10 scientific facts that will seem like fiction

The elections did not surprise us, therefore, to soothe my ragged soul, again we turn to science — it certainly has surprises and fantastic twists. Scientists are every day discovering things, inventing something and something predict. And each time this «something» makes the ordinary, decent people’s brains. It becomes clear that the world is still a mystery to us, even the world that is right under your feet. We are again faced with a wall of ignorance, which every recognized fact creates more questions. The world is surprising.

1 Coconut water can be administered intravenously


When the patient is severely dehydrated, the bloodstream is often injected with a saline solution to replace fluids and electrolytes. In those rare cases, when medical saline is not at hand, you can enter coconut water, which is rich in sodium, potassium and sugars. That is, the coconut is able to replace blood plasma in extreme circumstances. However, we recommend to consume water of this plant in the traditional way.

2 cubic meter of neutron star weighs more than all the water in the Atlantic ocean of the Neutron stars are those stars that collapse under their own gravity and become small and dense objects that are composed mainly of neutrons. They can have mass of our sun Packed into a radius of 30 kilometers. You can translate all human scale. For example, if you had to take a piece of neutron star the size of a washing machine, he would have weighed about 400 billion tons. However, to assess the effect you do not have time, as the gravitational tidal forces will tear you apart.

3 Month moving away from us

Before the Moon was much closer to Earth than today, and it is from us by about 3.78 cm every year. This sad fact caused by the inhibitory effect of the tidal bulge, which, in turn, caused by the gravity of the moon itself. But finally a Month will never leave us, since tidal power will be the weaker, the farther away the satellite, and, ultimately, parting with a companion will end in a geostationary orbit around the Earth — then everything will be very static. 4 squid In the brain in the form of a donut in General, any octopus and cuttlefish intricate in terms of bodies, but the giant squid even more amazing. They have a hole in the brain — in the middle. Who did it? Why is she there at all? It’s all in the device of the esophagus. Food should pass through the brain because of the body design. Therefore, the risk of brain damage when swallowing large pieces are huge. For this reason, the squid are trying to tear food before eating, guided by the ancient wish all the grandmothers in the world — chew before you swallow.

5 color blindness was discovered by the guy who gave mother red stockings


It happened a long time ago — in the late 18th century. Then the English chemist John Dalton shocked the community that gave her own mother a daring pair of bright red stockings. Dalton was a Protestant, and this kind of stockings really meant is that prostitutes. Members of the community of Dalton (Quakers) chose to wear simple clothes in dark colours to emphasize their modesty. John Dalton was convinced that blue stockings is his brother talked about it too (which emphasizes a genetic disease that is more common in men). Chemist began to investigate and found out that it was his perception of the world, but the title of pervert, which he acquired among the God-fearing Quaker, he lost only once his work was officially recognized.

6 the Game in the «Farm» takes more time than the development of the rural economy Is such a dull game, which we called «the farm,» and in the West is Farmville. Every month it comes to about 290 million people. Together they spend 105 878 years for planting a virtual garden beds, and counting livestock on your computer. This is about ten times longer than mankind has engaged in real agriculture. Sounds like this world nothing can be done.

7 Cleopatra lived closer to the time the moon landing than to the construction of the great pyramid at Giza

This is the conversation that time — extremely magical and incomprehensible to us the term. Not only that it is relative, so it is also our view of the world distorts. For Example, Cleopatra. She was born in a time when the Great pyramid at Giza was already 2530 years. That is, the beautiful (by all historical sources) the woman was much closer to us than to Ancient Egypt. Weird. 8 People could fly On Titan And we don’t mean space vehicles, helicopters, and even jetpack. The fact that Saturn is very, very dense atmosphere. So tight that with the wings of 1.4 square meters, we would have to take off from the planet on their own — without engines and fuel, as birds. This explained in detail in the article «You can fly», which was published by the University of Leicester.

9 If you make a sheet of paper 42 times, it will become a Month moreover, if you manage to fold it 50 times, your ass will burn the sun. Explain why.

First, you can not even try — you will fail. Second, the average distance from the earth to the moon is about 384 000 kilometers, and the average thickness of a sheet of paper is 0.01 cm. What does this mean? If you rely on intuition, it says that it will be necessary to fold the paper a million times to cover this distance, but if you rely on logic, then everything is much easier, because the thickness of the paper increases exponentially, constantly doubling their last value. That is, the first time you fold the paper and it increases the initial thickness of two times, but when you collect it the second time, it will increase the thickness four times. When you prepare a paper for the sixth time, the initial thickness will increase up to 64 times. By the time when you get to 41 folds, you will cover more than half the distance. And then you know.

10 the Worm is a cyborg

As far as we can understand that the brain is just a set of electrical signals. The signals of the human brain, as before, is too complex for scientists to be repeated. But the worm — is another matter. This creature more primitive than we are, and therefore he will make a great cyborg — that’s what I thought in the OpenWorm project.

What created the «mad scientists»? Nothing terrible, just reflect the relationship between the 302 neurons of the worm and connected their software. Software, in turn, were invested just in LEGO-robot. And now this LEGO robot rolls around, thinking he was a worm. Science has gone too far or not far enough? Watch the video and draw conclusions for himself.

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