10 sexiest professions

manygoodtips.com_12.08.2014_vghvxl4PiqH2JIn a huge list of women’s specialties and meet those who have your heart beating fast, and instantly increases the level of testosterone in the blood. Have you read about the top 7 male fantasies, as well as new heroines erotic fantasies, and you probably liked it, so we decided to continue this interesting topic.


«Fasten your seat belt, we take off»

Strict, but elegant uniform. Beautiful face and a polite speech. And I want a little bruise this suit and get into the epicenter of the horizontal turbulence. Most likely, the passion of flight attendants caused not only by the fact that these girls are usually very cute. Here is a hazard of the profession, willingness to take risks and save your life.

2.The teacher

«One plus one»

First love and first kisses, awkward confessions and sweaty palms…the temple of science, where we went for knowledge, each of us wanted to gain knowledge of another kind. For a more in-depth program. Maybe because this topic was taboo in my youth, it becomes relevant for us, adult men in their fantasies and strive to remain in detention, for the unlearned «At the curved seashore an oak green».

3.Tennis players

«Bouncing balls»

Short skirts, shapely legs, inexhaustible energy, and the famous «moaning» during the competition. You can simply turn on a recording of the Wimbledon tournament and listen… listen… listen…


«This won’t hurt»

For many, the Nurse is the embodiment of care and kindness. Their skilled hands will bind you combat injured and will treat you with alcohol. These women, in a thin white robe you will find words of encouragement and comfort. They can remove your clothes and do a review. And as the main medicine to enhance vitality to prescribe sex.

5.The waitress

«What time your shift ends?»

Brutal alpha males of Hollywood movies, many of the roadside cafes to the right and left pinching the loins of the young waitresses. Lovely and friendly nymphs, are ready to bring you some coffee… or whiskey… or myself for a good tip. What is not a popular story for many role-playing games?

6.Fitness trainer

«I need backup»

Fitnesa just have to look a hundred and weigh less than fifty. She’ll spot you on bench, will motivate the progressive muscle growth, and do a relaxing massage after a grueling workout. Oh yeah, now we know why you go to the gym. In order to keep yourself in shape? No, this is the second point, and at first is young and beautiful fitness instructor.


«Nothing sexual!»

Despite the importance of the profession, the old stereotypes has left its mark: the official novels, dirty jokes, heroine adult movies. Now many men at the mention of this post will pop-up the images that excite the mind. Many still believe that the seat sagely at the computer is just Eyewash, and the main duty of a Secretary to disappear behind a door Cabinet chief for his first request. For particularly important assignments.

8.TV presenter

«And now, shortly about the main thing…»

Formal suit, these fashion glasses feature a rectangular frame, beautiful voice and good diction. And may we see her only to the waist, a rich imagination will enable you to complete the way to the end. To your taste and color.


«When called to the carpet»

Sex with the boss directly on your desktop are men having in the immediate Directors of a young and pretty woman. This desire to dominate, a way to punish devoid of the award and become a boss at least for a while.


«Turn over on your back»

A good massage for steel and soothe tired muscles. Gentle nimble fingers, intimate atmosphere, the atmosphere of comfort and peace, breast masseuse who accidentally touches your back. Probably every lover of massage was imagining such a scenario. And its rapid development. It’s the perfect way to combine business with pleasure.

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