10 signs that being an entrepreneur is your purpose

manygoodtips.com_22.11.2014_PfrGZrrBVebwfAs once said by the famous writer mark TWAIN: «I never let school interfere with my education». Should I now paint how imperfect the current system of education, to talk about all the absurdity that goes on in schools or Universities. I think not, because anyone with eyes, ears and common sense, has long made its findings. What is the sign that your uni for you is a waste of time and money? My purpose for a long time you have already chosen… or it chose you.

1. You miss the class in order to learn something important

Most of the subjects which you studied in University were not related to what interests you. You, unlike others, understood it quickly enough to quickly rectify the situation and not to waste time. So, you take notes, teach, and give jagged information on the exam, but you at these lectures was not. You can attend additional seminars, internships in big companies, to engage in forging communicative bridges with those who really matter to you will be of some benefit.

2. The only books that you read, those in reading which he is interested

They give you tons of literature that is irrelevant to the subject of your Hobbies. You don’t have time for this. If you see from the list of compulsory literature that you might need in the future myself, I love to read. No? In the furnace this list!

3. You have a huge drawing Board in the apartment and a bunch of notebooks with records

Most of the ideas that you documented, can be horrible, but they were born in moments of inspiration, insight. You know what half of this crap, but it’s your path of trial and error, and who knows what «disastrous» the idea of you ever want to fully realize that thought to its logical perfection.

4. You already have mentors

You know how important it is to listen to people who, like you, started from scratch and has reached a certain height. They are the ones who you can identify with their struggles, who tells the right direction of the path you choose. It can be as a business book leading experts in the industry, and people from the circle of your friends whom you would like to take an example.

5. Doesn’t it bother you your report

When you go on your first job interview after graduation, your main asset will be start-UPS, projects and research that you’re successful or not, but I have been trying to gain experience and knowledge in a practical way. Assessment in the diploma says nothing about your brilliant ability to work for result. You can be a perfect student and a mathlete, but to settle for the role of office plankton, who does not see anything on their records and strictly regulated schedules and deadlines. Your main advantage is your «portfolio» of ideas and thoughts that you’re willing to share with their employer.

6. You have a blog

One of the main advantages of a personal blog is that it may be equivalent to your portfolio when applying for a job. It is a kind of diary of your progress, where you record the beginning of the project, its promotion, with all the victories and defeats, and the final result. It’s also good for you, and you recount your thoughts and plans, and if something slipped my mind, you can just rewind the video back and see where and what you lost.

7. Endless drunk philosophical talks about changing the world

You start calling your ex after the fifth glass of vodka, not trying to pick a fight or prove, that best know how to dance on the table drunk. You are full of inspiration, attracted the attention of everyone around to hear your rants about the fact that anyone can change the world for the better. You’re nice to convince people that each of them has incredible potential for big things.

8. You became a leader of his own student organization

You did not initially agree to play by someone else’s rules and be under someone, but I know how to arrange everything properly so that people walking under their flags, adhering to your rules. Let this victory will only be part of some circle or organization, but you just know that it will eventually expand its area of influence.

9. You’re not afraid to take risks

Instead look for security and stability, you’re ready to jump in the deep end and join the company of such as crazy as you to organize new start-up, which, of course, sooner or later, but it will change the world.

10. You absolutely do not care about the opinions of others

So, you failed miserably my first projects, your report causes panic among parents. But you know about the world of business and marketing more than any of your classmates. You really like to read classical and contemporary books on business, and you will spend your money for the next year wiping his pants in the University, and let them flow for promotion of a new business, because hell always knew that smoke the sky not in order to achieve something mediocre, but in order to become the master of your own life and never niggle.

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