10 reasons to quit Smoking


1. Health

One of the most significant reasons that most of the reason ignores. Usually smokers find excuses for myself, telling stories that, say, their grandfather smoked all his life and lived for 94 years. Even so, these grandfathers on the fingers can be counted, and the statistics of mortality from lung cancer is much more convincing. Another point: most likely, this grandfather-survivor smoked quite a different tobacco. What type of tobacco used in cigarettes these days, read the following paragraph.

2. You cheat

Many tobacco companies don’t always conduct business honestly, when it comes to quality tobacco. Bad tobacco is bad, but when it has debris and even special supplements to make you more difficult to quit Smoking, to think about it. You cheat, you never stopped Smoking. You will offer a new types of cigarettes with superfilters that supposedly reduce the damage in most cases is a fraud.

3. Waste of money and time

Simple math. Even if you smoke cheap cigarettes, to count how many packs you smoke in a month, multiply the cost of the tutu and multiply it by 10 years, for example. And then don’t say that you have no money to travel.

Let’s say you’re rich and you buy expensive cigarettes, which may use high quality tobacco and nothing apart from him (by the way, can afford to make the examination of their cigarettes). Calculate how much time you have spent on Smoking breaks, multiply by the number of cigarettes, days, years and find out what part of your life you smoked.

4. Unattractive and stink

Smoking affects the senses, weakens our sense of taste and smell. Therefore, the smoker never knows how bad he smells. That and bad breath, which is not interrupted peppermint candies, and the smell from clothing, hair and skin. No expensive Cologne won’t save you.

Yellowed teeth and nails, too, will not only add to your attractiveness. Like you girls kiss, they also a smoker?

5. You’re a bad example for children

You may say to their children, younger brothers and sisters, nephews and others that Smoking is harmful, while lighting another cigarette.

Most likely, they will believe your actions and not words. So don’t be surprised if one day you caught your 13-year-old daughter with a cigarette. You yourself gave him an example. Children always imitate adults, because in most cases parents and older brothers are their idols and heroes.

6. Constant dependence

You came home from work, tired. Took a shower, ate, decided to smoke and remember that I forgot to buy cigarettes. No matter how tired you are, you still drag your ass to the nearest store, because you’re probably no dinner will be than without a cigarette. If you were invited to some celebration and there are all smokers, you’re not going to get pleasure from companies and activities, however interesting they may be. You’re always going to think about wanting to smoke and more likely to leave. Just think, what kind of power over you have some cigarettes!

7. Hate society

Even if you’re the cultural smoker, do not smoke in public places and do not throw cigarette butts on the street and from the balcony, you’ll still get your dose of disapproval from society. Most smokers still smoke in public places, otharkiwate the dirtiest, and spit it in the streets and throwing cigarette butts by the trash can. You will be automatically assigned to the number of such uncultured people. Moreover, no matter how you spit on the opinions of others and fashionable tide, now the trend is developing in such a way that Smoking is unfashionable. Normal dude doesn’t smoke. Of course, it is possible to score. And that girl you wanted to meet and met, were unpleasantly surprised that you smoke. And that meeting with his partner on you looked askance, because he is for the HLS. In General, you can score all this and disagree, but maybe soon you won’t fit into any one society.

8. Tobacco companies you have

This point is closely linked with paragraph 2 about bad tobacco with a lot of impurities. But now it’s a little different story. How do you have tobacco? Close your eyes and imagine a beautiful island, a huge mansion, a garage for several cars and other luxury. It would be nice if it all belonged to you, but actually we are talking about the welfare of the tobacco tycoons. It is thanks to your daily donations they are so well settled. Every day you pay them for what they are ruining your health. They’ll have, and they do not care for cancer and other deadly trouble. In the end, you yourself willingly enter it.

9. You can «bend» the system

Let’s look at things soberly. Ban Smoking in public places and large inscriptions «Smoking kills» on cigarette packs is not working. If Smoking out of a million it worked on one, I believe that did not work. You still continue to smoke, right? Pretty well fed on that. Imagine if all people will one day quit Smoking.

Awesome, right? Marketers and designers scratching their heads, as if interesting to make a pack, no matter how bad things add how to influence the buyer that he did not lose interest in the cigarettes, and then, wham! and that’s it. Sales fell, they simply do not. No one smokes. And no tricks do not work.

About the people who will lose their jobs, don’t worry, for them it is not a limit of dreams, many of them do not want to be involved in the trade of death, so he can find another job.

Well, can you try to show the system is a combination of three fingers?

10. The reason to be proud

Everyone who has quit Smoking or tried, know that it is not easy, but if you win, you will be overflowing pride. You got it! Moreover, your success will contribute to other changes that will help you change your life for the better and grow mentally. Your success will inspire you to do something, what you have doubted, and believed that not be able. Each victory gives us strength and confidence, and it wins new business. Quit Smoking — this is a great victory. Be proud of yourself to yourself — indescribable awesome!

If you’re a smoker and these reasons got you thinking, isn’t it time to quit, do not postpone this matter for later. So you’ll still have many years to smoke. Better to read more literature on this subject, to communicate with the people who left, read our tips: What happens if you quit Smoking now and quit Smoking. Figure it out already with this bad habit that spoils your life.

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