10 reasons not to shave in November


There in the decadent West, this tradition in November, bird nest is not Vietnamese, girl braids weaves men do not shave their beards. In honor of these events call November November, and not even Movember is because in English the word «moustache» sounds like a moustache — and what a beard without a mustache?

We, the editors sincerely believe that in Russia this tradition is necessary to fully develop and maintain, because shaving is a pain, and to have a good reason not to do so is a license to beard. In the first couple of weeks you’re gonna look weird, but the end result will please you — and, who knows, you may not want to part with a new part of your face.

So, here’s our reasoning why in November it is not necessary to shave.

1. This is a good reason

Now you cease to be in the eyes of the people are lazy cattle or messy and turn into an extravagant guy. «Why don’t you shave? Are you serious? Have you not heard of Movember? This month no self-respecting man shaves his beard is an act of male solidarity.»

2. To send society to hell

Beard — a modern symbol of rebellion. It used to be it was a symptom of Patriarchy and tradition, and today all men to one smoothly scraped their faces to fit into the dress code. Society dictates how we should look and how to behave — and now you can show everyone that you decide everything for himself. This month gives us the opportunity need to push the boundaries, but not be at the same upstart or marginal.

3. God wanted this

Seriously, if you have a beard, what the fuck do you always have to shave? In other words, if you can grow a beard, why not?

Men by nature can grow a beard, and when we shave, we send the nature to hell because we reject the generous gift that she gave us. Back to the primitive, man! If you know what I mean.

4. To check, if you have a beard

It’s interesting if you’ve never tried. Ever so wanted after all, right? But it was somehow too busy, scary, and then a friend pointed it out. Give yourself a month, dude — look at themselves in a different form. We’re not asking you beard the Forester for a month and it will not grow. But what an experiment!

5. Fashionable, stylish, youth

Seriously, dude, especially in the winter months it becomes a trend. We do not suggest you to sell your soul tastemakers and implicitly follow their instructions — but sometimes it’s fun to fit in with the overall trend. Will be a mod, and then the beard will go out of fashion and will simply simply.

6. Cause all the cool guys have beards

He had a beard. Karl Marx had a beard. Ernest Hemingway had a beard. Leo Tolstoy had a beard. And even Ryan Gosling — and that beard! You understand me, dude. Usually the word «cool» and «beard» are somewhere near.

7. Protection from the cold

Comes to really cold weather. Soon my historical homeland all covered with ice, and -30 will be the normal temperature for the next three to four months. It is foolish in such hands, to drive without the beard! Why deliberately expose the face of the cold, if you can safely wrap his beard? That’s right: absolutely nothing!

8. Mom won’t like it

This is the most interesting reason, although many will disagree with me. Very funny to grow a beard for a month, and at the end of this period to come in his father’s house for a visit. And then what happens! Mom will tell you that you look like a mug», I ask, «why did you grow this horror» and went to the bathroom to «shave it immediately». I think it’s very cute: mom takes care of me, manages and touching experiences. But then she is glad that I shaved. In short, a very touching moment.

9. For fun

When you grow your first beard is happiness. I’m dead serious. It is almost how to build muscle, lose weight or bring acne is to make something that requires serious effort and long term dedication. Then, when you see the result that pleasure is not compared with anything. You wanted, you wanted — and you did!

10. It’s one less headache

When you get rid of the need to shave every day, you will feel a little freer. You can not buy shaving cream, after shave lotion, not changing blades, not to suffer from irritation — weight advantages. Much less to worry about.

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