10 ridiculous costumes for the New Year

manygoodtips.com_15.12.2014_li5B2l7gEQMg8Everyday good morning to you, man! We never cease to be reminded that we are approaching the main holiday of the year, and even if you are advanced misanthrope, you, one way or another will relate to the Christmas party. Perhaps you noticed the bustle of his girlfriend regarding Christmas toilet. Hmm, maybe you’re actually thinking about what to wear to oliviachow night?

You know dudes manygoodtips.com will never leave you. We are ready to help you with your choice of Christmas costumes. Costume needed, because you’re expecting quite a solemn event. But you don’t need gloomy black-and-white tuxedo. So, let’s see those costumes that you can wear to meet the New Year.


Quite appropriate outfit. After all, New Year is snowmen and Christmas trees, we hope that our region will be visited by happiness in the form of snow. In this outfit you’ll definitely attract the attention of girlfriends with a sense of humor.



If you don’t mind to look like a Bavarian caramel, this is the suit for you. A lover of boring minimalism should not pass.



Another Christmas print that will accentuate your stupid personality and I’ll show the guests who you are.



How about a Morris suit? You will be looking with great desire, than a decorated table.



A classic of the genre. Snowflakes and reindeer, nothing more.



In case you think you are the king of love and reviewed films of zero where the guys were trying to pick up girls different ridiculous ways.



There are still places where the cult of such whiskers does not arise. If you come from such a heartland, hurry to make this costume.



Christmas caramels. Sure that even you, with all its brutality, did not resist from such. Even if it is not, then the girl just can not pass by such a sweet guy.



Say, how celebrate the New Year, so spend it. Offer to meet him in the money!



And finally – a classic suit with Christmas trees in green and red colors.


Remember that time you still have and you can push your friend porten, showing her a picture of one of these costumes, or to search similar to the Internet stores, know exactly what this thing is on Amazon.

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