatively simple and well-known symptom. And why? In the woman hands weapon heavy action! When it attracts your attention, reeling curl on his finger, fixes her hair, twirls a strand before her eyes, she tries to create a sense of mystery.

7. She touches you

If a woman speaks to you in a bar or at a party, and finds an excuse to touch you (well, not falling, of course, does not give you a slap), she sends you a big fat signal. It is the oldest and most obvious trick of all. If she leans forward, and subtly touches your shoulder, arm or chest, know this: everything is going in the right direction. True, there are more obvious signs.

8. She looks you in the eye

Birds are attracted to shiny things, and they quickly fly towards him to grab, and people can’t take my eyes from what they think is interesting or attractive. You can sense when a woman looks at you. She can always come to you and speak, but if she keeps throwing glances in your direction, look at her response and see how it behaves.

9. It invades your personal space

By definition, it is assumed that in the personal space of others should not be. When a woman crosses this invisible line, say, smiling and looking at you is an invitation. The amount and nature of this invasion will give you an idea about her intentions and about how they should react.

10. She starts the conversation

If she comes to you, this is the strongest card in the deck. This allows her to maintain eye contact, play with your hair, touch you, follow your gestures and use other stuff from her Arsenal. If she came up to you and start a conversation, she really cares about you. This is the first step, dude.

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