10 signs that girl is really crazy

manygoodtips.com_8.07.2015_yq4K2vJ8mpb1MIt’s not a compliment. Crazy girl is the one whose head is not all right, but not an incredible exclusive person. In the modern world with its pace of life and the environment neuroses, psychoses and mental problems, as a rule, it is a common thing. And it’s scary. With people who have mental problems, not build anything worthwhile, unfortunately. First, because they are unlikely to understand what love is. Second, they can be indifferent. And thirdly, they are commonplace threat. So how to determine that with a girl is something wrong?

1. She constantly stirs the interest strange ways

Normally not ordinary people (not always with psychological problems) become objects of ridicule.

Every person at least once in your life become the object of ridicule or inaccurate rumors. You know. But people with morbid tendencies turn your life into a real PR itself. Often they thoughtlessly do stupid things to be the center of attention, do not support the best reputation and they are doing nonsense. And unconsciously. And all because they feed on attention. Positive attention, negative, no difference. I had a friend that to attract attention was done over several years such manipulation:

  • broke several times the hand, assured everyone that takes cadmium for bones;
  • bought worn dress, expanded its cranes-origami and went to see him in the campaign;
  • got a tattoo on his back;
  • two weeks is not washed;
  • dyed hair in all colors of the rainbow;
  • the ringleader of the house is an epic mess of shit, bottles, cigarette butts and Japanese language textbooks.

And all this unhealthy desire for attention. Psychosis, or rather, the hysteria on the face.

2. It constantly exalts himself

Usually, if someone exalts himself in the conversation, it was only a joke. People with normal inclinations keep it in secret and boast modest. Here we have some real praises itself. It’s one thing to say that you’re good with the English language and that you have a child, even took medals at the Olympics (or what) the urban scale. Another thing to say that you’re good with the English language so much so that in 14 years you have from the correspondence in ICQ, the Prince fell in love from Saudi Arabia who wanted to come to you and take you to wife, but the evil vizier Jafar would not let him back to mother Russia in a Palace coup deposed the ruling dynasty and cut off the Prince’s head in the square. Well, or something like that. I’m not exaggerating, man. People with morbid tendencies not only to exalt himself, but willing to praise and come up with fantasies that even they themselves believe, but often realize that it’s a lie. The girl from the first paragraph, by the way, assured everyone that her friend was killed by some strange people, and soon they will come for her. Considering the fact that she didn’t sleep well at night and kept a bat under the bed, you can say, she truly believed it. Or tried to.

3. She openly hates other women

Dislikes and hates it. Usually girls are very good talking, let the friendship they have in our understanding does not happen, they generally get along well. Some decades are friends. But crazy girl quietly despises all women in the world. Especially those who are prettier than them. When she sees another girl, you feel like she turns into a harpy, she’s trying to humiliate her, to crush, to mix with the shit, to humiliate all its achievements and advantages. And not just that girl who treats you or threatens your relationship, and to do any. ANY!!! Colleagues, relatives, waiters – everyone! By the way, the same thing applies to crazy bro.

4. She completely isolates herself

When she had friends, but not anymore. The amazing thing is that she doesn’t care. She could swear to their exclusivity, it could assure all-around that will never betray, but if something goes wrong, it easily cuts off all contact. Sometimes even just, or rather, the reason is not clear to anyone. It can be relatives, former colleagues, classmates – she easily breaks all relations that separates them from themselves.

5. It controls the former, and interested in their life

She has a strange contradictory feelings for all former. TO ALL! Almost to the Circle of 5 th «A», which gave her flowers in the school cafeteria. She’s still wondering what they have there, with whom they meet, what they are doing. And it’s scary. Don’t want be another, eh?

6. She falsely accuses you

This girl, like the girl from the first and second paragraphs, likes to blame all around strange. For example, that I she took the money and not give. Or that I dismiss the rumors about her, although I have not seen anyone of our mutual friends to even try to dismiss them. And it kills.

7. She can do strange and unexpected change in their appearance

There are people who are shaved heads. And the tunnels in the nose. And tattoos all over the body. But she is not talking and she suddenly can dramatically change the image. To attract the attention. Usually about painting blue girls think at least a little. At least an hour. Or about 10 minutes. But it’s not.

8. She loves to hit below the belt

And he always does it. Usually, even for those whom you truly hate, you will not store up such profanity, he will lay in store for all the people she hates. If the object of her hatred would die a close relative, crazy girl does not think it is shameful to use. Because it does not exist borders.

9. She always contradicts itself

And again we are reminded of this terrible example above. Today she says that an open relationship is good and right, and tomorrow that it is «fu». Today she assures everyone that almost virgin, and she had one husband, and tomorrow, during the week there were nine. And you can’t understand, she believes in it or not. Usually people views change but not so often. This girl is like a ship in a storm: then you pull the wheel one way and then the other. And all in order to stay afloat.

10. Other crazy I think its crazy

They are usually well drawn. And still strange look.

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