10 reasons why living alone was great, good benefits

If you’re desperate bachelor, then we have good news for you, that you find right now. What, you ask, is it? That you lucky son of a bitch, after all, a life together that seems like such a holiday, not as good as you think. Happy couples is a mammoth world of relationships that I’m afraid to even think about what made the wrong choice. Sociological surveys that are regularly conducted in the United States, only confirm our view. We certainly don’t want to kill you the idea that to live well is to live alone. We only want to help you relax, if you’re sad about his seclusion. Help word and you help yourself.

1 You are responsible for your own happiness

People in a relationship often expect their partner to meet common needs. That is, they see themselves as one and not individuals. As a result, each scored in their own desires, and this makes us unhappy. We are thinking for two, not for yourself. In addition, we disclaim responsibility for the happiness, for it is the man who is also responsible for it.

Loneliness is fundamentally changing the relation to happiness, because there is no woman that you can hide. You think more about your well-being, mental state, work, Hobbies, small pleasures. That is all that pleases you in life, you choose yourself. No need to think for another person, you don’t need to find something in common.» You just do what makes you happy.

You say, «How can you be happy without a girl?». And we say that to be happy one really. But to be happy in a bad relationship is something from the category of «mission impossible».

2 You will be more successful at work There are many factors that affect how you work. If you have to go home to the girl, then the last part of the working day sum no matter — you’re trying to do everything, score on details, attitude to work like a pig. And it’s not so bad. When you are bound by relationships, you lose mobility. You can’t just up and quit my old job and to go to new York to start working life again. If you think your girlfriend will be pleased with your career prospects, then you’re wrong. Will have to rely on her desires, who will tell you: «No, we can’t move — I have family here». That sung your song on how you got a great chance to get up, but didn’t, because the girl was very attached to the family.

The employer is also more profitable to hire bachelors. The fact that unmarried often stay at work, than move faster on the service they can rely on even on the weekend, because at home nobody is waiting for them. Sounds sad, but not for career growth.

3 you Have a strong sense of self-esteem

To live alone is a test for identity, which leads to full autonomy, physical and psychological independence. Single people often makes decisions, they are less afraid and more confident because they know their value, know what no sexual partners can survive in this amazingly complex world. They are able to control aggression, to empathize with ourselves and find harmony even in the most difficult time. Together it is hard to do.

This is at odds with the view that happiness can be found only in a romantic relationship. But imagine a situation where you’re not whole, and half. If you cut the chicken in half, it will not be able to survive, she needs the second half. Loneliness is an opportunity to be this whole. Love the chance to become only the part that is not viable without its second half. How much for love hung up and jumped off the bridge? I hope that you understand our idea. 4 You probably be to keep in form One survey in the UK found that most married people lose in physical activity. They are becoming fatter, slower, weaker. You could chalk it up to age, but the survey data also indicate that unmarried or divorced people are much more active way of life.

How is this happening? The obvious explanation lies in the fact that a single instinctively drawn to the best physical shape to interest a potential partner. Married man do not need, so he sits on beer, cakes and sandwiches. There is another reason — the singles more time at the gym, extreme sports and Hiking. The only activity with a loved one is sex.

5 the Feeling of loneliness can be avoided there is No doubt that loneliness can become a dangerous source of stress. This is known to all. However, all why-that forget that in long-term romantic relationships, people also feel lonely. And it’s a fact of life.

Look here. When you’re a loner in full, then you will invest your time socializing with the girls, building relationships, flirting, whatever. You never can be lonely if you make the effort. But what happens if you have a woman, but you’re alone? Then you’ll be locked in a cage that won’t let you go. At best you find a way to disengage from your problem. In the worst — will begin to change.

6 You’re still fast asleep

Let’s look at the truth. If you have any sleep disorder, it will be difficult for you to sleep in the same bed with another person. You stay up late to watch TV, play on your phone or listen to audiobooks. If you do that, and you have a girlfriend, you know — it’s all because of her. Sleepwalking, insomnia, nightmares — it is also the outcome of your desire not to be single. Of course there are exceptions to the rule, and sooner or later everyone finds a way hard to sleep, but the fact remains — one sleep easier. Can collapse on the bed, wrapped in all the covers, and no one’s gonna push, push with their feet in the night, or snoring (Yes, girls can do it, too!).

7 No domestic problems , If you have a girlfriend, it means no domestic obligations, such as: «Today you wash the floor, and tomorrow I am!». Besides, there will be no schedule of eating, sleeping, waking up, going to the store. The guys who got their dates, I understand that we always have to adjust to the schedule of a friend, and she’s under your schedule. Is anyone not comfortable. If not, then life is deprived of reasons for stress. You can eat when I want, clean when I want and generally do everything when it suits you. When you’re a loner, you do expect your life to listen no need.

8 you more prospects

Think about this: singles are more likely to occupy a leading position in society, they cope better with stress, they are more mobile. We even say more: the RAND Corporation, which studied overcoming post-traumatic syndrome among the wounded soldiers, found that single people are much better equipped to overcome mental and physical injuries. The fact that they are more resistant to stress. Married and divorced showed the worst result. 9 Your friendship no one bothers to Know the eternal story about what a good guy had a lot of good friends, and then came a strong and independent woman, and robbed the guy of all his friends. And the guy ceased to be good — he became a sad piece of shit. Sure that among your former friends is a guy. «Former» because they stopped hanging out with you for women.

But let’s be fair. This is no fault of the beautiful half of humanity. Just objectively the person has less time for friends when he lives with a girl. People are trying to link to their friends, which starts the game called «Dating couples», that’s no fun. You willingly throw out all the friends of lone of his life, and then I miss you. But when you’re alone, you can easily communicate with any people you like. And so when you don’t have a permanent girl, then you can have a lot of friends with whom you can not only sleep, but also mentally communicate. Married people in terms of friendship very constrained.

10 You are less worried about money You are a man, and therefore keep a traditional nuisance. So you’re going to spend a lot of money on the relationship — for clothes, food, everything. When you live with a girl, even the most independent and strong, then you’re still going to pour money into it. Not because she demands it, but because it’s in the blood men give women gifts, pay for them at restaurants that provide them. Otherwise we can’t. Us a nice feeling that a girl can rely on us financially. And it very much affects our personal finances.

But the girls are costly not only because of the gifts — it’s the little things. The problems begin when you start to lead the total financial costs. So, money is common when you live a long time with one person. This means first of all that you can’t just go and spend all the savings on Ferrari. The woman immediately say: «the hell is your Ferrari in Severodvinsk, idiot?!». And she’d be right, but the truth won’t make you happy, and the red Ferrari will do.

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