10 signs of a good woman

manygoodtips.com_2.06.2014_F5LNNXVBVqNAQMany men try to bond with women, but constantly pay attention to the ladies, not fit for a serious relationship. If you’re ready for the responsibility, here’s the signs by which you recognize a good woman. It is worth it to spend it their strength.

1. She undresses immediately

It should be obvious. If you met her through friends and you communicate in social networks or SMS, the right woman will not send you a photo in their underwear. No pictures of the Topless and other compromising materials you from her when we first met will not get. She doesn’t just want sex and not the relationship starts with sex, because it understands that sex isn’t everything.

2. Sex will not immediately

Sex in our time has become a major stumbling block and a priority of Mature individuals of both sexes. If she refers to herself and the relationship seriously enough, prepare to have sex in the near future you can not see. Women are so constituted.

3. It will not choke you

One of the clearest signs of a good woman — she does not deprive you of personal space. She’s smart enough and understands that it is not necessary to hang on your arm every spare moment and persuade you to talk to her. She also needs space and she doesn’t mind your Hobbies.

4. She’s a woman, not a girl

Probably to meet a girl that is only interested in social networks and the new iPhone to take a picture of yourself in the mirror, not your dream. If you’re 25 and you choose a companion, 18-year-old girl, you have a chance to the person with whom you have nothing to talk about. All within the law, but she’s still learning, she has very different interests, and she likes you only due to their age. Want something truly serious? Find yourself a woman, because she will not play games with you.

5. You will not find it on the cheap site meeting

If you went to the site where you are asked to upload your picture, short biography, interests and place of residence, know this: it is a cheap Dating site. Don’t try to find the love of your life. It’s impossible.

6. You have a lot in common, but not all

Note: don’t opposites attract and complete copies of each other. The law does not always work. Well, if you have common interests, but there’s nothing wrong with that everyone had their own Hobbies. It will not be hard to demand your attention while you do what you love: she has her own hobby, which she will happily devote my free time.

7. You don’t have anyone to compare

You’ll be so happy with her that you won’t get the momentum to compare her with your ex. She is special and does not repeat the mistakes of your past girls. You don’t want to weigh all «for» and «against» in question, to stay with her or with someone else.

8. She’s not a supermodel

We do not deny the fact that the models can be a good couple, but a lot of people want to find a girlfriend that will be good for all supermodernism parameter. It’s possible, but if it is so perfect, you have to be good enough for her. You don’t like this idea? Then be lenient to her faults. Appearance fades into the background when you are well together.

9. Meaningful conversations

You can’t talk about serious things with a stupid woman. It will not work. The woman herself will always be for you an excellent conversationalist. Even if it something does not understand, she listens and tries to understand you anyway. With this woman you want to discuss their problems. She willingly listens to you and offers his help.

10. She puts ultimatums

She has a case, if you’re happy in the relationship. Is she doing of these relations and their development. It will not give you ultimatums to get what you want. She’s not gonna say: «Marry me or we break up», and generally will not force you. Blackmail is a sign of a frivolous, the blackmailer thinks only of himself.

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