10 reasons to date a girl who travels a lot

manygoodtips.com_29.07.2014_y3Wg4wMVPeeuLIf you meet a girl who loves traveling, in no case do not miss it. Perhaps this is your chance to find the perfect mate.

1. You won’t be bored with her

She knows so many fascinating stories and facts that you on all life will suffice.

2. She knows who she is

Journey — the best way to know yourself both in domestic and in existential terms.

3. She’s ready for anything

Even suggesting her to jump with a parachute from the Empire state building, you won’t catch her off guard. And it’s cool! In addition, it is not one of those who starts to panic at the sight of the break of the pipe. Unlike you, buddy.

4. It is spontaneous

Someone who’s a control freak, not easy to have to travel. In order to feel comfortable in a constantly changing unfamiliar environment, you have to be ready at any moment, do not hesitate too long to make an important decision. So traveling girl certainly can not be called boring.

5. It is independent

She doesn’t need a babysitter, she’s used to dealing with things on my own. And yet, she feels quite comfortable alone, so she would never fall asleep annoying text messages.

6. She’s smart

The real journey has little to do with the «glamorous» that you see on television or the silver screen. Most often, the traveler has to face many difficulties, overcome obstacles. Only a person with a clear mind and wide range knowledge will be good as a traveler.

7. It is active

She’s not one of those who likes to lie on the sofa and chopped in 2046. So as soon as she can not sit still, you grow a beer gut she doesn’t give.

8. She loves to try new things

Most likely, her passion for everything new would be beneficial for all aspects of your relationship. If you know what I mean.

9. She’s a good speaker

Most likely, the travel she has to communicate with different people. So this girl knows how to clearly Express their thoughts, which is an advantage for girls.

10. She will not abandon the journey

Which means you will have no choice but to travel with her.

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