10 signs that friendship with that person is harmful

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Often we take for kindness — selfishness, friendship — friendship and stand by for love — attachment. We confuse these concepts, because we really want to wishful thinking, but the truth comes out too late.

There are people, like bad friends, they literally poison your life. Sometimes they understand what they do, and sometimes spoil your life they do of course, you might say, unconscious. Precious time spent with them is slipping away from you, and the negativity that comes from them ruining your life. How to determine what your friend is negative, poisons your existence and hinders your development?

1. It saps you. After staying with him you have a feeling that you have a good squeeze — frustrating, right? From real friends is a bit different feeling — elation, in a good mood. As if rested.

2. They are in bayonets perceive the change. You can’t tell them about how many positive things have happened in your life lately because you remember that they recently gave some important for you things a negative assessment.

3. They do negative things. Cheat on their wives, drink too much, lie.

4. Their life values and interests differ dramatically from your own. If it’s not even a conflict of interest, dude. People with different values and conflicting interests mixed like oil and water. That is no way.

5. They are unreliable. Always break promises.

6. They do to you when they need it. The rest of the time you can’t see or hear.

7. They do not seek to see you. You have them with all my heart, and they…

8. They are jealous of you. All of these, man, «What car have you got, and girl, I want to own such».

9. They have zero ambition. Careful, friend, the lack of ambition is contagious. As they say: «You can’t fly like an eagle, yet communicate with the turkeys».

10. They often bring you up. So you can imagine how beat their heads good in this stone.

How to get rid of them?

1. Stop reacting to one of those «I’m so empty!», «I’m depressed because my boss», «My girlfriend is such a bitch, you could go for a beer?». Gently ask them to find someone else, because you’re busy. This is a great step back to realize what kind of people!

2. Take control of the conversation. When you feel the conversation slipping into negative traditional subjects and switch to something positive. I think that dude it would be incredibly misleading. Maybe he will say that you are selfish, but that’s okay, be prepared for the consequences.

3. Don’t be rude to them in response. They can tell you something rude, but in response you should not be rude. Why waste precious words on these people?

4. Be honest. Some people really do not understand that they have quite harmful tendencies in nature. Tell them straight: «Dude, I feel you ignore me and generally treat me negatively until then, until I’m needed.» Also you may well say, «You’re too negative, let’s talk about something good.»

If you want to completely eliminate this person from your life

1. Don’t answer his calls. If you meet him on business, bringing communication to a pragmatic informationalong contact. If you want you can find a reason to take offense at him for something.

2. Say firmly that you’ve had enough. If you’ve decided that the harmful effects on your life is enough, tell him directly: «I don’t want to communicate with you now.»

3. Make new friends. Seriously, take all your free time with new friends, and these people will depart on the second plan.

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