10 signs that she’ll break your heart

how do you know that she'll break my heart

When you start a new relationship, you need to be attentive to detail. You can dazzle her attractiveness, your feelings and even the simple fact that you will have the chance to sleep with her. There are warning signs that she break your heart and the beginning of a relationship are doomed.

When relationships are meant to be short and they are doomed to failure, it makes sense to be selective and end them before too much time goes by and you’ll spend too much energy. For your own good we advise you to pay attention to the warning signs.

1. She has no old friends

This girl is a real social chameleon, drifting from one interesting social group to another. She constantly makes new friends. Sounds good?

Yes, probably, but you can’t be around her long enough to know for sure. If it does not have permanent friends whom she knows for many years, this can mean two things: either no one can stand or she can’t do without constant changes. Both these reasons make impossible a serious relationship, and sooner or later she will break your heart.

9. She’s new to relationships

If you’re looking for a serious relationship, to meet the girl before you was empty, not the best choice. She may be much younger than you or just inexperienced — if you have a different experience, for a long time you will not survive.

First of all this naivety will seem to you nice, but soon it will start to irritate you. Despite all the advantages of a relationship with a man who has no emotional baggage, she may not know what is waiting for men. There is a chance that she doesn’t need you, and this is a sure sign that your heart is broken.

3. She needs a lot of space

She is freedom loving person and hates it when her limit. When you start Dating her, she will tell you she needs a lot of space to do their work. She sets boundaries how much time it will spend with you, and how much one. If you find the strength to get used to it, could still happen, right?

It is not necessary to amuse itself illusions. Someone who appreciates their own space and time so strongly, not very much is considered with others. You’ll be seeing her once a week and it will be normal for her, and in the end she will break your heart.

4. It is too long to build itself from the hard-to-get

You followed her around for months, and she was playing with you cat and mouse. You gave her flowers, been asked out, do various romantic gestures. Finally she agreed to meet with you, and so it all worked out, right?

And here and there. If she’s playing hard to get, it means she’s just not interested. She just wanted to satisfy my ego, and she agreed to be in the company of man who Dotes on her. When her self-esteem back to normal condition, you no longer need, and it will break your heart.

5. It hovers in the clouds

Some people are never satisfied with what I have. They have high standards and aspiration, and it attracts, but if she has some unrealistic expectations, then your chances are small to the ridiculous. It can be anything: money, fame, a new life or the best relationship she can dream about any things and will break your heart, if he can get option, more similar to her dream.

6. She’s embarrassed by you

Familiarity with the friends and family of his girlfriend — the more experience, it’s like a shot in the foot: it is painful, and people think that you don’t really suffer, because the wound is not fatal. In the end, you’re Dating her, not her family. Why is familiarity important?

And again, why she hasn’t introduced you to them? We’ve all been there, we all had girls we didn’t want to introduce friends and family and they have remained our invisible friends. Why? For a variety of reasons: it is thick, scary, crazy.

7. It has no special significance of the former

To meet a girl who has never been in a serious relationship, seems like a great perspective: she expects from you compliance with its standards for true love, aren’t you worried that it will suddenly pull to his former life. She’s a blank canvas that you can transform into the perfect girlfriend for yourself.

However, the girl, whose summary of the relationship consists only of a two-week affair, not for you. She might have her reasons for what she with anyone seriously isn’t found, she doesn’t want. And it is unlikely you can get her to change her mind.

8. She has serious problems

All the cockroaches. Nobody is perfect, everyone has flaws on which to work. However, there are people that are more similar to walking than on the person.

This can be a problem with alcohol, drugs, sex, loneliness or problem gambling. If his life is something that constantly puts you on the backburner, this relationship will not last long. It may sound pompous, but you deserve something better than to always be on the sidelines.

9. She has a close relationship with the former

If your girlfriend is able to maintain good relations with the former, it may seem like a good thing. It seemed to hint: she’s a Mature person and not make the separation in performance. In the end, you know she under no circumstances turn into a demon if you do not succeed.

In reality, it is a sign that it will bring you only harm. This girl is easy to switch between «lover» and «friend.» This fact means that she is unable to create a strong relationship.

10. She was someone that you know

You started to be together, when she’d meet another guy. You might think: «Well, it’s a bit wrong, but now everything will go smoothly». No, with a girl on the way, nothing will. Treason is always treason.

When she starts every day to tell you something about the new guy from work, when it is constantly delayed in a bar with her friends when she wants a little more time on yourself, this could mean that you already found a replacement. Already feel like your heart is beating.

And finally

We all know that many relationships come to a dead end and do not pass the test of time. It makes no sense to sit and wait for the sea weather. If you look at this list and realize that one of the points applicable to your girl, perhaps you have something to think about.

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